(pt) [Spain] The passage of the Market of Supply of Valencia already takes the name of Valentín González By ANA

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Quarta-Feira, 19 de Abril de 2017 - 10:55:55 CEST

On  the afternoon of April 5, 2017 , 38 years after the murder of Valentín González 
Ramírez, a fisherman at the Mercado de Abastos and affiliated with the CNT, a plaque was 
inaugurated in memory of the young Valencian trade unionist, giving his name to the 
Passage that communicates to the street Alberic with the inner square of the building, 
very near the place of his death. ---- The passage of the Market Abastos takes its name, a 
fact that came true with the petition of the family of Valentin with the collaboration of 
CGT-PV, the CNT and the Platform for the Memory of the Country of Valencia. The City Hall 
of Valencia supported and made possible this project in the line of recovering the social 
memory of the city. ---- After discovering the plaque, a lecture took place at IES Abastos 
under the title " Valentín, another transition ".

For more information: Documentary by José Asensio produced by CGT, " Valentín. The Other 
Transition "


Photographic report: Juan Ramón Ferrandis Bresó:


CGT-PV Communication Team


Translation> Sol de Abril

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