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(en) Ireland, The WSM are calling an anarchist bloc for the 18th April anti water charges 'Bin Your Bills' march organised by the Non-payment network.
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 17:54:53 GMT 2015

A big turn out for this demonstration is essential both in terms of the continued 
 repression of water meter resistors (one of our members was arrested this morning but 
 released without charge) and to maintain confidence in the mass boycott as the bills 
 arrive. ---- We will be meeting at Seomra Spraoi to pick up flags and banners at 1.30 
 before heading down to join the march at the Parnell monument (top of O'Connell street). 
 You can meet with us at either location but if you want the lo...

(en) Queer existence against heteronormative monogamous relationship and marriage (tr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:16:47 GMT 2015

As a historical institution of marriage is not mutual love has always been ailelerara 
 trade. Today, there are two constituent elements of progressive relationship like marriage 
 and marriage rehearsal: monogamy and heteronormativity. The first and the second to own 
 bodies inevitably reaches the limitation of sexual desire. Which is a masterpiece of 
 monogamy and male heteronormativity; most women, LGBT and queer are printing on. Sexuality 
 and places authoritarian hierarchy are also thoug...

(tr) Teke&#x15F;li heteronormatif ili&#x15F;ki ve evliliklere kar&#x15F;&#x131; kuir varolu&#x15F; (en)
a-infos-tr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:15:18 GMT 2015

Evlilik tarihsel olarak kar&#x15F;&#x131;l&#x131;kl&#x131; sevginin de&#x11F;il aileleraras&#x131; ticaretin kurumu olageldi. 
 Bug&#xFC;nse evlilik ve evlilik provas&#x131; gibi ilerleyen ili&#x15F;kilerin iki kurucu unsuru var: 
 Teke&#x15F;lilik ve heteronormativite. &#x130;lki bedenleri sahiplenmeye ikincisi ise cinsel arzular&#x131;n 
 k&#x131;s&#x131;tlanmas&#x131;na var&#x131;yor ister istemez. Bir erkek ba&#x15F;yap&#x131;t&#x131; olan teke&#x15F;lilik ve 
 heteronormativite; en &#xE7;ok...

(ca) Anarkismo.net: UNal-Bogot&#xE1;, Mantilla... Tenemos que hablar by Colectivo Contrainformativo SubVersi&#xF3;n
a-infos-ca at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:02:57 GMT 2015

comccsubversion.wordpress.com La tan rimbombante campa&#xF1;a "Tenemos que Hablar", estrategia 
 de resoluci&#xF3;n de conflictos liderada por Bienestar Universitario de la Universidad 
 Nacional en la sede Bogot&#xE1;, realiz&#xF3; una encuesta en la universidad para determinar cu&#xE1;les 
 eran las principales problem&#xE1;ticas que aquejaban a la comunidad universitaria, incluyendo 
 estudiantes, profesores y trabajadores. ---- La tan rimbombante campa&#xF1;a "Tenemos que 

(ca) Anarkismo.net: Chile, Sindicalistas marchan contra la Reforma Laboral by Solidaridad
a-infos-ca at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:02:24 GMT 2015

Alrededor de 500 personas se reunieron el d&#xED;a de ayer en la Plaza de Armas para marchar en 
 contra de la reforma laboral, la actividad fue convocada por el Comit&#xE9; de Iniciativa por 
 la Unidad Sindical (CIUS). La marcha cont&#xF3; con la presencia de distintas federaciones, 
 confederaciones y sindicatos, CGT, Confederaci&#xF3;n Bancaria, CEPCH, Federaci&#xF3;n de Peonetas 
 de Coca-cola, SINTRAC, Federaci&#xF3;n de Trabajadores de la Educaci&#xF3;n, Sindicato Nacional 
 Jumbo, entre ...

