(pt) The University Nucleus of the Student Collective Libertario of Lisbon: ABOUT THE CANCELLATION OF THE 'NEW PORTUGALIDADE' EVENT AT FCSH-UNL

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Domingo, 12 de Março de 2017 - 12:07:34 CET

On March 7, an event of the proto-nucleus 'New Portugality', a group that exalts 
colonialism, will be held at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New 
University of Lisbon, and refers to April 25 as a 'tragic misunderstanding'. The guest 
Jaime Nogueira Pinto, "academic and political scientist" who does not hide his passion for 
Salazar. This combo for a debate on "Populism or Democracy: Brexit, Trump, and Le Pen", a 
debate of only one vision, and the one that best suit these characters. ---- Unfortunately 
we live in a time when the irresponsibility and betrayal of the electoral left to the 
working class they supposedly represented created a sea of curiosity about the discourses 
of the populist right that attract those who are seen most despised and without priority 
in political agendas. The common Portuguese strange the unknown.

A stranger who has gained more importance in the public sphere than his equally legitimate 
dilemmas. But Portuguese has already been great, has not it? When young people were sent 
to the Colonial War, when poverty and illiteracy were blatant, when the right to strike 
was forbidden and therefore they had to rely on the good will of the boss ... damn 
communes. Or maybe it was not back there, when there were kings and enslaved people to 
enrich the empire's coffers, Only forget that the common Portuguese of that time also 
looked well condemned. This shows the kind of narrative launched by the organizers of this 
event, and by the same of its political line, that pretend to give a false impression of 
the past as a totally positive and better time than today.

At the same time they preach historical falsities, they also invent political falsehoods. 
As soon as the room of the event was withdrawn, they exclaimed to be an act of horrible 
censorship done by the evil leftists of the AEFCSH, who hate freedom of expression and 
wish to subjugate everyone to its ideology ... Pure lie of the highest level. However, it 
will not be surprising to those who already know these groups that they have to resort to 
dishonest methods to spread their ideas. There was no censorship. They were only denied a 
room, not even by the AEFCSH Board, but by an RGA, which, for the forgotten, is now an 
open meeting where any student can participate. Or maybe they are not forgotten, Taking 
into account that the habit of participating in mass meetings is not part of the tradition 
of these patriots; As much as they do not like Hillary Clinton, prefer the elite dinners.

Anyway, the organizers of the event can do it where they wish best. They were not granted 
only one room by the students of the faculty. Such is the hypocrisy of these individuals 
who appeal to the "democrats" to support them, and at the same time they are incapable of 
respecting the democratic process! They now wish to go against the democratic will, which 
has expressed itself against them, and try to make their event against the wishes of the 
rest of the students and the college. This shows the respect they have for their 
colleagues, and for democracy in general.

Moreover, they appeal to the denunciation of the "environment of fear and repression". 
Here is their thinking about the freedom of expression they claim to defend: when it goes 
in their favor, it's a fantastic thing, but when it goes against them, it's an 
"environment of fear and repression." It will be clear to all that these individuals do 
not have any principles. Any talk of "freedom of expression" coming from them is nothing 
more than a propaganda tool. I hope that they are in fact supporters of what they say. If 
so, they would have no problem accepting that there were people against them.

To better victimize themselves, they spread a supposed threat of violence, from which 
there is no proof or confirmation of their imminence, and which, contrary to what some 
reactionary souls are rumbling about, has never been suggested in RGA, of which there are 
ata recording.

At the end of his text, 'New Portugality' finally admits to whom his accusations are 
directed. It is not the AEFCSH Board, but the "part of the FCSH student mass", that is 
"the party that disagrees with us and freely expresses its views against us", confirming 
its disdain for the democratic will of its colleagues, As well as all the accusations made 
against them.

We thought there was a clear strategic flaw in blocking this event that already had a room 
reservation, and it was predictable that the attempt to cancel it would only fuel those 
renegades who need both to become victims and pour a crocodile tears to attract 
communication social. It looks like it was planned. We must remain vigilant so that this 
does not happen again, and sensitize those and those who still fall in these tears.

The University Nucleus of the Student Collective Libertario of Lisbon



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