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(de) FdA-IFA, Sonderausgabe Gai Dào N°6 -- Das A und O -- Anarchismus und Organisierung -- Von: Anarchistische Föderation Rhein/Ruhr (AFRR)
a-infos-de at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 11:59:03 GMT 2013

Du liest in dieser Zeitung oft etwas vom Organisieren des gemeinsamen Kampfes. Doch warum 
 ist es wichtig, sich zu organisieren und mit anderen Gleichgesinnten zusammenzuschlie&#xDF;en? 
 --- Allein machen sie dich ein ---- Grunds&#xE4;tzlich d&#xFC;rfte erstmal klar sein, dass du in 
 welchen Belangen auch immer erfolgreicher und effektiver bist, wenn du dich mit anderen 
 zusammentust. Egal ob du dein Fahrrad reparieren, den Garten f&#xFC;r Gem&#xFC;seanbau umgraben oder 
 eine Blockade gegen...

(fr) Lire : L'Autogestion en pratiques
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 11:55:40 GMT 2013

Apr&#xE8;s Les Derniers For&#xE7;ats [1], r&#xE9;cit de deux oubli&#xE9;s du XXe si&#xE8;cle aux vies bris&#xE9;es par 
 le bagne, les &#xE9;ditions Albache, jeune maison d'&#xE9;dition ind&#xE9;pendante [2] , nous donnent &#xE0; 
 lire cette fois-ci le r&#xE9;cit d'actrices et d'acteurs contemporains de l'autogestion. &#xC0; 
 nouveau, l'accent est mis sur l'exp&#xE9;rience et le v&#xE9;cu pour venir questionner les logiques 
 de pouvoir et les rapports de domination tout en &#xE9;vitant l'&#xE...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #230 - Read: The Self-management practices in (fr)[machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 11:55:30 GMT 2013

After The Last Convicts[1], two-forgotten story of the twentieth century the lives broken 
 by prison, editions Albache young independent publishing house[2], give us this time read 
 the story and actresses Contemporary actors self. Again, the emphasis is on the experience 
 and experience to come to question the logic of power and relations of domination while 
 avoiding the pitfalls of political dogmatism. ---- This collective work and takes the 
 party to consider the self as a possible alte...

(en) Brazil, Federa&#xE7;&#xE3;o Anarquista of Rio de Janeiro: Note of Solidarity with the oppressed comrades (pt)
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 11:25:38 GMT 2013

On 1 October 2013, the Civil Police carried out an operation against militants and 
 organizations campaigning in the Bloco de Lutas [1] in Porto Alegre. The homes of PSOL and 
 PSTU members, the Moinho Negro/Centro de Cultura Libert&#xE1;ria da Azenha libertarian social 
 centre, a dormitory of the MST (Landless Rural Workers' Movement), the premises of Via 
 Campesina [2], an urban settlement of the Utopia e Luta autonomous movement and the public 
 premises of the Federa&#xE7;&#xE3;o Anarquis...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie  (OCL) - R&#xE9;pression, Pinault pollueur, voleur, expropriation - du collectif Ile de France de lutte contre l'a&#xE9;roport de Notre-Dame-des-Landes
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 10:43:51 GMT 2013

Les Pinault s'acharnent: une nouvelle plainte d&#xE9;pos&#xE9;e contre une militante de notre 
 collectif ---- Notre camarade, qui fait partie des 14 militant.e.s condamn&#xE9;.e. s le 24 
 Juin dernier pour s'&#xEA;tre invit&#xE9;.e.s dans le ch&#xE2;teau de l'actionnaire de Vinci, avait 
 relay&#xE9; sur son blog, suite au verdict, un communiqu&#xE9; et une affiche du collectif 
 francilien de lutte contre l'a&#xE9;roport &#xE0; Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Elle est cit&#xE9;e &#xE0; 

(en) Brazil, Tarso, the PT, and the logic of absurdity! (pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 10:23:05 GMT 2013

"Note : The analysis disclosed that has now been completed on the morning of day. Shortly 
 after being completed, follow the large police operation policy of the government Tarso/ 
 PT who referred the case of the 05 illegally imprisoned comrades in the last act of the 
 Block Fights and invaded the homes of militants PSOL and PSTU, Mill Black / Center 
 Libertarian Culture of Watermill, housing the MST, the headquarters of Via Campesina, the 
 urban settlement Utopia and Struggle, and our...

(en) Britain, August 2013 issue of Freedom contents
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 09:37:51 GMT 2013

News ---- World War Three? ---- Balcombe fracking disaster ---- Anti-gay law spurs 
 violence ---- Lewisham A&E escapes closure ---- All for naught: Richard Challinor on the 
 rise in exploitative zero-hour contracts ---- International news ---- Death by ticket 
 inspection ---- Chinese police clash with Tibetans ---- Notes from the US ---- News in 
 brief -- The Bigger Picture --- London protest against Russia&#x2019;s anti-gay law --- Analysis 
 ---- A tangled web: Steve Ash on the governm...

(en) FdA-IFA, Gai D&#xE0;o Special Edition  #6 - Time for Plan A - Editorial (de) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 09:23:23 GMT 2013

Hello people, This time we welcome you to now already the sixth special edition Gaid&#xE3;o, 
 which comes with the largest number of copies! The reason is that this issue follows a 
 three-month campaign. ---- A little more than a year, developed a well-attended meetings 
 during the second libertarians media fair in Bochum, an initiative for a strong and 
 dynamic anarchist network in North Rhine-Westphalia. After time has elapsed now exists now 
 as a result of this development, the "Ana...

(pt) Nota de Solidariedade aos companheiros e companheiras perseguidos/as!, by FARJ (en)
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sat Oct 05 06:43:43 GMT 2013

No dia primeiro de outubro de 2013, a pol&#xED;cia civil realizou uma opera&#xE7;&#xE3;o contra 
 militantes e organiza&#xE7;&#xF5;es que militam no Bloco de Lutas, de Porto Alegre. Foram invadidas, 
 a mando do governador Tarso Genro (PT), resid&#xEA;ncias de militantes do PSOL e PSTU, o Moinho 
 Negro/Centro de Cultura Libert&#xE1;ria da Azenha, um alojamento do MST, a sede da Via 
 Campesina, o assentamento urbano Utopia e Luta e o espa&#xE7;o p&#xFA;blico da Federa&#xE7;&#xE3;o Anarquista 


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