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(en) Canada, Anti-Olympic Anti G8 Announcement PGA* related - RESISTANCE 2010! (fr)
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Fri Aug 15 14:37:58 GMT 2008

 No Olympics on stolen land! ---- Disrupt and abolish the G8 and SPP ---- Active <br>
 support and solidarity for local struggles of self-determination, justice and <br>
 dignity [August 2008 &#x2013; OTTAWA] ---- In the year 2010, three major international <br>
 events will be taking place in the Canadian state: the Winter Olympics in <br>
 Vancouver/Whistler (between February 12-28); the G8 Leader's Summit in <br>
 Huntsville, Ontario (most likely in June or July); and the meeting of the ...

(fr) Ce que pensent les anarchistes sur la revolution et l'organisation de l'economie dans la societe future
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Fri Aug 15 11:48:39 GMT 2008

 L'organisation de l'&#xE9;conomie dans une soci&#xE9;t&#xE9; anarchiste ou durant l'&#xE9;tape de<br>
 transition r&#xE9;volutionnaire vers l'anarchie.<br>
 Motion-&#xE9;tude sur le sixi&#xE8;me th&#xE8;me de l'ordre du jour du congres international<br>
 anarchiste (Carrare, ao&#xFB;t-septembre 1968)<br>
 Il importe de nous poser d'abord la question de principe: est-il n&#xE9;cessaire et<br>
 opportun de pr&#xE9;senter, d'une fa&#xE7;on plus ou moins pr&...

(ca)  [M&#xE9;xico] Convocatoria a Congreso libertario pro Federaci&#xF3;n Anarquista
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Fri Aug 15 09:40:22 GMT 2008

 Compa&#xF1;eras y compa&#xF1;eros<br>
 A tod at s l at s libertari at s y anarquistas.<br>
 Desde hace unos cuantos meses colectivos, individuos, estudiantes, j&#xF3;venes<br>
 libertarios y anarquistas nos hemos dado cita para promover una<br>
 convocatoria a un congreso anarquista y libertario en M&#xE9;xico y as&#xED; dar<br>
 g&#xE9;nesis a una Federaci&#xF3;n Anarquista y Libertaria de M&#xE9;xico. Estos<br>
 esfuerzos han generado un proceso de discusiones que nos condujo a<br>

(pt) [Reino Unido] Anarchy Alive! Anarquia Viva!
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Fri Aug 15 08:48:02 GMT 2008

 [O livro lan&#xE7;ado recentemente, "Anarchy Alive! Anti-authoritarian Politics<br>
 from Practice to Theory" (Pluto Press, 2008), tem como objetivo apresentar<br>
 uma imagem contempor&#xE2;nea da teoria e da pr&#xE1;tica anarquista de forma clara,<br>
 acess&#xED;vel e atraente. "Isto abrange uma abordagem da radicalidade, da a&#xE7;&#xE3;o<br>
 direta nas lutas ecol&#xF3;gicos, anti-nucleares, anti-globaliza&#xE7;&#xE3;o e de<br>
 movimentos anti-guerra, dos movimentos de...

(en) Ukraine, History, Gorelik, Grigorii aka Anatolii, 1889-1956
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Fri Aug 15 07:51:20 GMT 2008

 A short biography of Grigorii Gorelik, Ukrainian anarchist participant in the <br>
 Russian Revolution. ---- Grigorii Gorelik, usually known as Anatolii Gorelik was <br>
 born into a Jewish family in 1889. He became an anarchist in 1904, at the age of <br>
 fourteen. He was active in the Ukraine, and was arrested several times by the <br>
 Tsarist police. ---- In 1909 he fled to France. He returned secretly to Russia <br>
 in 1911 then returned to France where he was active in the anarcho-...

(en) US, DNC/RNC*: Sector 2 Adopted by Indiana
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Fri Aug 15 05:25:22 GMT 2008

 Indy-TACT Crash the RNC ---- Attention all Capitalists, Imperialists, Racists, <br>
 Sexists, Homophobes and most of all--Republicans! The status quo has just been <br>
 replaced by a new order of autonomy, mutual aid, and direct democracy! <br>
 Indy-TACT, a group of Fort Wayne, Indiana anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians, <br>
 and anti-war activists are hoisting our &#x201C;Freedom From Capitalism&#x201D; flag in the <br>
 fertile soil of St Paul as we stand in solidarity in our adopt...

(en) Canada, Anarchist journal Linchpin #5 - page 3 - It's the stupid economy by Big B; Against the state and capital on the high seas By Marley B
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Fri Aug 15 05:18:07 GMT 2008

 It's the stupid economy by Big B ---- There's value in not declaring a recession <br>
 if you're the U.S. or Canadian financial regulators responsible for the economy <br>
 &#xAD; let alone a depression. And it may not be for what regular readers of Linchpin <br>
 would think the reasons are either. There are few signs that the right-wing <br>
 strategists who analyse world security and the markets &#xAD; and whose analysis goes <br>
 on to influence the conservative governments here and i...

(en) Israel, Media*, Left-wing activists say 17 injured, two arrested, in Ni'lin demonstration
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Fri Aug 15 05:08:09 GMT 2008

 17 people were injured in clashes on Thursday with Border Police forces, <br>
 including a Swedish demonstrator who injured her leg, possibly breaking it, a <br>
 left-wing organization announced. Two people - an Israeli and a Palestinian - <br>
 were also arrested, they added. ---- The group, Anarchists Against the Wall, <br>
 said that some 150 people were "attacked" by Border Policemen in a demonstration <br>
 against the security barrier in Ni'lin. ---- The demonstration, the...

(en) Turkey, &#x130;stanbul, Police Stops The Anarchists Protesting Shipyard Deaths
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Fri Aug 15 04:48:38 GMT 2008

 The Anarchist Bloc members protested the deaths at Tuzla Shipyards at Taksim <br>
 Square. Police did not let them march to Galatasaray with their flags, banners <br>
 and symbolic sandbags. Anarchist Bloc gathered at Taksim in Istanbul today <br>
 (August 14) to protest the continuing deaths at the Tuzla Shipyards. The <br>
 Anarchist Bloc members, fifteen in total, carried black flags and a banner <br>
 saying &#x201C;It is not an accident, the murder of the bosses&#x201D;. The members c...

(nl)  Georgi&#xEB;: verklaring van de FdCA over de huidige situatie in de Kaukasus [it, en]
a-infos-nl at ainfos.ca</em - 
Fri Aug 15 04:44:17 GMT 2008

 DE ZIJDE ROUTE VAN DE 21E EEUW --- Mikhail Saakashvili en zijn rechtse Nationale <br>
 Beweging werden op de golf van een "roze revolutie" in 2004 aan de macht <br>
 gebracht. In de laatste vier jaar heeft Georgi&#xEB; de banden met de NAVO en de EU <br>
 versterkt, maar het heeft moeten omgaan met een stevig embargo van diens <br>
 goederen door Rusland, dat de twee afscheidende regio's Abchaz...


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