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(en) Britain, London, Britain, London, A letter to UK Uncutters from the 'violent minority' by members of the Solidarity Federation in the aftermath of the disorder on the March 26 TUC organised March for the Alternative.
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Mon Mar 28 21:55:08 GMT 2011

We're writing this to you to try and prevent the anti-cuts struggle being split up and 
 weakened by the media. ---- We are anarchists (well, anarcho-syndicalists, technically) &#x2013; 
 a word that is much misunderstood and misrepresented. We are also students, workers and 
 shop stewards. We co-organised a 'Radical Workers Bloc' on the South London feeder march. 
 The aim was to provide a highly visible radical presence within the workers movement of 
 which we are a part, advocating strikes,...

(it) 30 marzo: "Comizi d'amore" di Pier Paolo Pasolini al Circolo	dei Malfattori
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Mon Mar 28 20:36:29 GMT 2011

30 marzo: "Comizi d'amore" di Pier Paolo Pasolini al Circolo dei Malfattori<br>
 Mercoledi 30 marzo<br>
 al Circolo dei Malfattori<br>
 "Comizi d'amore"<br>
 di Pier Paolo Pasolini, ita 1965<br>
 a seguire dibattito: "Amore e sesso ai tempi della precariet&#xE0;"<br>
 via Torricelli 19, Milano<br>
 M Romolo - tram 3,15 - bus 90,91<br>
 ore 21.30 - ingresso gratuito<br>
 <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://malfattori.noblogs.org/">http://malfattori.noblogs.org/</a><br>

(it) Comunicato FdCA: Libia: la morsa della dittatura e le bombe	dell'imperialismo
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 20:35:19 GMT 2011

Comunicato FdCA: Libia: la morsa della dittatura e le bombe dell'imperialismo<br>
 I popoli arabi, il proletariato arabo sembrano essersi affacciati<br>
 finalmente alla post-modernit&#xE0;. Dopo secoli di dominazione e di<br>
 violenza esercitati dall'Impero Turco prima, dal colonialismo poi ed<br>
 infine dalle dittature che si sono perpetuate dalla seconda met&#xE0; del<br>
 secolo scorso, questi popoli, questo proletariato escono dalla loro<br>
 solitudine e sfidano il potere che li opprime ...

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggles the AAtW are involved with continues
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 18:26:38 GMT 2011

We are not alone. We join the popular Palestinian comities for the struggle against 
 suppression, house demolitions, creeping transfer, the separation robbing fence, settler 
 colonialism, settler's harassments of neighbors and encroachment on villages lands, and 
 occupation. Among Israelis too we are not alone. Some radicals struggle for long for the 
 rights of Bedouins within the 1948 borders. Others involve for long with the southern 
 Hebron mountain dwellers against transfer and settlers...

(en) Britain, SchNEWS emergency bulletin on the M26 demos in London
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 15:22:46 GMT 2011

"HUNDREDS of anti-royal anarchists ran riot across central London yesterday, turning a 
 peaceful demonstration about spending cuts into a class war" - Sunday Express ---- Well - 
 somebody had to do it. - The TUC's glad-hand fest was never going to change the ConDEMS 
 course by even one degree. It was hijacked by anarchists and it deserved to be. The TUC 
 mobilised its masses and did everything they could to make sure that genuine dissent 
 didn't rear its ugly head. The emphasis wa...

(en) Italian FdCA: Libya: the grip of the dictatorship, the bombs of imperialism (it)
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 12:44:19 GMT 2011

The Arab peoples, the Arab proletariat, finally seem to be entering the post-modernist 
 age. After centuries of domination and violence by the Turkish Empire first, then 
 colonialism and finally the dictatorships that lasted throughout the second half of the 
 last century, these peoples, this proletariat, are finally coming out of their solitude 
 and challenging the power that oppresses them and denies them their freedom and dignity in 
 which to live their lives. ---- The awareness of being...

(tr) &#x130;svi&#xE7;re, Z&#xFC;rih: Anti N&#xFC;kleer Mitingi ve Yabanc&#x131;lara Y&#xF6;nelik Irk&#xE7;&#x131; Polis Bask&#x131;s&#x131; Protestosu
a-infos-tr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 10:47:43 GMT 2011

Zurihde gecen hafta sonu anti nukleer miting yapildi. Miting<br>
 organizesinde isvicre sol gruplar ve anarsistler yer aldi. Her hafta<br>
 yesiller ve grimpeacler Anti nukleer mitingi duzenlemektedir. Bizlerin<br>
 yaptigi mitinge destek verdiler. Son japonya daki durum, cernobil yil<br>
 donumu ve avrupada yapilmasi planlanan nukler santraller projelerin<br>
 gundende oldugu bir zamanda bu eylemlik basinda ve halk kitlelerinde<br>
 sempatiyle karsilandi. Organize komitesinde yer alan karakok<b...

