(de) fau: Declaration of the FAU regarding the situation in Northern Syria and Turkey

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Di Feb 6 08:00:03 CET 2018

Solidarity with Afrin! Solidarity with the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria! ---- 
The Turkish army together with Islamist mercenaries have been attacking the Afrin Region 
in Northern Syria since 19 January. The Canton of the Democratic Federation of Northern 
Syria is being defended by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias, which have sustained 
heavy casualties. The Turkish invasion, which is being carried out with German weaponry, 
is a direct attack on democratic self-government within the Federation of Northern Syria 
and against all who fight for security and emancipation from patriarchy and dictatorships. 
The attack is also an attempt to sabotage the SDF's successful operations against the 
Daesh. ---- The German state is not only partially responsible for this situation because 
of weapon deliveries to Turkey, but also because it acts as the extended arm of the 
Erdogan regime by prosecuting organizations that advocate the political model of the 
democratic federation that is practiced in Northern Syria, by banning their symbols and by 
threatening activists with deportation. In this way, the German state is abetting the 
shift towards fascism in Turkey, where in the shadows of the invasion of Afrin, more and 
more dissidents are being silenced.

Through the organizations of the people into councils regardless of ethnicity, the 
increased importance of cooperatives and the central role of the emancipation of women, 
the revolution in Northern Syria brings hope to the entire region and beyond. We are in 
solidarity with all people there who are fighting for a self-determined life free of 
Islamism and state repression.

Continue the fight for freedom and autonomy!

Bijî Rojava!
Solidaritäts Demonstrationen für Afrin

Montag, 29. Januar, 18 Uhr ab U-Bhf Bernauer Straße (U8);

Mittwoch, 31. Januar, 18 Uhr ab U-Bhf Uhlandstraße (U1);

Freitag, 2. Februar, 18 Uhr ab Brandenburger Tor;

Sonntag, 4. Februar, 15 Uhr ab Oranienplatz.


Mittwoch, 31. Januar, 15 Uhr - Kundgebung am Ernst-August-Platz

Donnerstag, 1. Februar, 18 Uhr - Kundgebung am Ernst-August-Platz

Samstag, 3. Februar, 14 Uhr - regionale Demonstration ab Ernst-August-Platz


Donnerstag, 1. Februar, 16.30 Uhr - Demo ab Hauptbahnhof Münster


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