(de) Germany, Kaiserslautern, Thousands of flyers scattered in mailboxes - Stop the hate against fugitives!

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Fr Feb 24 08:17:42 CET 2017

Prejudices against fugitives are widespread and unfortunately often remain without 
counter-argumentation. ---- To counteract this, the "Anarchist Initiative Kaiserslautern" 
distributed a few thousand flyers in Kaiserslautern today, as well as on a Saturday in 
January, which take up and disprove some of these prejudices. For example, the crime rate 
in the vicinity of asylum shelters is statistically disproved. ---- The flyers were in the 
inner city area of Kaiserslautern as well as on the Kotten and the area around the 
Friedensstr. Distributed in letterboxes, or in shops. ---- At the same time, the flyers 
were spread throughout the country in the following other cities by anarchist groups: 
Offenburg, Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg, Bonn, Cologne, Göttingen, Berlin.

You can download the flyer flyer here: 


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