(pt)  [Gr&#xE9;cia] Consulado chileno em Tessal&#xF4;nica &#xE9; ocupado em solidariedade aos presos pol&#xED;ticos em greve de fome
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 07:20:21 GMT 2011

 [Um grupo de anarquistas invadiu o consulado chileno de Tessal&#xF4;nica no dia<br>
 15 de mar&#xE7;o, em solidariedade aos presos pol&#xED;ticos em greve de fome h&#xE1; 33<br>
 dias no Chile. Os manifestantes ergueram faixas e gritaram slogans e<br>
 distribu&#xED;ram folhetos. N&#xE3;o houve deten&#xE7;&#xF5;es.]<br>
 Os becos sem sa&#xED;da da domina&#xE7;&#xE3;o, a viol&#xEA;ncia autorit&#xE1;ria e a estrat&#xE9;gia de<br>
 guerra para a neutraliza&#xE7;&#...

(pt) [Reino Unido] Protesto re&#xFA;ne milhares de pessoas nas ruas de Londres contra aus  teridade neoliberal
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 07:18:55 GMT 2011

 Cerca de 500 mil pessoas tomaram as ruas de Londres ontem (26 de mar&#xE7;o) em<br>
 protesto contra os cortes p&#xFA;blicos de 80 bilh&#xF5;es de libras (cerca de R$<br>
 215 bilh&#xF5;es) do or&#xE7;amento brit&#xE2;nico at&#xE9; 2015 e o alto desemprego no pa&#xED;s.<br>
 Foi a maior manifesta&#xE7;&#xE3;o realizada na capital desde 2003, quando os atos<br>
 contra a guerra do Iraque chegaram a reunir 1 milh&#xE3;o.<br>
 Os manifestantes procederam de distintos locais de tod...

(pt) [Brasil] Debate-boca a partir de concep&#xE7;&#xF5;es de Kropotkin e Elis&#xE9;e Reclus
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 07:17:41 GMT 2011

 Nesse domingo a Biblioteca Terra Livre participar&#xE1; das comemora&#xE7;&#xF5;es dos 7<br>
 anos da Casa da Lagartixa Preta em Santo Andr&#xE9;. &#xC9; com muita felicidade que<br>
 vemos um grupo mantendo um espa&#xE7;o libert&#xE1;rio ativo por tantos anos. Longa<br>
 vida &#xE0; Lagartixa Preta!<br>
 E para jogar mais sementes nessa linda horta vamos realizar um debate<br>
 sobre as<br>
 concep&#xE7;&#xF5;es educativas de Piotr Kropotkin e Elis&#xE9;e Reclus.<br>

(pt)  [Gr&#xE9;cia] Manifesta&#xE7;&#xE3;o e confrontos contra Georgios P  apandreou e ministros do governo grego; Vice-primeiro ministro &#xE9; atacado em Kalivia
a-infos-pt at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 07:15:23 GMT 2011

 Na manh&#xE3; desta segunda-feira, 21 de mar&#xE7;o, na Ilha de Siros (uma das ilhas<br>
 que comp&#xF5;em o arquip&#xE9;lago das Ilhas C&#xED;clades), aconteceu uma manifesta&#xE7;&#xE3;o<br>
 de estudantes e moradores locais na pra&#xE7;a central de Ermoupolis contra a<br>
 presen&#xE7;a do primeiro-ministro grego Georgios Papandreou e v&#xE1;rios de seus<br>
 ministros que visitavam a ilha para falar sobre ?desenvolvimento?. Os<br>
 manifestantes gritaram slogans contra a fus&#xE3;o de ...

(en)  Happenings of the 5th Congress of the Libertarian Students Front in Chile, &#x201C;Elliny Elliot Sepulveda&#x201D;
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 07:03:38 GMT 2011

Memories and Reflections --- It was less than a year ago that we, comrades from the north 
 and south, came together in the outskirts of Concepcion to bring about the 5th congress of 
 our organization. 2011 is a year when students and the general people alike must confront 
 the new onslaught of the Neoliberal model, we would like to share our reflections and 
 memories that came about as fruit of discussion and collective, accumulated experience 
 with the popular front. --- Why Ellini Eliot? ...

(it) Torino. Punto info sui treni nucleari
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Mon Mar 28 06:39:00 GMT 2011

Torino. Punto info sui treni nucleari<br>
 Sabato 26 marzo<br>
 punto info antinuclare a porta Susa &#xE2; piazza XVIII dicembre &#xE2; dalle ore 10.<br>
 No ai treni nucleari!<br>
 Lo sai che a Torino di notte passano treni pieni di scorie nucleari?<br>
 Lo sai che questi trasporti &#xE2; uno ogni due mesi - continueranno sino al 2012?<br>
 Lo sai che la Regione Piemonte ha una legge che prescrive che venga fatto<br>
 un piano di emergenza in caso di incidente a uno di questi treni?<br>
 Lo sai...


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