(ca) Anarquistas Gran Canaria: Support for "La Esperanza" Update

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Sun May 8 15:46:05 CEST 2016

Samples of solidarity with "La Esperanza" succession have not stopped since the March 15 
we announced the eviction notice that the neighbors had received the day before. Make 
semblaza without omissions of all this solidarity would be impossible, therefore, and not 
to be unjust, we thank in general to all those groups (they are among the 142 who signed 
the manifesto against the eviction or not), all those individuals, to all who have 
supported us with their gestures, their words, their economic contributions, 
dissemination, their texts, their art, their heat. They are many and many, and here only 
give a biased and highly incomplete example. In social networks have turned to "La 
Esperanza". Making two seasons ( #NoDesalojoLaEsperanza and #LaEsperanzaEnPie ) of twitter 
to press against the eviction. The mayor decided to delete your account before the claim 
antender explanations of users.

We have even made posters to alleviate our huge workload.

They have also created beautiful designs that then we could integrate our signage.

They have also supported us via multimedia as in this example:

Our struggle has been amplified in many places like Germany ( Bodenfrost ), and in as many 
as Carabanchel or Barcelona have become unpayable gestures of support:



There are many groups that in addition to adhere to the statement against the eviction of 
"La Esperanza" have developed their own press support. And they have not been just words, 
many individuals, unions and associations have shown their solidarity contributing 
financially to our cause by making their own. Today the provision of judicial funds fellow 
Ruymán, which eventually amounted to 1560 euros, is fully paid. They have also been able 
to pay all costs of legal advice and posters of the Community (over 500 euros) and have 
even been allocated 100 euros to cover one of the vats of water with neighbors are 
supplied in a time of emergency. for all this and more, with many omissions, we can only 
say THANK yOU!


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