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(fr) Criminalisation de la resistance : l?Etat invente la repression a retardement
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 22:39:01 GMT 2008

 Printemps 2006 en f&#xE9;vrier, les premi&#xE8;res manifs s'organisent contre le CPE. Durant<br>
 l'occupation de la CCI, Chambre de commerce et d'industrie, de la peinture est<br>
 lanc&#xE9;e contre la fa&#xE7;ade. Cinq types sans brassard, foncent alors dans la manif et<br>
 arr&#xEA;tent un camarade qu'ils disent avoir reconnu comme l'auteur des actes.<br>
 Arr&#xEA;t&#xE9; &#xE0; 18 heures, ce n'est que le lendemain matin qu'on lui pr&#xE9;cise les motifs<br>
 d'accusation : violences...

(fr) Foire du livre alternatif et libertaire - Gand 21 fevrier 2009
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 22:32:29 GMT 2008

 Le 21 f&#xE9;vrier 2009, &#xE0; Gand (Belgique): la 8i&#xE8;me Foire Internationale du Livre<br>
 Alternatif et Libertaire! La journ&#xE9;e par excellence pour d&#xE9;nicher des publications<br>
 critiques et &#xE0; contre courant pratiquement impossibles &#xE0; trouver dans le circuit<br>
 Outre une vaste pr&#xE9;sence de lecture libertaire/anarchiste, vous trouverez &#xE9;galement<br>
 un vaste choix de publications de diverses ONG et groupes activistes. Entre autr...

(en) US, Journal of the anarchist Anti-Racist Action - Turning the Tide, November-December 2008 - Editorial by Michael Novick
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 22:03:47 GMT 2008

 Obama's Election: Lessons for Defeating White Supremacy and Rebuilding <br>
 Revolutionary Resistance ---- The election of Barack Obama has been greeted in a <br>
 variety of ways: elation and relief (tempered by fear of a racist backlash or <br>
 assassination attempt) by supporters, particularly US Africans; predictions of <br>
 enhanced recruitment opportunity by organized white supremacists; doomsday <br>
 predictions by conservatives. On the left there have been "exposes" of...

(fr) Le Monde Libertaire # 1533 - 13 au 19 Novembre 2008
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 21:30:28 GMT 2008

 &#xAB; Le suffrage universel est un jouet, mais on ne doit pas le dire tout haut, car le<br>
 peuple doit avoir une religion.<br>
 C?est ainsi? Triste, mais vrai. &#xBB;<br>
 Georges Clemenceau<br>
 *** Sommaire du Monde Libertaire # 1533 du 13 au 19 Novembre 2008<br>
 Retraite &#xE0; 70 ans, par J.-P. Levaray, page 3<br>
 Un dr&#xF4;le de go&#xFB;t, par S. Bull, page 4<br>
 Sabrage et chatilage de la fonction publique, page 5<br>
 Baveuses mais br&#xE8;ves, page 6<br>
 Ferme ta gueu...

(fr) Debat -  Tyrannie technologique, militarisation et societe de controle - Lyon 15 novembre 2008
a-infos-fr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 21:26:31 GMT 2008

 Quinzaine antimilitariste &#xE0; la librairie libertaire la Gryffe<br>
 Samedi 15 novembre &#xE0; 15 heures<br>
 Tyrannie technologique, militarisation et soci&#xE9;t&#xE9; de contr&#xF4;le.<br>
 D&#xE9;bat avec Guillaume Carnino (La tyrannie technologique, &#xC9;ditions l?&#xC9;chapp&#xE9;e).<br>
 On commence seulement &#xE0; comprendre que "lib&#xE9;ralisation" et "s&#xE9;curitaire"sont les<br>
 deux faces d'une m&#...

(tr) Taksim'de Do&#x11F;algaz Zamm&#x131;na Kar&#x15F;&#x131; &#x130;syan &#xC7;a&#x11F;r&#x131;s&#x131;!
a-infos-tr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 20:52:37 GMT 2008

 &#x130;stanbul (05.11.2008) - &#x130;stanbul Ahali dergisi &#xFC;yeleri do&#x11F;algaza yap&#x131;lan <br>
 y&#xFC;zde 22,5'luk zamm&#x131; fatura yakarak protesto etti. Taksim meydan&#x131;na soba <br>
 kuran gruba vatanda&#x15F;lar da destek verdi. Zaml&#x131; faturalar&#x131;n&#x131; sobada yakan <br>
 grup "bu k&#x131;&#x15F; s&#x131;cak ge&#xE7;ecek" dedi.<br>
 Do&#x11F;algaza yap&#x131;lan y&#xFC;zde 22,50 oran&#x131;ndaki zamm&#x131; protesto eden bir grup <br>

