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(de) A-Radio Berlin, Vortragsdokumentation - Heinz Jürgen Voß: Biologie und Geschlecht
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 14:37:17 GMT 2013

Liebe alle, das Anarchistische Radio Berlin konnte einen Vortrag von Heinz J&#xFC;rgen Vo&#xDF; 
 aufzeichnen, in dem er &#xFC;ber das biologische Geschlecht referiert. ---- Vortrag und 
 Diskussion dauern 1:49 h. Den zugeh&#xF6;rigen Audiobeitrag k&#xF6;nnt ihr ab sofort hier 
 <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://aradio.blogsport.de/2013/10/30/vortragsdokumentation-heinz-juergen-voss-biologie-und-geschlecht/">http://aradio.blogsport.de/2013/10/30/vortragsdokumentation-heinz-juergen...

(en) Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland) - Statement
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 14:28:38 GMT 2013

We are disgusted to hear overnight that Fortress Europe has claimed another 87 victims, 48 
 of them children. The same European racist migration system that created panic last week 
 about blonde haired blue eyed Roma children will simply add the deaths of these children 
 to the thousands of victims of racist border controls over the last decade. ---- &#x201C;The 
 bodies were decomposed, it was horrible,&#x201D; said Almoustapha Alhacen, one of the rescue 
 workers on the scene. &#x201C;We fo...

(en) Israel, Statement of Coalition of Women for Peace
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 11:52:01 GMT 2013

We were sorry to hear about the participation of the Minister Tzipi Livni at the 
 conference will be held today, 10/31/13, and will discuss the plan of action to implement 
 UN Resolution 1325 which deals with the representation of women, protection from violence, 
 abuse and violence against women. ---- Some of us participated in various meetings of the 
 process that led to the formulation of the document that will be launched at the 
 conference. We did this in order to speak out firmly agai...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Social -- Paris: You are claiming a home? CRS send you to the hospital! (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 10:08:14 GMT 2013

Saturday, October 19 in Paris was held a rally in the framework of the "European Day 
 against expensive housing, speculation and the right to housing." It was also to denounce 
 the housing policy of the government and to demand the relocation of 300 families. ---- 
 While the rally was filed in the prefecture and those gathered began to leave because of 
 the threatening attitude of the police, they were violently attacked by riot police 
 present. The police went on a rampage and a ...

(fr) Alternative Libertaire AL - Social -- Paris : Vous r&#xE9;clamez un logement? Les CRS vous envoient &#xE0; l'hosto! (en)
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 10:08:05 GMT 2013

Samedi 19 octobre &#xE0; Paris se tenait un rassemblement dans le cadre de la "Journ&#xE9;e 
 europ&#xE9;enne contre le logement cher, la sp&#xE9;culation et pour le droit au logement". Il 
 s'agissait par ailleurs de d&#xE9;noncer la politique de logement de ce gouvernement et de 
 r&#xE9;clamer le relogement de 300 familles. ---- Alors que le rassemblement avait &#xE9;t&#xE9; d&#xE9;pos&#xE9; 
 en pr&#xE9;fecture et que les personnes rassembl&#xE9;es commen&#xE7;aient &#xE0; quitter ...

(pt) Federa&#xE7;&#xE3;o Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro - libera&#xE7;&#xE3;o Baiano (en)
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 10:00:26 GMT 2013

Baiano &#xE9; militante da Frente Internacionalista dos Sem Teto, com a qual a FARJ mant&#xE9;m 
 rela&#xE7;&#xF5;es pol&#xED;ticas fraternas e onde diversos de nossos militantes atuaram durante muito 
 tempo, desde sua funda&#xE7;&#xE3;o. ---- O Instituto de Defensores de Direitos Humanos - DDH 
 comunicou que seria protocolado ontem, 29/10, o Habeas Corpus pela liberdade de Jair S. 
 R., o Baiano. ---- Baiano completou hoje duas semanas de pris&#xE3;o arbitr&#xE1;ria, acusado, sem 
 provas, de...

(en) Brazil, Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro - free Baiano (pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 10:00:03 GMT 2013

Baiano is militant Internationalist Front of the Homeless, with which FARJ maintains 
 fraternal relations policies and where many of our members have worked for a long time, 
 since its foundation. ---- The Institute of Human Rights Defenders - DDH announced that it 
 would be filed yesterday, 29/10, the Habeas Corpus for freedom of Jair S. R., the Baiano. 
 ---- Baiano today completed two weeks of arbitrary arrest, accused, without proof, of 
 conspiracy and armed torch a bus PMERJ. ---- We ke...

