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(fr) Andre Pasclair : le  chef ideal - Quebec
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Thu Jul 20 21:26:30 GMT 2006

Andr&#xE9; Pasclair : le  chef id&#xE9;al<br>
 Par Marc-Andr&#xE9; Cyr<br>
 En politique, la m&#xE9;diocrit&#xE9; est depuis toujours la norme. Comme si elle &#xE9;tait le<br>
 fruit in&#xE9;vitable d?une fatalit&#xE9; quelconque, elle prend, comme bien d?autres<br>
 calamit&#xE9;s polluant le monde, une place normale   dans nos vies; tellement qu?on ne<br>
 la combat m&#xEA;me plus. Mais depuis quelques d&#xE9;cennies - sans vouloir amoindrir ce<br>
 qu?ont subi les g&#xE9;n&#xE9;rations ...

(fr) La SIEMP et la ville de Paris envoient la police a la permanence d'AC !
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Thu Jul 20 21:17:04 GMT 2006

Ce mercredi 19 juillet, comme tous les autres , AC ! Paris tient sa<br>
 permanence au 23, bis rue Mathis ( 75019 ).<br>
 Comme toutes les semaines, des pr&#xE9;caires tentent de r&#xE9;soudre ensemble<br>
 leurs probl&#xE8;mes : radiations de l'ANPE, coupures EDF, trop-per&#xE7;us <br>
 ASSEDIC, conflits du travail, gal&#xE8;res de logement. Des courriers sont<br>
 r&#xE9;dig&#xE9;s, chacun a acc&#xE8;s &#xE0; Internet, au Code du travail ou de l'action<br>
 sociale pour tenter de trouver...

(en) US, Pittsburgh ARA, POG, and PSC co-author statement on Middle East crisis
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Thu Jul 20 16:59:57 GMT 2006

Middle EastOn June 9th, 2006 the Israel Defense Forces (I.D.F.)<br>
 shelled the Gaza Strip, hitting a beach and injuring dozens and killing<br>
 10, including seven members of a family of eight who were out on a<br>
 picnic. In response, the military wing of Hamas officially ended its<br>
 self-imposed one-sided ceasefire. On June 26th, the Popular<br>
 Resistance Committees led an attack with the aid of Hamas across the<br>
 border with Israel. The attack on an Israeli military position result...

(en) Greece, Thessaloniki: Antiwar march - "Nations, states and religions have bloodstained the whole world!"
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Thu Jul 20 14:44:10 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 18/07/06 an antiwar march took place in Thessaloniki. In the<br>
 march there were organisation and parties of the left and passed through<br>
 the USA consulate and finished in front of the Ministry of Macedonia and<br>
 Thrace. In the end of the march an antiauthoritarian bloc was formed, even<br>
 if there was not such a call from before. The following chants were heard:<br>
 &#x201C;Let our rage become the graveyard of all states! War against the war of the bosses!&#x201D;<br>

(en) Anarcho-Syndicalists Help Defeat Privatisation Push in N.SW, Australia Railways
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Thu Jul 20 14:44:07 GMT 2006

In late June the NSW (New South Wales)  Railways  management and the<br>
 ALP (Australian Labor Party) State Government attempted a renewed attempt<br>
 to restructure the railways for privatisation via bribing different grades<br>
 of rail workers to accept a non-union enterprise agreement which would<br>
 cause, the loss of aprox 400 rail jobs, a major speedup in remaining rail<br>
 workers jobs and set the scene for the introduction of the "smart card"<br>
 for public transport and ...

(it) Comidad: Il colonialismo vuole aggredire ma non combattere
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Thu Jul 20 12:34:54 GMT 2006

 Ecco le nuove news settimanali del Comidad. Chi volesse consultare le news<br>
 precedenti pu&#xF2; reperirle sul sito www.comidad.org sotto la voce<br>
 * * * * *<br>
 * * * * *<br>
 Perch&#xE9; l'amministrazione Bush ha spinto il suo fantoccio israeliano ad<br>
 aggredire il Libano?<br>
 La questione si pone cos&#xEC;. Gli Stati Uniti sono in gravissima difficolt&#xE0;<br>
 in Iraq, dove non r...


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