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Quarta-Feira, 12 de Fevereiro de 2014 - 15:45:05 CET

The destruction of the family business by the Netherlands government weakens a little more 
social features from 1945. No consideration could compensate for this hold-up! ---- Social 
contributions is our money! Recall that the money collected for health insurance, 
retirement and many families it is a piece of our salary to each e-us. In 1945 in the 
balance of power from the resistor, the bosses finally conceded the establishment of a 
social protection, solidarity, jointly administered with the unions. ---- Two 
contributions are implemented: one on the salary and the profits from our work to be 
unduly called "employer's share" as if it was the boss who paid out of his pocket! But in 
all cases the employee shall be on reported and mutual solidarity. Each e-contributes to 
all and each e-finds support in response to the vagaries of life. Later, successive 
governments will eliminate the election of the employee representative es-es in the 
management of funds, then the state will hand over major decisions.

Room for private insurance!

Removing contributions "families," Holland therefore gives a piece of our salary to our 
bosses! It is no longer a gift, it is theft! Is to replace social solidarity by any 
charity State the amounts and criteria will be decided by the government alone. This is 
the open house at the destruction of the social system as identical decisions will be 
diseases or pension contributions fall. And it will be finished solidarity insurance, 
private insurance instead!

A day of action on February 6

This day is timely to organize the response. So far it seems to hear a double discourse: 
on the one hand the leadership of the CGT called to fight on February 6, but on the other 
CGT, CFDT, FSU and UNSA in a joint statement, politely ask counterparties to the "pact of 
responsibility" instead of firmly fight this measure.

Promises to use! As if it were true that these are "social charges" that prevent employers 
from hiring! As if it was not already clear that medium term or family allowances 
disappear or they will be financed by further increases in taxes (VAT, CSG ...). In 
addition, a first condition for building a real mobilization is the bargaining unit, which 
is crucial to restore hope. But despite national efforts and in the branches, the CGT has 
generally taken the trouble to invite Solidarity which declared volunteered to join the 
day of action February 6, at the last minute ...

The single trade union initiative against the extreme right of 29 January 
(CGT-Partners-FSU) showed the possibility of working together on militant bases.

   Without hesitation, make 6 February a great day of struggle against the pact 
"responsibility" for wages and for coordinating companies struggle against redundancies.

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