(de) FAU-IAA Direct Action #219 - UnternehmerIn der eigenen Arbeitskraft --- Das L&#xF6;sungswort der letzten Ausgabe: Soloselbstst&#xE4;ndigkeit
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 09:59:32 GMT 2013

Nach rechtlicher Definition gilt als selbstst&#xE4;ndig, wer f&#xFC;r sein/ihr Werk bzw. f&#xFC;r das 
 Werk seiner/ihrer Angestellten verg&#xFC;tet wird, w&#xE4;hrend abh&#xE4;ngig Besch&#xE4;ftigte f&#xFC;r ihr 
 Wirken, also ihre Arbeitskraft, bezahlt werden. In den letzten f&#xFC;nfzehn Jahren ist nach 
 Jahren der Stagnation die Selbstst&#xE4;ndigkeit in Deutschland wieder gestiegen. 
 PolitikerInnen aller Couleur feiern, werden sie darauf angesprochen, diesen Umstand als 
 ein Ergebnis ihr...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif, CA #232 - Antifa -- Fascisme et antifascisme
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 09:58:06 GMT 2013

Le fascisme est une dictature qui s'appuie sur une doctrine de r&#xE9;conciliation des classes 
 au service d'un Etat-nation, articulant une organisation corporatiste et verticale des 
 travailleurs et des travailleuses &#xE0; un Etat militaris&#xE9; tout puissant. Il professe un 
 anticapitalisme qui est seulement de fa&#xE7;ade puisque, en r&#xE9;alit&#xE9;, il ne parvient au pouvoir 
 qu'avec l'aide et l'aval d'une grande partie de la bourgeoisie, et souvent le plus 
 l&#xE9;galement du monde...

(en) Organise! #81 - &#x201C;I come to you like the beggar man&#x2026;&#x201D; - A review of Ursula Le Guin&#x2019;s The Dispossessed
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 09:55:01 GMT 2013

When I first sat down to write this review all I could think of saying was along the lines 
 of &#x201C;The Dispossessed is about two worlds divided by a wall, and what it means to be a 
 beggar on either side of this divide. Go read it!&#x201D; Unfortunately that isn&#x2019;t much of a 
 review, but with that in mind&#x2026; ---- The Dispossessed is a work of speculative science 
 fiction exploring two different societies living in orbit to one another: ---- Urras. The 
 Blue-Green world of ple...

(en) Britain. Anarchist Federation Resistance bulletin issue 155 November 2013
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 09:38:54 GMT 2013

NOVEMBER 2013 RESISTANCE is out. AUSTERITY HITS HOME (economic crisis), Anti-fascist 
 killed in Greece, Food banks, London Day School on Anarchist Communism, Brazilian 
 anarchists, Bangladeshi Clothing Industry strikes, US Anarchist Jailed. --- Download 
 <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.afed.org.uk/res/resist155.pdf">http://www.afed.org.uk/res/resist155.pdf</a> ---- Contents ---- 1. Austerity Hits Home. ---- 
 2. Anti-fascist Rapper Murdered (Pavlos Fyssas). ---- 3. Food Bank Use Skyrocket...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue and so does the creeping transfer*
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 09:16:06 GMT 2013

On one side we have the mounting international pressure on Israel to yield a bit. On 
 another side we have the increase of fear of the Israeli elite from the mounting pressure 
 and the threats to increase it much more in the near future. In spite of that or as a 
 desperate response the efforts to speed the creeping transfer by the Israeli regular 
 forces and the irregular settlers increase immensely. The Israeli Bedouins face the 
 prelude of the Farwer plan to transfer half of the villagers...

(en) Ireland, The Rag, Issue #6 is finished! And the London Anarchist Bookfair!
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Thu Oct 31 07:39:58 GMT 2013

Dear RAG followers, We are overjoyed to announce that after three long years, the newest 
 edition of The Rag is complete! It was touch and go, and there were a few late nights put 
 in, but everyone rallied together and Rag #6 was born! There are so many great articles in 
 this issue, it would be difficult to only name a few. If you're in London, you can find it 
 for sale in The Feminist Library and Housman's Bookshop. If you're in Ireland, we will be 
 distributing the magazine after our lau...


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