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(ca)  [Argentina] Convocatoria del VII ELAOPA (febrero 2009)
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Sun Nov 16 15:21:27 GMT 2008

 El primer Encuentro Latinoamericano de Organizaciones Populares Aut&#xF3;nomas<br>
 (ELAOPA) se realiz&#xF3; en enero del 2003 paralelo al FORO SOCIAL MUNDIAL.<br>
 Luego de Brasil el encuentro recorri&#xF3; Bolivia (2004), Argentina (2005),<br>
 Uruguay (2006), Chile (2007) y Brasil (2008). Como pueblos y<br>
 organizaciones en lucha creemos que a trav&#xE9;s de la coordinaci&#xF3;n y<br>
 articulaci&#xF3;n es posible fortalecer la construcci&#xF3;n de poder popular, una<br>

(en) Britain,	Aanarchist journal Direct Action  #41 Winter 2008 +  Editorial
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Sun Nov 16 15:17:07 GMT 2008

 CONTENT: * Direct Action; Inside this issue; * The Aims of the Solidarity <br>
 Federation * Editorial - Politicians - Don&#x2019;t Ya Just Hate &#x2019;Em * Letters - Al <br>
 Bangura, Watford FC and the Asylum System; Mujeres Libres * Organising - Silent <br>
 Nightingales: Karen Reissmann, the NHS and the &#x2018;Threat of a Good Example&#x2019; * <br>
 Comment - Death by Superbugs: The scandalous legacy of NHS funding cuts, <br>
 performance targets and privatisation * The &#x2018;Cari...

(en) US, Washington, DC. Alt. Media, Self-Proclaimed Anarchists Drop Banners on G20
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Sun Nov 16 15:07:30 GMT 2008

 This morning, at approximately 5:13 am, a group of hooligans and self-proclaimed <br>
 anarchists made their displeasure for the G20 known, with two frickin&#x2019; sweet <br>
 banner drops in the federally-occupied territory of Washington, DC.<br>
 These hoodlums knew that the G20 was preparing to spread propoganda about the <br>
 benevolence and success of their antiquated system, so they took it upon <br>
 themselves to drop some real knowledge on the people. LITERALLY.<br>
 See you at ...


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