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Sábado, 15 de Novembro de 2014 - 16:47:19 CET

PRA campaign NOBODY IS BACK! ---- AUDIENCE OF ANDRESSA Feitoza ---- Andressa Feitoza, the 
State College sophomore Julia Kubitschek, in Rio de Janeiro, one of the policies was 
arrested July 12, the eve of the final of the Copa FIFA.Por be minor, was taken to 
Andressa DEGASE, unlike his fellow struggle, which were sent to the Penitentiary of 
Gericinó (Bangor). In D EGASE suffered and witnessed various types of torture, she already 
denounced at public events. ---- As expected, the state of emergency imposed during the 
conduct of mega events since last year, has been charging those who dared to rouse the 
existing order, resulting in a dictatorship that gives behind togas, ie, takes place 
through the dome the judiciary that helps beside the great fascist media to further 
criminalize the social and popular movements.

Hearings have been scheduled and our comrades in struggle need more of our support. We can 
not leave (not even) it's the same that happened with Caio Silva, Fábio Raposo, lynched by 
the media in case the cameraman Santiago Andrade (Band-Rio), without forgetting the 
homeless, Rafael Braga, which was arbitrarily arrested during the June Days, for carrying 
a bottle of pine sol. For the Civil Police, Rafael is a criminal thug for possessing 
incendiary material, denied even by the expertise of the police own version.

The student Andressa Feitoza fought throughout fluminenses and improve their country. Now 
is the time to show our strength and help of many possible and reasonable ways. His 
hearing is scheduled for November 12, 2014, a Wednesday, at 13 am, at the 2nd Court of 
Children and Adolescents (2nd floor). The address is: Avenida Rodrigues Alves, 731 - Santo 
Cristo, Rio de Janeiro.

Andressa Feitoza account with your, mine, our support! The Independent People's Front - RJ 
continues to campaign PRA NOBODY IS BACK! It is important for everyone to share and 
disseminate to the maximum social networks, workplaces, where they can spread, because we 
all know that this criminal practice of state is just beginning.

 >>> We urge you to share this banner disclosure.

Stay on top of our schedule of trials / hearings of political prisoners and persecuted by 
the state.

. On November 18, 2014 (18/11) at 13:20 on the 36th Criminal Court, in Room 805 of the 
Court of RJ, the audience mate Cristiano "Spiegel" de Oliveira Gomes occur
: LINK http: //is.gd/mIFolb


Text: Enemies of the King

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