(en) UCL-Saguenay&#x5EA;, Quebec to France: No to austerity!  by Collectif Emma Goldman (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:02:11 GMT 2015

In Quebec as in France, governments have opted for the general case. This is the famous 
 "austerity". Nothing but neoliberalism unbelievable speed Among cousin-es of the old 
 continent, is through its Minister of Economy that the Socialist Party intends to conduct 
 war on workers. The Macron Act [1] provides a thorough change in the labor code. 
 Obviously, it serves the bosses. To understand this law, here is a passage from a pamphlet 
 written by fellow Libertarian Alternative: --...

(fr) UCL-Saguenay: Du Qu&#xE9;bec &#xE0; la France: non &#xE0; l'aust&#xE9;rit&#xE9;! par Collectif Emma Goldman
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:01:50 GMT 2015

Au Qu&#xE9;bec comme en France, les gouvernements ont opt&#xE9; pour la casse g&#xE9;n&#xE9;ralis&#xE9;e. C'est la 
 fameuse &#xAB;aust&#xE9;rit&#xE9;&#xBB;. Rien d'autre que le n&#xE9;olib&#xE9;ralisme &#xE0; vitesse grand V. Chez les 
 cousin-e-s du Vieux continent, c'est via son ministre de l'&#xE9;conomie que le Parti 
 Socialiste entend mener la guerre aux travailleurs et travailleuses. La Loi Macron [1] 
 pr&#xE9;voit une modification en profondeur du code du travail. &#xC9;videmment, elle...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - sindicalismo, 09 de abril n&#xE3;o &#xE9; um fim em si (en, it, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:01:16 GMT 2015

N&#xF3;s mais de 300.000 para lutar 09 de abril teclado para lutar contra a lei dos patr&#xF5;es que 
 precis&#xE1;vamos de um governo que era socialista de nome e que ocupa todas as m&#xE1;s id&#xE9;ias que 
 sussurra MEDEF. ---- Contra as medidas de austeridade contra o congelamento dos sal&#xE1;rios, 
 contra a generaliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o da precariedade, contra o enfraquecimento do direito do trabalho 
 organizado pela lei Macron, manifesta&#xE7;&#xF5;es foram realizadas em toda a Fran&#xE7;a e,...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - unionismo, 9 aprile non &#xE8; fine a se stessa (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:01:00 GMT 2015

Eravamo pi&#xF9; di 300.000 per combattere 9 aprile tastiera per combattere la legge dei capi 
 che abbiamo bisogno di un governo che era socialista in nome e che riprende tutte le 
 cattive idee che sussurra MEDEF. ---- Contro le misure di austerit&#xE0; contro il congelamento 
 dei salari, contro la generalizzazione della precariet&#xE0;, contro l'indebolimento del 
 diritto del lavoro organizzata dalla legge Macron, manifestazioni si sono tenute in tutta 
 la Francia e in particolare a Parigi...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - unionism, ?April 9 is not an end in itself (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:00:51 GMT 2015

We were more than 300,000 to fight April 9 keypad to fight the law of the bosses that we 
 needed a government that was socialist in name and that takes up all the bad ideas that 
 whispers MEDEF. ---- Against the austerity measures against the wage freeze, against the 
 generalization of insecurity, against the undermining of labor law organized by the Macron 
 law, demonstrations were held all over France and especially in Paris where we were 
 120,000 between the Place d'Italie and Les Invali...

(fr) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - syndicalisme, Le 9 avril n'est pas une fin en soi (en, it, pt)
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:00:43 GMT 2015

Nous &#xE9;tions plus de 300.000 &#xE0; battre le pav&#xE9; jeudi 9 avril pour combattre la loi des 
 patrons que nous impose un gouvernement qui n'a de socialiste que le nom et qui reprend &#xE0; 
 son compte toutes les mauvaises id&#xE9;es que lui souffle le Medef. ---- Contre les mesures 
 d'aust&#xE9;rit&#xE9;, contre le blocage des salaires, contre la g&#xE9;n&#xE9;ralisation de la pr&#xE9;carit&#xE9;, 
 contre la sape du droit du travail qu'organise la loi Macron, des manifestations ont eu...

