(de) fau deliverunion: Campaign Launch Night at Zukunft Ostkreuz

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Fr Apr 28 08:59:21 CEST 2017

Our working conditions are getting worse and worse and we've had enough! Now we're taking 
matters into our own hands! The "gig" economy is growing, and it creates more and more 
precarious jobs. It's time to fight for our rights as workers, for our job and for yours! 
Let's stand together in solidarity! ---- Riders in similar conditions are already 
organising and winning gains across Europe. If they can do it, we can do it too! Let's be 
heard and demand the very best we can get! Come join us in Zukunft am Ostkreuz on April 
the 25th at 20:00 as we launch our campaign to get what we deserve! ---- The FAU Berlin is 
an independent grassroots self-organised trade union helping workers organise to fight for 
everything they can get. Organise now so you can too!

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