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Tue Jun 19 17:45:47 GMT 2012

Video-debate: EL GENOCIDIO FRANQUISTA EN VALENCIA -- S&#xE1;bado 23 de<br>
 Junio a las 18hs -- Proyecci&#xF3;n del documental: EL GENOCIDIO FRANQUISTA<br>
 EN VALENCIA -- (Espa&#xF1;a, 2008 | 44 min) -- presentado por Empar<br>
 Salvador (Valencia, Espa&#xF1;a) -- Documental realizado por Alkimia<br>
 Produccions, la productora de la Facultat de Ci&#xE8;ncies de la<br>
 Comunicaci&#xF3;n Blanquerna de la Universitat Ram&#xF3;n Llull de Barcelona,<br>
 bajo la direcci&#xF3;n de Daniel L&#xF3;pez...

(en) Anarkismo.net, Back to a materialist feminism by Irene - Libertarian Alternative (fr) [machine translation]
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Tue Jun 19 13:46:42 GMT 2012

>From the latest book by Roland Pfefferkorn, "Gender and gender relations", we propose a 
 way to read and understand the multiple dimensions of persistent inequalities between men 
 and women. ---- In "Gender and gender relations," Roland Pfefferkorn is an introduction to 
 the concepts used to address social inequalities men / women. In particular, his approach 
 emphasizes the contribution from the work of materialist feminism. This leads him to 
 highlight the ambiguities ...

(it) Roma: Di sconfitta in sconfitta
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Jun 19 12:05:38 GMT 2012

presentazione alla libreria anomalia<br>
 Sabato 23 giugno alle 17 presso la libreria anomalia(via dei<br>
 campani, 73[san lorenzo]), presentazione del libro di<br>
 Vincenzo Guagliardo<br>
 "Di sconfitta in sconfitta" (Colibr&#xEC; 2012).<br>
 Interverranno Massimo Capitti e Tommaso Spazzali<br>
 "[..]cambiare se stessi &#xE8; una questione che ha sempre un<br>
 risvolto esteriore, sul piano pratico.Non pu&#xF2; essere visto<br>
 solo come un cambiare "dentro"[...]Quan...

(en) France, Alternating Current #220 - Editorial - Revolution rather than election (fr) [machine translation]
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Tue Jun 19 07:45:33 GMT 2012

You can not sulk our pleasure to see Sarkozy and his clique will take a (small) slams 
 election. The damage they have done for five years, we have fought. Work more to earn more 
 than our bosses, this is not our motto. Work up to a still more advanced age, leaving 
 millions of unemployed and precarious-its in trouble, we do not want it. Cut public 
 services to promote the commodification, very little for us. Destroy the earth and the 
 conditions of a relatively healthy life for mercantile i...

(en) Brazil, Letter of intent of Anarchist Collective Nucleo-Negro for entry into the Coordination Anarchist Brazilian - CAb (pt) [machine translation]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Tue Jun 19 07:44:38 GMT 2012

Who are we? We Anarchist Collective Nucleo-Negro have a brief existence of almost one 
 year. However, unlike other groups that emerged from an internal debate about anarchism, 
 born of a practice with the movements for housing, along with urban occupations, in a 
 collective at the time by another name: Collective Autonomy. However, due to various 
 hesitations about what actually would be, both ideologically and organizationally we have 
 not advanced, on the contrary: the embryo of our socia...


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