(ca) Embat statement on the new raids and crackdown [Traducción automática]

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Mon Apr 18 07:50:05 CEST 2016

Again we get up at 5am again at daybreak young and older children. We wake aa gunpoint, 
esbotzades doors, trampling freedoms, even under a grotesque investigation of robberies to 
banks in Germany. Again fresh meat for holders biased and objective: political dissent, 
social movements, the libertarian movement. Any excuse is good to gather information, to 
have it all under control. Hello dictatorship, we are guilty until proven otherwise. ---- 
As a village, as neighbors, as a popular movement we condemn and do everything possible to 
stop these actions totalitarian repeated too often lately. The militarization of our 
neighborhoods, our places raids, the violation of our fundamental rights are the new 
features of this system that reinvents itself and hardens. Not just talking about the 
assault on our lives and spaces, but also the pursuit of ideas and social networks, such 
as the Spider IV operation is also taking place during the day.

Today, we live in a constant chase all political dissent and social, both in our district 
at Community level, and therefore do not consider these police operations as exceptional 
items but rather as examples of this new trend of repression.
There we can say that when the fascists as Losantos threaten to death in mass Masses 
nothing happens. However, when others say things as what a tweet can end up in prison.
All this happens just a day after appearing in papers minister of Panama, once again smoke 
covering the internal enemy shame a corrupt system.

For this reason, we want to show Solidarity with these seven detainees.

Therefore, from Embat Gracia district demand:
1. The release of the person detained.
2. The end of the prosecution social movements
3. The dissolution of the body of information Mossos d'Esquadra

In relation to these facts, we call on the society not to remain idle, and hit the streets 
in solidarity with people represalidades.


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