(de) ag-freiburg: Movie Premiere - filmpremiere im kommunalen kino diogenes in freiburg

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Sun Jul 31 11:57:59 CEST 2016

Early 80s the Federal Republic experienced the largest ever wave of squatting. In town and 
country it was brought to over 400 squats. ---- Played the Maoist KBW during the first 
urban warfare movement about the Freiau 1975 in Freiburg still a certain role, were the 
following conflicts (eg Dreisameck, black forest etc.) rather under the sign of the 
realization of alternative culture and life forms. In the context, the "scene" split 
across different blocks: Enlightened and politically interested citizens, politicized 
intellectuals, leftist faculty and students, members of communist-organized groups, 
cultural scene, Autonomous, semi-autonomous, punk scene, RAF sympathizers affirmer 
alternative forms of living etc. represented those mix, who managed to mobilize 
demonstrations of 10,000 people. The question of violence plays a central role on the 
background of political and ideological views of the squatters.

The film examines this process in detail, by leading both the "scene" and the "urban 
policy" with interviews, documentary material and "interludes the squatter-inside" an 
informative and entertaining fashion in mind.


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