(tr) &#x130;stanbul, "Kad&#x131;na Y&#xF6;nelik &#x15E;iddet" Erkeklikse Biz Erkek De&#x11F;iliz
a-infos-tr at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 20:50:47 GMT 2008

 15 Kas&#x131;m Cumartesi g&#xFC;n&#xFC; saat 12:30'da Taksim Meydan&#x131; tramvay dura&#x11F;&#x131;nda <br>
 toplan&#x131;p Odakule &#xF6;n&#xFC;ne kadar y&#xFC;r&#xFC;yerek dayak, taciz, tecav&#xFC;z, cinayet ve <br>
 toplu lin&#xE7; giri&#x15F;imleriyle ya&#x15F;anan kad&#x131;na y&#xF6;nelik &#x15F;iddeti protesto edece&#x11F;iz.<br>
 Hukukun tacizciyi aklad&#x131;&#x11F;&#x131; ve polisin lin&#xE7; edeni g&#xF6;rmezden geldi&#x11F;i <br>
 H&#xFC;seyin &#xDC;zmez ve Eryaman Olay...

(en) Anarchism in China http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Anarchism+in+China
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 13:31:57 GMT 2008

 Status today ---- Overtly anarchist organizing has ceased to be a factor in <br>
 modern Chinese politics due to the heavy repression levied against <br>
 anti-authoritarians by the Maoist state since the time of the Cultural <br>
 Revolution. However, as an underground resistance movement anarchism remains <br>
 influential. Libertarian socialist and Anarchist communist currents have been <br>
 particularly strong in the anti-dictatorship movement and in China's underground <br>
 Labor Mo...

(it) Roma: Proiezione Film Libreria Anomalia venerd&#xEC; 14 novembre
a-infos-it at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 10:54:04 GMT 2008

 venerd&#xEC; 14 novembre ore 21.00, proiezione del film<br>
 "Il delitto Matteotti di Florestano Vancini" (Italia, 1973, 120')<br>
 ingresso a sottoscrizione<br>
 Libreria Anomalia<br>
 centro di documentazione anarchica<br>
 via dei Campani, 73 (quartiere San Lorenzo, Roma)<br>
 06491335 - <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.libreriaanomalia.org">http://www.libreriaanomalia.org</a><br>
 Da: <libreria -A- libreriaanomalia.org><br>

(en) Britain, Aanarchist journal Direct Action #40 - comment - International: 1) Colombian Embassy picketed
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 10:18:02 GMT 2008

 As detailed in the last issue of Direct Action the threat of the death squad is <br>
 a daily reality for any Colombian worker bold enough to stand up to corporate <br>
 exploitation. As part of an international day of solidarity called by the <br>
 International Workers Association, Friday 20th July (Colombian 'national <br>
 independence' day) saw members of South London, and North & East London <br>
 Solidarity Federation groups picketing the Colombian embassy (3 Hans Crescent, <br>...

(en) US, Boston, Anarchist journal BAAM #14 - Jericho 10/10 Weekend of Resistance by Molly
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 09:37:23 GMT 2008

 In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the Jericho Amnesty Movement, on October <br>
 10 and 11, organizers and activists took to the streets of New York City to <br>
 demand freedom for political prisoners in the US, reclaiming a weekend <br>
 traditionally dedicated to Columbus, a bringer of torture, enslavement and <br>
 genocide to the Americas. ---- On Friday 10/10, starting at 12pm there was a <br>
 picket and rally outside the United Nations and then an un-permitted march <br>

(en) Britain, Anarchist Federation AF: Bread & Liberty - Iran:No to War, no to Theocracy
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 09:26:52 GMT 2008

 August 2008 saw at least 2 United States Aircraft Carriers set sail to the <br>
 Persian Gulf, along with an Amphibious Assault Ship, a British Royal Naval <br>
 Carrier and a French Nuclear Submarine. This was the latest in what appears <br>
 almost certain preparations for war against Iran; from Israeli ?test strikes? to <br>
 Operation Brimstone (when twelve UK, US and French naval ships took to the <br>
 Atlantic Ocean in preparation for a possible confrontation with Iran) there can <b...

(en) Britain,	Anarchist federation "Resistance Festival Special" August 2008
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 12 09:26:49 GMT 2008

 Smash the scumfest ---- Coach loads of people are expected to arrive from all <br>
 over the country to oppose the British National Party's annual `Red, White and <br>
 Blue' festival, taking place in Derbyshire. --- Despite having no drinks and<br>
 entertainment license, the BNP are still going ahead with their scumfest, <br>
 scheduled for 15&#xAD;17 August on land belonging to BNP supporter Alan Warner, just <br>
 off the Codnor&#xAD;Denby Lane. --- The event is an opportunity for the ...


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