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(ca) [Madrid] Fin de la Campaña ¡Peligro, que viene el Papa!
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Wed Aug 31 19:08:51 GMT 2011

Por fin se fue su rid&#xED;cula santidad, y con &#xE9;l las hordas de devotos,<br>
 pijos, fascistas y dem&#xE1;s ralea que inund&#xF3; Madrid durante la Jornada<br>
 Mundial de la Juventud (y de la represi&#xF3;n policial). La CNT madrile&#xF1;a<br>
 da, por razones evidentes, por concluida su campa&#xF1;a que, por<br>
 desgracia, se ha<br>
 quedado corta: ni los 1500 carteles, ni los 4000 comunicados, ni las<br>
 5000 pegatinas editadas para la ocasi&#xF3;n han sido suficientes para<br>

(en) South of Hebron Hills Social Justice Struggle Al Walaja Ni'ilin Knocking on doors: Qalandiya Shuafat
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Wed Aug 31 11:01:36 GMT 2011

The joint struggle in the occupied west bank continue on the back ground of the wide 
 spread social justice struggle in Israel. The "Olive Revolution" was expressed mainly in 
 Friday demonstration in Qalandiya. The anarchists against the wall and village activists 
 of Ni'ilin, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh converged in Qalandiya instead of the usual local actions. 
 In spite of it the Bil'in Friday demo was not canceled. The other struggles in South of 
 Hebron Hills and the Saturday actions i...

(en) Canada, Linchpin* - a publication of common cause - summer 2011 - STRUGGLE CHANGES EVERYTHING
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Wed Aug 31 09:56:24 GMT 2011

Race, class struggle & wisconsin page 3 Organize to resist police violence! page 4 --- 
 UNITED WE EAT DIVIDED WE STARVE by CLAIRE VOLTARIN ---- On April 1, members of the Ontario 
 Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), people on social assistance and their allies took to the 
 streets of downtown Toronto to protest the slashing of the Special Diet Allowance 
 supplement to Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). ---- 
 Demonstrators converged on Nathan Phillip&#x20...

(en) Italy, Alternativa Libertaria August 2011
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Wed Aug 31 07:59:22 GMT 2011

The August issue of the electronic spreadsheet of the Federation of Anarchist Communists - 
 Libertarian Alternative just released. The sheet can be downloaded from the federation 
 website PDF format (323 kb) <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.fdca.it/AL/al-08-11/agosto11.pdf">http://www.fdca.it/AL/al-08-11/agosto11.pdf</a> for easy printing 
 and distribution. ---- The articles in this issue: ---- International: Tears and blood for 
 the proletarians of Europe ---- Since 2010, the elusive &qu...


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