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(en) [EXCERPTS]INDEX: JUL-31-2000 to AUG-06-2000

From "DAMN" <damn@tao.ca>
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2000 16:47:54 -0400

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To DAMN INDEX subscribers: Due to difficulties accessing our news server,
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INDEX: JUL-31-2000 to AUG-06-2000

Title: Protests Against The Chilean Boat Esmeralda In Quebec
Date: 03-AUG-2000
Author: Nicolas Phebus
Style: First-person report

Approximately 150 protesters at the Port of Quebec decry the presence, at
the invitation of the Government of Canada, of a Chilean sailing ship that
was used as a prison and torture ship during the dictatorship Augusto
Pinochet.  Reports by the Inter-American Human Rights Commission of the
Organization of  American States (OAS) and by the National Chilean "Truth
and Reconciliation" Commission confirm that the Esmeralda, known as "the
pride of the Chilean Navy" and "the White Lady," was used as an
"interrogation center" by a group of special Chilean naval officers, and was
the site of the torture of at least 3000 people, several of whom died as a
result.  The Port of Quebec protest follows a similar demonstration mounted
against the Esmeralda at Halifax Harbour, where the ship began its Canadian


Title: History Of The Political Situation In Chile
Date: 03-AUG-2000
Author: DAMN Staff Writer
Style: Background Analysis

This article examines the intervention of the United States in the politics
of Chile from the mid-1960s, highlighting the complicity of top U.S.
officials, monetarists and free-traders, and pointing to the tremendous
resources that were poured into the 1964 defeat of Marxist presidential
aspirant, Salvador Allende (whose modest reform proposals were profoundly
unsettling to elite interests on three continents) as well as the subsequent
destabilization and overthrow in 1970 of Allende's democratically-elected
government.  Quoting U.S. President Richard Nixon, Secretary of State Henry
Kissinger, Ambassador to Chile Edward Korry and economist Milton Friedman,
this article traces the development of U.S. policy toward Chile.  For more
detailed information, see: http://www.lakota.clara.net/myths/economy.html


Title: Police Crackdown On Protesters In Ivory Coast
Date: 01-AUG-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Associated Press
Forwarded by: Biodun Iginla, biginla@email.com
Style: Mainstream Media Article

Hundreds of demonstrators are met by soldiers and gendarmes firing tear gas
as they march toward the French Embassy to leave a petition in support of
comments made last week by French Cooperation Minister Charles Josselin.
Security forces disperse a group of demonstrators, most of them supporters
of the country's main opposition politician. About 50 demonstrators are
arrested and several are injured, according to Patrice Guehi, one of the
organizers of the march.


Title: Homeless March Reaches Philadelphia
Date: 01-AUG-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: The Associated Press
Forwarded by: Biodun Iginla, biginla@email.com
Style: Mainstream Media Article

Police credit their decision to communicate with demonstrators for three
days of peaceful protests coinciding with the GOP convention having resulted
in the arrests of "only" 17 people.  Instances of "communication" include
the negotiated peaceful end to an illegal homeless march of 3,000 people,
which for months organizers had said would include as many as 100 arrests
and "large-scale civil disobedience"; the dispersal of approximately 75
anti-death penalty activists, who walked away from a confrontation with
police after 40 minutes of "discussion"; the "cooperation" of police in
arranging for a workers' rights group to hold a 15-minute rally inside the
atrium shopping area of a department store, and closing an entrance to the
Benjamin Franklin Bridge to New Jersey so that 200 people could rally
against police brutality.  Police caution that the week is not over, but
believe the early "success" is unmistakable.


Title: Account Of Riots And Police Infiltration During Recent Protests In
Lima, Peru
Date: 01-AUG-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: beatrix@sindominio.net
Forwarded by: Infocentrum Wageningen, infocent@wnet.bos.nl
Style: First-person report

Demonstrators march peacefully towards the Government Palace and the
Republic Congress to complain against dictator Fujimori's illegal
self-investiture for a third consecutive term as President, and are
dispersed by a huge police operation. Tear gas is fired, at first randomly
and then directly at the bodies of demonstrators, while, at the same time,
the Archbishop of Lima, a member of the Catholic Church's elitist political
organization, Opus Dei, thanks Peru's Industry Minister during the
celebratory "Te Deum" Mass.  400 people are injured, six are dead, and more
than 200 are arrested.


