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(en) Brazil, Peasants and Food Sovereignty. Organic for the wealthy and GMOs and pesticides for the poor (pt)[machine translation]
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Tue Oct 22 18:14:36 GMT 2013

National Directorate of MPA ---- The order of agriculture since the financial logic is a 
 true international program of mass destruction, as Jean Ziegler denounces  "the annual 
 destruction of tens of millions of men, women and children from hunger is the scandal of 
 the century"  (Zingler, 2013) . the same author describes how U.S. imperialism and its 
 mercenary organizations (WTO, IMF and WB) does not recognize the right to food as a human 
 right. ---- In Brazil this project mat...

(pt) FARJ - Camponeses e Soberania Alimentar. Org&#xE2;nicos para os ricos e transg&#xEA;nicos e agrot&#xF3;xicos para os pobres (en)
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Tue Oct 22 18:13:00 GMT 2013

Dire&#xE7;&#xE3;o Nacional do MPA ---- O ordenamento da agricultura desde a l&#xF3;gica financeira 
 constitui internacionalmente um verdadeiro programa de destrui&#xE7;&#xE3;o em massa, conforme Jean 
 Ziegler denuncia "a destrui&#xE7;&#xE3;o anual de dezenas de milh&#xF5;es de homens, mulheres e crian&#xE7;as 
 pela fome constitui o esc&#xE2;ndalo do nosso s&#xE9;culo" (Zingler, 2013).O mesmo autor descreve 
 como o imperialismo americano e suas organiza&#xE7;&#xF5;es mercen&#xE1;ria...

(en) Britan, Anarchist Federation Organise! magazine #81 winter 2013 - Content + Editorial
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 15:07:25 GMT 2013

Editorial - What&#x2019;s in the latest Organise!? ---- Features: ---- Utopian? Guilty your 
 honour -- Beyond perfection: What we can learn from science fiction utopias.---Anarchism: 
 Utopian or scientific? ---- Children of the Commune ---- Education in an anarchist society 
 ---- In defence of Malatesta ---- Anarchism and organisation ---- Syria: The struggle 
 continues ---- Statement from the Libertarian Socialist Movement (Egypt) ---- Culture 
 Article: Henri Edmond Cross: Painter of Utopi...

(en) Anarkismo.net: Are Republican &#x201C;Libertarians&#x201D; Anarchists? by Wayne Price
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 11:09:26 GMT 2013

The Accusation of Anarchism ---- Democratic Party politicians have denounced right-wing 
 Republicans as "anarchists." Why? Are they "anarchists"? What about rightwingers who call 
 themselves "libertarians"? Are "anarcho-capitalists" really anarchists? Are they 
 consistent with the tradition of "individualist anarchism"? ---- Are Republican 
 &#x201C;Libertarians&#x201D; Anarchists? ---- A strange thing happened during the October 2013 battle i...

(en) Workers Solidarity Movement Irish Anarchist Review #8 - Review: Anarchy in a Cold War
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 10:04:51 GMT 2013

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover. The cover of the book, however, which has a 
 picture of someone's buttocks with a circled A on one butt cheek and the squatter's symbol 
 pretty much told me what was in store. ---- Anarchy in a Cold War is a novel about 
 squatting in West Berlin during the early eighties, specifically 1981 and was actually 
 written during that period. The novel is an attempt to give people a glimpse of what life 
 as a squatter was like a city that came to symbo...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie  (OCL) -  Courant Alternatif, CA #232 -  ALTERNATIVES A L'A&#xC9;ROPORT: CA POUSSE !
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 09:54:43 GMT 2013

 pr&#xE9;sident du conseil g&#xE9;n&#xE9;ral, Grosvalet, a d&#xE9;bloqu&#xE9; d&#xE9;but juin 200 000 euros pour la 
 promotion du projet. Avec les 300 000 vers&#xE9;s par la r&#xE9;gion l'hiver dernier, cela fe...

(fr) Alternative Libertaire AL - L'alternative ---- On garde Leonarda et Khatchik, et on expulse le gouvernement
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 09:26:18 GMT 2013

Jeudi 17 octobre, les lyc&#xE9;ennes et lyc&#xE9;ens d'une vingtaine d'&#xE9;tablissements parisiens mais 
 &#xE9;galement de plusieurs autres villes (Grenoble, Avignon, Mende...) se sont mobilis&#xE9;s pour 
 d&#xE9;noncer les expulsions de de camarades en situation irr&#xE9;guli&#xE8;re, dont celle de Leonarda 
 et de Khatchik survenues il y a peu. La manifestation parisienne a rassembl&#xE9; plusieurs 
 milliers de personnes. ---- Khatchik, du lyc&#xE9;e Camille-Jenatzy (Paris 18e) a &#xE9;t&...