(de) Libert&#xE4;re Wochen in K&#xF6;ln (M&#xE4;rz-Juni 2015)
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 08:00:01 GMT 2015

Libertarian Wochen: Ein Anarchist Veranstaltungsreihe in K&#xF6;ln mit zahlreichen Vortr&#xE4;gen, 
 Workshops und andere Veranstaltungen von M&#xE4;rz bis Juni 2015 organisierte der ganze von 
 verschiedenen lokalen Gruppen. Unter anderem die Mitarbeiter uns Anarchist Forum K&#xF6;ln. 
 ---- &#xFFFC;N&#xE4;chste Veranstaltungen: ---- Mo. 13.04., 19 Uhr, LC36, Ludolf-Camphausen-Str. 36: 
 Film &#xFC;ber Solidarische Landwirtschaft: &#x201C;Die Strategie der krummen Gurken&#x201C; ---- Mo. 20.04....

(de) fda-ifa - Gai D&#xE0;o Sonderausgabe zur Anarchistischen Buchmesse 2015 in Mannheim
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:59:35 GMT 2015

Da die letzte Sonderausgabe mit der Zeit f&#xFC;r Plan A Kamagne in 2013 bereits etwas l&#xE4;nger 
 her ist.Freuen wir uns, gemeinsam mit mit der 3. Anarchistischen Buchmesse in Mannheim die 
 7.Sonderausgabe online herausbringen zu k&#xF6;nnen. W&#xE4;hrend der Buchmesse wird es die 
 Sonderausgabe als gedrucktes Programmheft der Gaidao geben. ---- Mit 22 Vortr&#xE4;gen und 
 Lesungen, Anarcho-Poetry, einer Liedermacherin und einem Rahmenprogramm aus Kabarett und 
 Konzerten bietet die 3. Anar...

(de) FAU Berlin: Ein erster Erfolg vor Gericht: Arbeitern der Mall of Berlin Lohn zugesprochen
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:59:14 GMT 2015

Seit sechs Monaten unterst&#xFC;tzt die FAU Berlin rum&#xE4;nische Arbeiter, die auf der Baustelle 
 der "Mall of Berlin" um ihren Lohn geprellt wurden, ihre Unterkunft verloren und sich 
 nicht kampflos geschlagen geben wollten. T&#xE4;gliche Proteste in der Vorweihnachtszeit, 
 Mailkampagnen und die prominente Berichterstattung in den Berliner Medien haben die 
 Verantwortlichen nicht zum Einlenken bewegt. Am Freitag hat das Arbeitsgericht Berlin zwei 
 Vers&#xE4;umnisurteile gef&#xE...

(fr) France, Communistes Libertaires CGT Murcia - Nota de Prensa: PRESENTA CONFLICTO COLECTIVO EN LA MANGA CLUB
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:58:49 GMT 2015

 Secci&#xF3;n Sindical de la CGT en La Manga Club de Murcia ha presentado ante la Oficina de 
 Resoluci&#xF3;n de Conflictos Laborales un conflicto colectivo contra la empresa La Manga Club 
 S.L. ante la denegaci&#xF3;n por parte de la direcci&#xF3;n de la empresa de cumplir con el Acuerdo 
 Laboral Interno en lo que respecta al Descanso de 30 minutos, el cual no se considera 
 tiempo de trabajo efe...

(en) Greece, Three Bridges - Summary - Anarchist campaign of internationalist solidarity - Three Bridges
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:55:31 GMT 2015

There is the dominance of powerful countries , the supranational formations and their 
 local topotiriton. There are endokyriarchikes conflicts feeding a game of geopolitical 
 tensions in the Mediterranean region. There nationalism that divide the oppressed and lead 
 to mutual slaughter. There deregulation of local communities through martial surgery, but 
 the brutality of fundamentalist religious obscurantism. There is a grid of repression, 
 which is woven with "terror law" police...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #249 - Editorial: sua moral e Ours (en, it, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:55:10 GMT 2015

