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Segunda-Feira, 1 de Abril de 2013 - 14:58:03 CEST

The actions of neoliberal governor Raimundo Colombo and former Governor Luiz Henrique made 
the education catarinense entered a time of extreme instability, with the flattening of 
the career path of teachers, poor working conditions and study, lack of student assistance 
. The UDESC it is not free. In 2011, the last year of the government's decree Colombo hurt 
the financial autonomy of UDESC to modify the data-base of technicians and teachers and 
fragmenting the increase agreed at a meeting of the University Council, besides opening a 
legal loophole to what was to come, not the completion of the budget year 2012. ---- Not 
enough the actions of the state government in March 2012 to the Rectory - in an attempted 
coup statutes - sought to approve what he called "small adjustments" in the statute UDESC, 
dated 2007.

These modifications provide for the vote of retired employees, the possibility of 
reelection dean, students' vote at a distance, diluting the voting student who only 
represents 25% of the electoral college. But this time the student movement of UDESC stood 
and held the CONSUNI, causing the case to be filed.

In August 2012, the academic community was beset with news of the need for 20% cut in the 
budget of UDESC. This court, according to the rectory, was necessary because of a budget 
crisis in state government. We understand that this crisis was caused by mismanagement of 
the government, but we also understand that the crisis only affects the UDESC this way by 
an irresponsible policy that centers opened throughout the country without the minimum 
operating condition, and the precarious centers established . We are not against 
university expansion, but we believe that this expansion must be done with quality.

During all these mobilizations of the student movement UDESC could discuss and advance the 
agenda on the student residence. The struggle for these rights movement came from the 
creation of UDESC because in almost 50 years the University has never had a policy of 
student residence, preventing the exploited classes were able to attend the courses 
offered by UDESC. The fight of (the) students by a university policies with more 
democratic and permanence is a fight of (the) employees (as) for a more dignified life and 
for a world where the oppressed classes have access to free and quality education. For a 
militant student movement, built from the bottom up since each classroom, each Center and 
Academic Board, every act and occupation of the Rectory. All support for the struggle of 
(the) students UDESC!

Anarchist Collective Black Flag
March 2013
Arriba them that Luchan!
Fight, Create, People Power!

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