Title: Animal Liberation Front Hits Austrian National Circus
Date: 31-JUL-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Frontline Information Service, frontline@rocketmail.com
Forwarded by: Amy, Pistols182@aol.com
Style: Mainstream Media Article

The ALF sets fire to two generators, a tractor, a part of a tent and a truck
at the Circus Louis Knie, the Austrian National Circus, causing damage
estimated at one to 1.5 Austrian shillings. The circus is one of the last
two in Austria featuring wildlife animal performances in their programs, and
has been picketed throughout this year's tour by animal rights and animal
welfare activists, who hold demonstrations, leaflet, stage street theater or
hold other activities at nearly every stop of its tour.  Some protesters
claim to have been abused or beaten up by Knie Senior and circus staff, but
ALF's efforts to damage the circus financially are achieving their desired
result, as it nears bankruptcy.

Title: Anti-French Protests In Ivory Coast
Date: 31-JUL-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Reuters
Forwarded by: Rachel, rarinald@midway.uchicago.edu
Style: Mainstream Media Article

Hundreds of students stage a second day of unprecedented protests outside
France's embassy in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on Friday, accusing the former
colonial power of meddling in their country's internal  affairs. Student
leaders demand a public apology from the French government for comments made
by its Cooperation Minister, Charles Josselin, on who should be allowed to
run for president. The demonstrators, including a number of women's groups,
accuse France of backing former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara, whose
power base is in the Moslem north and whose plan to run for president has
split the West African nation along ethnic lines.

Title: Protesters Take To Philly's Streets
Date: 31-JUL-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: The Associated Press
Style: Action Report

More than a thousand activists in Philadelphia rally for everything from
animal rights to universal health care, trying to draw attention to their
causes in mostly peaceful demonstrations before the start of the Republican
National Convention. Protests include those for animal rights activists, gun
control, abolition of hte death penalty and both sides of the abortion
debate, with the largest rally attracting about 1,500 people in support of
universal health care. Police make only a handful of arrests, these of
animal rights activists planning to dump more than a ton of manure at the
First Union Center, the site of the convention.


Title: Detailed Account of Sunday's Unity 2000 March In Philadelphia
Date: 31-JUL-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Unity 2000, unity2000@pcan.org (www.unity2000.com)
Forwarded by: MWMorrill@aol.com
Style: Press Release

Swelled by "feeder marches" from Camden, NJ, Chinatown, the Million
Billionaire March and the Corpazilla float, SOA Watch/War No More and the
Peace contingent, the Unity 2000 March gathers peaceful marchers from
hundreds of organizations to emphasize the emptiness of the
corporate-dominated economy and political system in the U.S.  At one point,
marchers cover seven diagonal blocks and fill a six-lane wide parkway. The
Unity 2000 program features music and speeches on a variety of concerns that
remain un-addressed in society, including labor rights, the diminishing
number of African-American farmers and the attempt to destroy Chinatown by
placing a baseball stadium in its heart.


Title: FBI, DEA, Minneapolis Police Raid Sisters Camelot House at ISAG
Date: 27-JUL-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: grainrage@visto.com (http://www.tao.ca/~ban/grainrage.htm)
Style: First-person report

Under the pretense of a "drug raid", FBI, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and
Minneapolis Police raid the Sisters Camelot House, a non-profit free food
distribution operation and known gathering place for protesters, following
the ISAG protests. Robert Czernick (a.k.a. Tumbleweed) is beaten by police
and kicked repeatedly in his face, while another, unidentified, person is
beaten by about ten police officers during the two hour raid, with police –
among them three or more undercover officers wearing thick black ski masks
and glasses to hide their identities -- taunting and degrading the
handcuffed and hooded people in the house. As many as 11 are arrested,
although, when asked the nature of the charges being brought against the
arrestees, police ignore the question or refuse to answer.

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