09 de abril; O ensino superior; Continental; O di&#xE1;logo social; lei de descentraliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o; 
 FdCA; Alexandr Koltchenko; Navalny; CESEDA; Charlie Hebdo; O racismo anti-mu&#xE7;ulmano; 
 Sionismo; Zad; Sivens; Chambarans; Limoges; ---- Editorial: sua moral e Ours ---- -Lights 
 completos: Edi&#xE7;&#xF5;es 09 de abril, ---- 09 de abril: construir um maci&#xE7;o de greve ---- lutas 
 no mundo dos neg&#xF3;cios: March antologia ---- Lutas ---- Ensino superior: Prec&#xE1;rio contra os 

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #249 - Content + Editoriale: la loro morale e Ours (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:54:42 GMT 2015

9 aprile; L'istruzione superiore; Continental; Il dialogo sociale, la legge di 
 decentramento; FdCA; Alexandr Koltchenko; Navalny; Ceseda; Charlie Hebdo; Il razzismo 
 anti-islamico; Il sionismo; Zad; Sivens; Chambarans; Limoges; ---- Editoriale: la loro 
 morale e Ours ---- Full-Luci: Questioni 9 aprile ---- 9 aprile: costruire un massiccio 
 sciopero  ---- lotte nel mondo degli affari: March antologia ---- Lotte  ---- Istruzione 
 superiore: Precari contro i bassi salari ---- Haute-Garonne: S...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #249 - Content + Editorial: Their Morals and Ours (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:54:34 GMT 2015

April 9; Higher education; Continental; Social dialogue; decentralization law; FdCA; 
 Alexandr Koltchenko; Navalny; Ceseda; Charlie Hebdo; Anti-Muslim racism; Zionism; Zad; 
 Sivens; Chambarans; Limoges; ---- Editorial: Their Morals and Ours ---- Full-Lights: 
 Issues April 9, ---- April 9: Build a massive strike ---- struggles in business: March 
 anthology ---- Struggles ---- Higher education: Precarious against low wages ---- 
 Haute-Garonne: Semi-win for Planned Parenthood ---- Continental ...

(fr) Alternative Libertaire AL d&#x2019;avril - #249 -  Edito: Leur morale et la n&#xF4;tre (en, it, pt)
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:54:28 GMT 2015

9 avril; Enseignement sup&#xE9;rieur; Continental; Dialogue social; Loi de d&#xE9;centralisation; 
 FdCA; Alexandr Koltchenko; Navalny; Ceseda; Charlie Hebdo; Racisme antimusulmans; 
 Sionisme; Zad; Sivens; Chambarans; Limoges ---- Edito: Leur morale et la n&#xF4;tre ---- 
 Pleins-Feux: Les enjeux du 9 avril  ---- 9 avril: Construire un mouvement de gr&#xE8;ve massif 
  ---- Luttes dans les entreprises: floril&#xE8;ge de mars ---- Luttes  ---- Enseignement 
 sup&#xE9;rieur: Pr&#xE9;caires contre...

(en) France, Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant alternatif AC #249 - April 2015, Summary + Editorial (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:54:06 GMT 2015

Summary ---- Editorial PAGE 3 ---- Social ---- PAGE 4 Macron, it's all good ---- PAGE 6 
 Republicanism and urbanism to the rescue of the country in danger ---- Space militant PAGE 
 7 ---- Economy PAGE 8 The "scandal swissleaks" ---- Space to militant PAGE 10 ---- PAGE 11 
 Fight Fight to the Redoute: 1 year ---- Immigration PAGE 13 Calais on the situation ---- 
 Planning  ---- PAGE 15 For the ZAD Testet so it stop? ---- Big Brother PAGE 16 ---- 
 Planning (Continued)  ---- PAGE 18 ND...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant alternatif #249 - avril 2015 - Sommaire + Edito (en)
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:53:54 GMT 2015

Sommaire ---- Edito PAGE 3 ---- Social  ---- PAGE 4 Macron, c'est tout bon PAGE 6 Le 
 r&#xE9;publicanisme et l'urbanisme au secours de la patrie en danger ---- Espace militant PAGE 
 7 ---- Economie  ---- PAGE 8 Le &#xAB;scandale swissleaks&#xBB; ---- Espace d'expression militant 
 PAGE 10 ---- Lutte  ---- PAGE 11 Lutte &#xE0; la Redoute: 1 an apr&#xE8;s ---- Immigration  ---- 
 PAGE 13 Calais: point sur la situation ---- Am&#xE9;nagement du territoire  ---- PAGE 15 Pour 
 la ZAD du Testet c'es...