(pt) FARJ Novo Libera #159 - Jornada nacional por soberania alimentar outubro de 14 a 18
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 08:57:57 GMT 2013

Soberania alimentar: ---- Soberania alimentar tem a ver com direito a preservar os 
 recursos naturais, produzir e a se alimentar. Comida s&#xE3; e saud&#xE1;vel, cultura camponesa, 
 sistemas locais de produ&#xE7;&#xE3;o, industrializa&#xE7;&#xE3;o e comercializa&#xE7;&#xE3;o, necessidade de politicas 
 p&#xFA;blicas de apoio a produ&#xE7;&#xE3;o e abastecimento de alimentos. ---- "Para que um povo seja 
 livre ele precisa ser soberano. Por isso nosso Plano campon&#xEA;s defende a soberani...

(en) Media, Anarchist tactics grow amid Brazil's protests
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 08:29:45 GMT 2013

It was when the tear gas canister rattled around at her feet and a masked young man picked 
 it up and tossed it back at police that kindergarten teacher Andrea Coelho decided she was 
 for him and his fellow Black Bloc anarchists. ---- Coelho was one of thousands of teachers 
 marching through central Rio de Janeiro to demand better wages and school conditions when 
 police decided to disperse the demonstration. A few nights before, striking teachers 
 occupying the city council building were b...

(de) Direct Action #219 - Der gro&#xDF;e Bruder schaut dich an
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 08:28:57 GMT 2013

Telekom zielt auf die Norm +++ E-Mails werden unsicher +++ EU will eigenes Internet +++ 
 BND liest weniger mit +++ Apothekenzentrum gibt Daten weiter ---- Telekom greift Daten ab 
 ---- Die Deutsche Telekom &#xFC;berwacht automatisch s&#xE4;mtlichen Festnetz- und 
 Mobilfunk-Verkehr. So hei&#xDF;t es in der Wirtschaftswoche, dass es eine Einsatzgruppe mit der 
 Bezeichnung GBS-MIS innerhalb der Telekom gibt. Diese besteht aus mehreren 
 Computersystemen. Die Computersysteme werten, so hei&#xDF;...

(en) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - When justice is bent on defending the social order (fr) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 08:21:19 GMT 2013

In a few weeks fell three decisions of the judiciary against the militants, activists and 
 ordinary protesters in Paris, Nantes, Tours. The challenge: the questioning of a 
 multinational interests in a devastating infrastructure project such as an airport, the 
 indictment of the police and the use by police of lethal weapons (which when they do not 
 kill, seriously injure and maim for life those they reach) during demonstrations, the 
 questioning of racist and xenophobic policy of the Frenc...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie  (OCL) -  Quand la justice s'acharne &#xE0; d&#xE9;fendre l'ordre social (en)
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 08:21:01 GMT 2013

En quelques semaines sont tomb&#xE9;es trois d&#xE9;cisions de l'appareil judiciaire contre des 
 militants, activistes ou simples manifestants, &#xE0; Paris, Nantes, Tours. L'enjeu : la mise 
 en cause des int&#xE9;r&#xEA;ts d'une multinationale dans un projet d'infrastructure d&#xE9;vastateur 
 comme un a&#xE9;roport, la mise en cause de la police et l'utilisation par les forces de 
 l'ordre d'armes l&#xE9;tales (qui quand elles ne tuent pas, blessent gri&#xE8;vement et mutilent &#xE0; 
 vie c...

(it) Palestina israele: report ACIM
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 07:04:44 GMT 2013

Report del 15.10.13:<br>
 La tensione nell'aria &#xE8; alta - in attesa di vedere se la cresciuta 
 pressione internazionale su Israele porter&#xE0; a qualche risultato. Il 
 contributo di Israele alle potenze imperialiste &#xE8; strettamente legato ai 
 compromessi in Siria ed in Iran ed alla diminuita dipendenza USA dal 
 petrolio del Mediterraneo. L'atteso ritiro di Israele almeno da alcune 
 aree della Cisgiordania fa aumentare gli sforzi dei coloni e delle forze 
 di stato nell'accelerare g...

(it) Massanico (RE) :  CUCINE DEL POPOLO
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Oct 22 07:03:27 GMT 2013

ecco gli aggiornamenti dalle Cucine del Popolo!<br>
 Il programma BEAT delle prossime settimane &#xC3; stato modificato (ma &#xC3; 
 ancora provvisorio), intanto comunque ve lo mandiamo cos&#xC3; vi segnate le 
 Ci si rivede il 25 ottobre, ovviamente sempre a Massenzatico.<br>
 Dinni Cesoni_Ignazio Gallino_Franco Schirone<br>
 Le comuni libertarie<br>
 Matteo Guarnaccia<br>
 Undergound italiano<br>
 Freak Antoni<br>


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