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Domingo, 31 de Maio de 2015 - 13:52:22 CEST

Approximately a year ago divulgávamos the declaration on the construction of the FAE. At 
that time, we point out the intentions of building a especifista anarchist organization 
through a forum should be a forum for debate and articulation of this libertarian 
militancy that tuned with the same perspective of anarchism. We wanted to then consolidate 
the anarchist militancy and mature discussions (dealing with theoretical and programmatic 
issues) to reach a political leveling. ---- In that short walk, several were mishaps and 
achievements we passed in pursuit of building an organized anarchism in Bahia and this 
process, in addition to complete, is constantly maturing and reflection. We went through a 
delicate stage of establishing some controversial discussions within the anarchist and 
libertarian tradition, motivating decisions away from people, the time they approached 
other. As expected, the forum had moments of trial and error, however, when evaluating our 
history, we feel now more motivad @ with greater experience. Certainly, those / as who 
decided to continue, will tread a more consistent way from now.

We are establishing a new schedule for the year to come: we continue to consolidate our 
social performance (which, for us, is the main task d @ militant), this time with greater 
coordination among the cities that are present forum and the fronts that operate in each 
and ever strengthening the dialectic and complementary relationship between the social and 
political level.

Faced with so many questions thrown the way, an assured us is concrete: the conviction 
that the organization is an essential part of the revolutionary process and that we direct 
us to the horizon of anarchy. Those / as now build the forum effectively Especifismo 
consider the way forward to consolidate the organization we want to build in Bahia.

The publication of our charter is the outlook in the fight that binds us.

The strengthening of the coordination Brazilian Anarchist!

Towards a Federal Organization and International especifista!

Forum Anarchist especifista of Bahia

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