(pt) [Spain] May 27: CNT in the Marches of Dignity By ANA

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Sexta-Feira, 9 de Junho de 2017 - 07:50:53 CEST

Madrid once again overflowed by the confluence of thousands of people who collapsed the 
main arteries of the capital under the banner " Bread, work, ceiling and equality ". ---- 
The columns that departed from different districts and municipalities from twelve in the 
morning in representation of the different territories, walked and were congregating more 
people during its course to finally unite all in Neptuno and to leave until the Place of 
Spain. ---- The Comarca Sur Sur of the CNT, linked to the Sur-Libertad Column, set off 
along with colleagues from different unions of the Andalusian regional of the CNT, forming 
an own block headed by a truck with megaphone that alternated the singing of slogans and 
music, to soften the Long and combative march through the districts and districts of the city.

The march began with a more timid presence in participation than other years, but 
increased throughout the journey and reached its greatest turn when the different columns 
were united, and thousands and thousands of people were added in the last step that left 
the five of the Afternoon in the Glorieta de Neptuno, where more militants of the CNT of 
different unions were added forming a large block that passed through Alcalá and Gran Vía 
until finalizing the route.

CNT in march, CNT in struggle!

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