(ca) cgt-lkn: International Conference "The philosophy behind the revolution of Rojava". Days 7 and 8 of April of 2018 (Matadero de Madrid, Pº de la Chopera, 14)

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Lun Abr 9 08:22:17 CEST 2018

Dear comrades, as has been usual in our support for the struggle of the Kurdish people, we 
inform you once again of these days that will be held on April 7 and 8, in Matadero 
Madrid, in order to give an international boost to these compañer @ s, who are fighting 
for several years the right to have a society based on democratic confederalism. ---- Here 
is the presentation of the conference: ---- Rojava, from Kobane to Afrin, has emerged as a 
place enveloped in internationalist hope, as its residents and defenders fight against 
ISIS and, ultimately, against the forces of the Turkish fascist regime. While the world 
sees the people of Rojava as combatants against evil, it does not pay much attention to 
the ideals that fuel its resistance and revolution.

This conference aims to expose and question the ideas and experience of the Kurdish 
movement, in order to know how what we observed in Rojava has been brewing during the last 
four decades, what we mean by non-state solutions (democratic confederalism), why the 
freedom and destruction of the dominant male by women is essential to this paradigm, what 
self-defense means and how it differs from militarism and what the ecological / communal 
economy consists of. These are some of the themes of this meeting and the keys to the 
international campaign "The time has come: Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and Peace in 


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