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(nl) De 300 hongerstakers in Griekenland hebben jullie steun nodig! door ESE* persbericht [en]
a-infos-nl at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Mar 06 16:20:42 GMT 2011

Het is tijd om NU TE HANDELEN! ---- Ik wil worden behandeld als een mens ? zoals de 
 Grieken. Als we papieren krijgen zal ik niet meer bang zijn voor de politie en kan ik 
 legaal werken, met een verzekering. Maar meestal denk ik nu: wat zal er gebeuren als de 
 regering geen antwoord geeft? (Arqal, honger staker in Athene) ---- Sinds 25 januari zijn 
 300 migranten in Athene en Thessaloniki in hongerstaking. ---- Velen van hen wonen al meer 
 dan zes jaar in Griekenland. De meesten van hen heb...

(en) Venezuela: El Libertario* statement on the Curious Tale of Rub&#xE9;n Gonz&#xE1;lez, the imprisoned then liberated union activist
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Mar 06 15:49:08 GMT 2011

Just days after being sentenced to seven and a half years' imprisonment for supporting a 
 strike, Rub&#xE9;n Gonz&#xE1;lez, General Secretary of the Ferrominer&#xED;a miners' union, has seenting 
 his custodial sentence annulled and his freedom partially restored. ---- Below is a 
 translated version of the El Libertario statement on Gonz&#xE1;lez' release: ---- Quote: ---- 
 Today, on Thursday 3 March, at 12 noon, judges for Rub&#xE9;n Gonz&#xE1;lez' case approved an order 
 which allowed the ...

(en) Ireland, Workers Solidarity* #120 - The Workings of Anti-Union Legislation at the Clarion & Davenport Hotels
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Mar 06 09:58:04 GMT 2011

The Clarion describes itself as one of &#x201C;Cork&#x2019;s premier 4 Star City Centre Hotel&#x201D;. 
 Although it&#x2019;s well able to charge for its rooms it cannot find its way to granting its 
 workers a 29 cent per hour pay rise. ---- The current situation began in 2009 when the 
 workers at the Clarion had their wages cut by a &#x20AC;1 an hour, bringing their rate of pay to 
 &#x20AC;8.80 an hour. Last year a number of workers at the hotel decided to join the Independent 
 Workers Unio...

(en) Croatia, Zagreb, MASA* and the masses against the ruling class
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Mar 06 07:18:29 GMT 2011

Statemant of MASA's local group Zagreb regarding March the 2nd protests. ---- In these 
 last few days, a series of protests took place in Zagreb, Croatia&#xE2;s capital city. While 
 the first two were marked by senseless violence and the emergence of Ivan Pernar, a 
 political jester anonymous until recently, on the Croatian political scene, the third 
 protest (held on the 28th of February) was a spontaneous expression of popular discontent. 
 Even though it was organised by Pernar, the prote...


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