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(ca) [Argentina] Lectura y Debate: "El anarquismo y la inserción social militante"
a-infos-ca at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Aug 28 21:55:52 GMT 2011

Lectura y Debate: "El anarquismo y la inserci&#xF3;n social militante" ---<br>
 Espacio de Lectura y Debate en el CSA -- Lunes 29 de Agosto -- "el<br>
 Anarquismo y la inserci&#xF3;n social militante" --  sobre materiales del<br>
 compa&#xF1;ero de Brasil Felipe Correa -- 18hs puntual -- Din&#xE1;mica<br>
 Quincenal - Abierta la Inscripci&#xF3;n -- El material de lectura se<br>
 entrega en el momento<br>
 En el C.S.A. (Centro Social Anarquista)<br>

(en) Canada,	Linchpin - a publication of common cause - dec 2010 I. (1/3)
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Aug 28 13:45:18 GMT 2011

THE STRUGGLE AGAINST AUSTERITY by ALEX BALC ---- At the G20 Summit held this past June in 
 Toronto, the heads of the world&#x2019;s most advanced capitalist economies met with their 
 counterparts from the IMF and World Bank to hammer out a savagely coordinated attack on 
 the international working class. ---- Central to the &#x201C;decade of austerity&#x201D; prescribed by 
 the IMF &#x2013; and zealously promoted by the meeting&#x2019;s host, Stephen Harper &#x2013; are massive cuts 
 to publ...

(en) Anarkismo.net, North American Anarchist Studies Network Call for Papers - NAASN 2012
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Aug 28 11:29:26 GMT 2011

Call for Papers for the 3rd Annual North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference to 
 held on the 7-8th, January 2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. ---- Deadline for Proposals: 
 November 15, 2011 ---- The North American Anarchist Studies Network is currently seeking 
 participants for our third annual conference to be held at the Centro de Estudios 
 Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We invite those engaged in 
 intellectual work within existing institutions, such...

(en) Britain, Freedom* #7212 - CLASS STRUGGLES IN CYBERSPACE
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Aug 28 06:52:31 GMT 2011

How the working class are not represented online ---- Despite the ubiquitous nature of new 
 social media with the proliferation of such networking sites as Facebook, Twitter and even 
 Youtube,  it seems there is still a class distinction to by drawn from those who not only 
 have access to the internet but those who actively engage with the medium. According to a 
 new study from the University of California, Berkeley, content creation on the internet is 
 overwhelmingly produced by the afflue...

(en) Britain, Freedom* #7212 - WHO BENEFITS FROM CLAIMANTS?
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Sun Aug 28 06:52:23 GMT 2011

Private companies accept free labour under government plans ---- The coalition government 
 has finally launched its controversial new back-to-work scheme that will see those 
 claiming benefits forced into compulsory work programmes or risk being excluded from 
 receiving further social assistance. The new work programme, dubbed without irony 
 &#xE2;workfare&#xE2;, is an attempt by the government to not only penalise those unable to work due 
 to their circumstances, but to ensure private comp...


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