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(fr) Communique de l'equipe legale du contre-sommet de Vichy sur la repression policiere
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Wed Nov 05 17:25:37 GMT 2008

 Le 3 novembre, plus de 2000 manifestant-e-s se sont retrouv&#xE9;es dans les rues de<br>
 Vichy pour protester contre les politiques de r&#xE9;pressions des migrants.  Il est<br>
 rapidement apparu qu'une bonne partie d'entre eux souhaitaient ne pas se cantonner<br>
 &#xE0; un simple d&#xE9;fil&#xE9; et voulaient tenter de bloquer les rues et de perturber le<br>
 sommet. Divers moyens ont &#xE9;t&#xE9; utilis&#xE9;s pour essayer d'atteindre la zone rouge et de<br>
 d&#xE9;passer les barrag...

(fr) Appel a la solidarite avec l'alliance magoniste zapatiste -	Mexique
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Wed Nov 05 17:22:42 GMT 2008

 Le Syndicat Intercorporatif Anarchosyndicaliste de Caen (SIA) invite l'ensemble du<br>
 mouvement libertaire fran&#xE7;ais &#xE0; manifester sa solidarit&#xE9; avec les compagnes et<br>
 compagnons mexicainEs de l'Alliance Magoniste Zapatiste (AMZ).<br>
 Au d&#xE9;but de l'&#xE9;t&#xE9; 2008, un compagnon anarchiste de l'AMZ a effectu&#xE9; une tourn&#xE9;e<br>
 d'information dans plusieurs villes de France.<br>
 A l'invitation de la FA de Caen, une projection d&#xE9;bat a eu lieu au squat...

(fr) Quinzaine antimilitariste a la librairie la Gryffe - Lyon novembre 2008
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Wed Nov 05 17:17:21 GMT 2008

 Quinzaine antimilitariste du 5 au 15 novembre 2008 &#xE0; la librairie la Gryffe<br>
 Guerre fran&#xE7;aise en Afghanistan, livre blanc de la D&#xE9;fense, complexe militaro<br>
 industriel et s&#xE9;curitaire, tyrannie technologique  mais aussi antimilitarisme en<br>
 Am&#xE9;rique Latine et opposition &#xE0; de la militarisation du monde sont au programme.<br>
 *Mercredi 5 novembre &#xE0; 19h30*<br>
 *Am&#xE9;rique latine : la d&#xE9;mocratie est-elle...

(en) Brazil: 1st Libertarian Encounter: Anarchism & Social Movements, in Fortaleza [pt]
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Wed Nov 05 14:01:58 GMT 2008

  From 8-11 December 2008, the Organiza&#xE7;&#xE3;o Resist&#xEA;ncia Libert&#xE1;ria (ORL - <br>
 Libertarian Resistance Organization) will be hosting the 1st Libertarian <br>
 Encounter in Fortaleza (north-eastern Brazil). The event will see the <br>
 participation of members of anarchist political organizations from various <br>
 Brazilian cities, militants from the social movements, sympathisers and the <br>
 curious. Through this initiative, he hope to create a space for exchanging <br...

(en) A Second Letter To Malatesta, by Nestor Makhno
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Wed Nov 05 13:59:33 GMT 2008

 Following the publication in 1926 of the "Organization Platform of the General <br>
 Union of Anarchists (Draft)" by the Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad in the <br>
 pages of their journal "Delo Truda", over a period of about five years there <br>
 took place within the anarchist movement a long debate over the merits and <br>
 demerits of the project for a new anarchist international organization. One of <br>
 the best known parts of this debate was the exchange of ...

(en) Britain, Aanarchist journal Direct Action  #40 - comment - Bush, Bin Laden and the clash of civilisations myth
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Wed Nov 05 08:59:55 GMT 2008

 At a time when the subject of religion is perhaps more contentious than ever, <br>
 with various figureheads predicting an escalating 'clash of civilisations' <br>
 between the Islamic and Western worlds , it seems apt to comment on the overtly <br>
 political role religion plays in fomenting conflict and maintaining reactionary <br>
 social/economic conditions. -- Religion: an anarcho-syndicalist view -- <br>
 Anarchists and libertarian socialists have consistently argued that most <br>

(en) US, Boston, Anarchist journal BAAM #13 - Liberatory Potential of Palin = 0 by Adrienne
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 05 08:51:37 GMT 2008

     I am nothing short of terrified by the discourse surrounding Governor <br>
 Palin's selection as Republican vice presidential candidate. Just when I thought <br>
 that the system couldn't be any more irreparably broken, I hear what should be a <br>
 conversation about the governor and former mayor's positions on various critical <br>
 issues and utter lack of experience turn into a jerkfest wherein everyone is <br>
 more interested in discussing how hot, feminist, liberated and materna...

(en) US, Spotlight On Anarchism in Hartford CT
a-infos-en at ainfos.ca</em - 
Wed Nov 05 08:41:45 GMT 2008

 Saturday, November 8 from 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm at the Charter Oak Cultural Center <br>
 in Hartford, CT US ---- Co-Sponsored by the Area Radical Reading Group of <br>
 Hartford and Hartford Food Not Bombs, this all-day event features panels on <br>
 diverse topics such as feminism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism and radical queer <br>
 politics.  This event seeks to dispel myths about anarchism, as well as build <br>
 bridges between activists throughout the region. ---- The event will featur...


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