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(en) Italy: FdCA statement on the new metalworkers contract [it]
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 14:44:47 GMT 2009

 Reject the separate contract for metalworkers! ---- Mobilize the factories for a <br>
 referendum on the agreement! ---- Support grassroots demonstrations and self-organized <br>
 strikes! ---- Just 6 days after the 9th October general strike called by the FIOM, which <br>
 saw the participation of hundreds of thousands of workers all over the country, striking <br>
 against the crisis and against the new regulations on bargaining separately agreed between <br>
 the CISL-UIL-UGL unions and...

(tr) Anar&#x15F;ist ve antifa&#x15F;istlere dayan&#x131;&#x15F;ma &#xE7;a&#x11F;r&#x131;s&#x131;
a-infos-tr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 12:09:25 GMT 2009

Anar&#x15F;ist ve antifa&#x15F;istlere dayan&#x131;&#x15F;ma &#xE7;a&#x11F;r&#x131;s&#x131;<br>
 4 Eyl&#xFC;l Cumartesi g&#xFC;n&#xFC;nden beri haks&#x131;z yere g&#xF6;zalt&#x131;nda tutulan 6 ASI<br>
 (Anarko-Sendikalist &#x130;nisiyatif) aktivistine &#xF6;zg&#xFC;rl&#xFC;klerinin geri verilmesi<br>
 talebi ile 22 Ekim 2009 Per&#x15F;embe g&#xFC;n&#xFC; saat 09:30'da Ankara'daki S&#x131;rbistan<br>
 B&#xFC;y&#xFC;kel&#xE7;ili&#x11F;i &#xF6;n&#xFC;nde bas&#x131;n a&#xE7;&#x131;klama...

(en) Canada, Quebec: Speaking tour canceled (fr)
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 08:47:50 GMT 2009

 For some time now, the Union Communiste Libertaire (Libertarian Communist Union) has been <br>
 planning the arrival of an Argentine comrade from the Red Libertaria organization for a <br>
 speaking tour on the theme of "Factories without bosses", which was to take place in <br>
 various towns in Quebec and Ontario. Although hundreds of posters have been put up around <br>
 the province and a great number of people have confirmed their intention to participate, <br>
 we are sorry...

(fr) Le Monde Libertaire # 1569 du 22 au 28 Octobre 2009
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 08:47:43 GMT 2009

 &#xAB; Il m'est odieux de suivre autant que de guider. &#xBB; - Nietzsche<br>
 Sommaire du Monde Libertaire # 1569 du 22 au 28 Octobre 2009<br>
 Injustice d' Etat. A quand votre tour?, par le groupe Pavillon Noir, page 3<br>
 La CGT sur la sellette, par J.-P. Levaray, page 5<br>
 Une affaire de famille, par E. Vanhecke, page 6<br>
 Pax americana, mon oeil, par A. Somiador, page 9<br>
 Un prof qui en veut, par J. Jedwab, page 10<br>
 Les nouvelles finances &#xE9;ducatives, par L. Ott, page ...

(fr) Qu&#xE9;bec : Oups! Mauvaise nouvelle
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 08:37:22 GMT 2009

 L'Union Communiste Libertaire planifiait depuis un certain temps d&#xE9;j&#xE0; la<br>
 venue d'un camarade argentin, de l'organisation Red Libertaria, pour &#xAB;<br>
 Usines sans patrons! &#xBB;, une tourn&#xE9;e de conf&#xE9;rences dans plusieurs villes<br>
 du Qu&#xE9;bec et de l'Ontario. Alors que des centaines d'affiches ont &#xE9;t&#xE9;<br>
 pos&#xE9;es &#xE0; travers la province et que plusieurs personnes de divers milieux<br>
 nous ont d&#xE9;j&#xE0; confirm&#xE9; leur int&#xE9;r...

(en) Ireland, Audio & review of Anarcha-feminist RAG abortion film screening in Dublin
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 08:08:44 GMT 2009

 On Saturday evening at Semora Spraoi RAG were screened two abortion rights documentaries, <br>
 'The Coat Hanger Project' and 'Abortion Democracy : Poland/South Africa'. The makers of <br>
 both documentaries were present so the screenings were introduced by them and there was a <br>
 wide ranging discussion after the films had been show. The audio of the introductions can <br>
 be listened to below. ---- 'Abortion Democracy : Poland/South Africa' looks at the actual <br>
 situations in th...

(it) Roma: Contro le nocivit&#xE0;
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 06:11:53 GMT 2009

 Roma Concerto e incontro con la Coalizione contro le nocivit&#xE0;<br>
 Sabato 24 ottobre 09<br>
 Torre Maura Occupata<br>
 Via delle Averle 10<br>
 Bus 105 &#x2013; 556 &#x2013; 312 Trenino Roma Giardinetti<br>
 Dalle ore 19.00<br>
 Incontro con la Coalizione contro le nocivit&#xE0;, presentazione del progetto e<br>
 dibattito sulla mobilitazione contro OGM e EFSA (Ente Europeo per la Sicurezza<br>
 Alimentare) il 31 ottobre a Parma<br>
 A seguire cena vegan e concreti con<br>

(it) 73&#xB0; Consiglio dei Delegati della FdCA: Documento finale
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 06:07:54 GMT 2009

<br><br>&#xA0;73&#xB0; Consiglio dei Delegati della FdCA: Documento finale<br>* CONTRASTARE LE DERIVE AUTORITARIE NELLA SOCIETA'<br>
 La crisi economica scatenata dal capitalismo internazionale contro
 milioni di lavoratori e lavoratrici di tutto ...

(it) Torino. Via i militari! Spazio antirazzista
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Oct 21 06:06:45 GMT 2009

 Torino. Via i militari! Spazio antirazzista<br>
 Mercoled&#xEC; 21 ottobre<br>
 Spazio antirazzista e antimilitarista in corso Giulio Cesare angolo corso<br>
 Bresci(a) di fronte alla postazione degli alpini.<br>
 Appuntamento alle 18.<br>
 Gioved&#xEC; 22 ottobre<br>
 Incontro di &#x201C;resistere al razzismo&#x201D;<br>
 Ore 19 corso Palermo 46<br>
 Nuovi leoni, vecchi padroni<br>
 Hic sunt leones - qui ci sono leoni&#x2026; questo il nome che gli antichi<br>
 romani davano, sulle ma...


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