(en) Australia, Anarchist Affinity - The Platform #3 - Dave Kerin on Workers' Cooperatives and the Climate Emergency by Guest Author
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:53:35 GMT 2015

Dave Kerin is a co-founder of the Earthworker Cooperative in Morwell, Victoria, which is 
 building a network of democratically owned and managed cooperatives throughout Australia 
 to manufacture clean energy technology. Sam spoke with him at Trades Hall. ---- What is 
 the Earthworker Cooperative? ---- The Earthworker Cooperative facilitates and enables the 
 establishment of other workers' cooperatives in Australian, with a focus on manufacturing 
 new green technologies for supply locally. E...

(pt) France, Coordena&#xE7;&#xE3;o de Grupos Anarquistas CGA - Mundo do trabalho - A flexiguran&#xE7;a capitalismo disfar&#xE7;ado de parceria (en, it, fr) [traduccion automatica]
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:53:13 GMT 2015

Feliz como um chefe na Dinamarca. Acreditar rankings estranhas publicados a cada ano, os 
 dinamarqueses s&#xE3;o as pessoas mais felizes do mundo. E a fonte desta felicidade nacional 
 seria um neologismo b&#xE1;rbaro soar como um encantamento m&#xE1;gico para os ouvidos 
 s&#xF3;cio-liberal, a flexiguran&#xE7;a (ou flexiguran&#xE7;a). A Uni&#xE3;o Europeia tem feito desde a 
 Cimeira de Lisboa, em 2000, o "grande impulsionador de sua estrat&#xE9;gia", apontando sete 
 anos mais tarde...

(it) France, Coordinazione Di Gruppi Anarchici CGA - Mondo del lavoro - Flessicurezza capitalismo travestito da partenariato (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:53:05 GMT 2015

Felice come un boss in Danimarca. Credere classifiche strane pubblicati ogni anno, i 
 danesi sono le persone pi&#xF9; felici del mondo. E la fonte di questa felicit&#xE0; nazionale 
 sarebbe un neologismo barbara suona come un incantesimo magico per orecchie 
 socio-liberali, flessicurezza (o flessicurezza). L'Unione europea ha fatto dal vertice di 
 Lisbona nel 2000 la "principali cause della sua strategia," indicando sette anni dopo la 
 necessit&#xE0; di "principi comuni di fl...

(en) France, Coordination of Anarchist Groups CGA - Working world - Flexicurity capitalism disguised as partnership (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:52:59 GMT 2015

Happy as a boss in Denmark. To believe strange rankings published every year, the Danes 
 are the happiest people in the world. And the source of this national happiness would be a 
 barbarous neologism sounding like a magic incantation to socio-liberal ears, flexicurity 
 (or flexicurity). The European Union has made since the Lisbon summit in 2000 the "major 
 driver of its strategy," pointing seven years later the need for "common principles of 
 flexicurity". In France, i...

(fr) Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes - IAL #103 - La flexicurit&#xE9;, le capitalisme d&#xE9;guis&#xE9; en partenariat (en, it, pt)
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Apr 15 07:52:44 GMT 2015

Monde du travail ---- Heureux comme un patron au Danemark. &#xC0; en croire d'&#xE9;tranges 
 classements publi&#xE9;s chaque ann&#xE9;e, les Danois seraient le peuple le plus heureux au monde. 
 Et la source de ce bonheur national serait un n&#xE9;ologisme barbare sonnant comme un 
 incantation magique aux oreilles des socio-lib&#xE9;raux, la flexicurit&#xE9; (ou flexis&#xE9;curit&#xE9;). 
 L'Union Europ&#xE9;enne en a fait d&#xE8;s le Sommet de Lisbonne en 2000 le &#xAB;levier majeur de sa 


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