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(en) Greece, APO: [Call] Anti-state-anti-capitalist demonstration at the opening of TIF 2021 [machine translation]

Date Thu, 16 Sep 2021 09:35:00 +0300

From the criminal management of the pandemic to the scorched earth left behind by the fires and from the class exploitation to the state repression ---- THE STATE SOWS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ---- The people who today stand against the monster of fascism, state repression, totalitarianism, against racism and the plunder of nature and the planet are the first drops of our just wrath. The struggle for the Social Revolution continues and will win! ---- The plunder of the enormous socially generated wealth and resources available to the economic and political elites, the over-concentration of populations in big cities, labor scams, prisons and concentration camps for immigrants and refugees, the long-term under-functioning of for themselves the opportunity to enjoy the best possible care, show that: The state and capital, which are already condemning millions of people to death from starvation, disease, uprooting and war operations, are fighting to keep the their privileges, their position of power the politically and economically powerful.

The state and capitalist aggression, as a result of the overall crisis of the system, is intensifying as the pandemic acts as its accelerator, forming a more suffocating framework for the vast majority of society. In Greece, this is becoming more specific since the start of a new round of looting of the social base as the New Democracy government, while already counting thousands of deaths under its rule, tries at every opportunity to use the pandemic to continue the attack on social body.
Its purpose is to carry out the plans of the rulers for the annihilation of all resistance and for total imposition on the social body, completely dissolving public health, degrading public education, passing anti-labor bills that intensify class exploitation and open the doors to the complete arbitrariness of the bosses, while increasingly disarming the unions, intensifying the looting of the natural environment and devaluing human life. The main points of this total attack are the further devaluation of labor, the practical abolition of social security and the 8-hour period, the continuation of privatizations, until the restructuring of the education system and the criminalization of trade union action. From the perpetuation of the Emergency Regime through the suppression and subjugation of social and class movements and especially the anarchist-anti-authoritarians, the evacuation of occupied areas, the police occupation of entire areas to the prohibition of demonstrations and the general upgrading of the legal fighters. From patriarchal violence - the abuse and murder of women - and social cannibalism promoted, rewarded, and ultimately laundered by state mechanisms and values themselves, to the escalation of the war against refugees and immigrants, the their demonization, their disappearance from the public sphere,

The state and capitalist system in its deep crisis and decay (economic, social, health, environmental crisis, and finally value and life crisis) is attacking nature and society with increasing severity, plundering both natural resources and the socially generated wealth from manual and intellectual work. Capitalist plans for energy pipelines, installation of industrial wind farms and mining, the creation of pharaonic dams, the seizure of water for business and industrial interests, the commercialization of basic human needs, the restructuring of all working-class relations through what they promise is repression and freedom, disease, misery and misery, environmental and humanitarian disasters,

The recent large fires in the Geraneia Mountains, as well as those that followed in Northern Evia, Parnitha and Attica, Eastern Mani, Ilia, Fokida and other areas, as well as the criminal state management of fires resulting in the destruction of vast forests, the despair and uprooting of fire-affected populations, highlight in the most dramatic way the necessity and urgency of our participation in the struggle for land and freedom against looting and the destruction of nature. The state, after decades of taking care to dissolve all forms of social self-organization towards the elements of nature, but also in general, then replaced it, now expressing its weakness, inability or even reluctance - because of its own interests, its own nature, of its structure and orientation-, to face the consequences of disasters, natural or man-made, leaving society vulnerable to their harsh effects. At the same time, the ongoing underfunding of social welfare projects (firefighting, flood control, anti-seismic projects) in combination with the waste of GDP on military equipment can only be described as outrageous, especially in a country that has been hit many times and is known to their danger.

In an environment of savage class exploitation and attack on society and nature, the destruction by fires is the result of the criminal policies of the state and capital, of the very - murderous to man and destructive to the natural world - nature of social, political and an economic system that in the name of "development" and "profit" does not hesitate to destroy entire mountains, lakes and rivers to turn them into industrial zones, to sink villages and spread cancer to people, to turn settlements into garbage dumps, to plunder even the entire ecosystem. In this strategy, fires are a very common practice for the devaluation and destruction of the natural environment to be followed by its exploitation and "utilization".

In the face of the international anti-social alliance of the political and economic elites and the warring societies they are preparing, the inexhaustible liberating possibilities of the struggles that are erupting around the world are emerging. From the Native American movements to Rojava, from the favelas of Brazil, the streets of Chile and Colombia to Myanmar, from the anti-fascist roadblocks in the USA to Europe, the Balkans and Turkey, the flame of the uprising is always alive . In these struggles, the anarchists live and breathe. Our organized political presence and action on the existing fronts of struggle and the formation of young people, we want to be the bridge between the real social needs and moods and the anarchist worldview and practice,

At the same time, the indigenous communities of Chiapa, which are building their autonomy after the New Year's uprising of 1994, the Zapatistas are arriving in Europe, sending to the rest of the world another message of solidarity and resistance to the political and economic bosses. For our part, we are preparing to welcome them in squats and self-organized battlefields, in neighborhoods and streets, in mountains and rivers.

In the face of the ongoing criminal management of the pandemic and the overall onslaught of the state and its bosses leading humanity to the dystopia of death, misery and control, we will continue as human beings and not as individual cannibals, as resisters and not surrendered and frightened, as anarchists. , the struggle for a society of free equals that will have as a priority the protection of the vulnerable, as the first and main interest the needs of society as a whole, its main concern is the prosperity and service of society and not a caste of the strong. To develop a comprehensive critique of the dead-end, bankrupt and imposed way of organizing society from above. Far from the logics of assignment, mediation and inaction, to strengthen self-organized social struggles wherever state and capitalist aggression manifests itself. Because the only realistic prospect for all the exploited and oppressed people is to take matters into our own hands and fight massively and militantly for the total overthrow of the barbarity of the state and capitalist system and the creation of a new world of equality, freedom, communal ownership, solidarity.

Food, health, housing, education

Social Self-Organization - Class Solidarity - Fighting Resistance

International solidarity with insurgents around the world

Organization and struggle for the social revolution
For Anarchy and Liberal Communism


Pre-concentration on the occupation of Mundo Nuevo, 17.00

Gathering in Kamara, 18.00

Anarchist Political Organization - Federation of Collectivities

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