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(en) Canada, Toronto, Aug 16th ARA* Action - The Spirit of the Christie Pits Riots Lives On!
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Sat Jul 08 15:40:50 GMT 2006

Call to Action Against Neo-Nazi Leaders in Southern Ontario!<br>
 Back on August 16th, 1933, the west-end of Toronto burst into a frenzy of<br>
 resistance. The largest opposition seen to fascism in our city's history<br>
 took place, with Jewish and Italian baseball players and then the whole<br>
 community coming together to fight back local hate mongers. Adolf Hitler<br>
 had assumed power just half a year earlier, and already nazi supporters<br>
 were building a base here to attack those the...

(ca) [Barcelona] 	Cr&#xF3;nica de la manifestaci&#xF3;n de Badalona en apoyo de la	huelga en MERCADONA
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Sat Jul 08 13:32:04 GMT 2006

 La Confederaci&#xF3;n no va a parar en la lucha de Mercadona. Cada d&#xED;a damos<br>
 unos pasos.<br>
 La manifestaci&#xF3;n de d&#xED;a 6 de julio en Badalona estuvo muy bien. Con<br>
 bastante afluencia de gente para ser un jueves laboral, y adem&#xE1;s los<br>
 vecin at s nos acogieron con mucha simpat&#xED;a y solidaridad, en algunos puntos<br>
 del recorrido hasta con aplausos. En la puerta del mercadona de Guifre,<br>
 una mujer nos cont&#xF3; que se habia roto la pierna hace mes...

(pt) [Portugal , Almada] Centro de Cultura Libert&#xE1;ria, jantares veg  etarianos.
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Sat Jul 08 11:10:47 GMT 2006

Car at s companheir at s,<br>
 Todos os S&#xE1;bados durante o m&#xEA;s de Julho (dias 8, 15,<br>
 22 e 29) haver&#xE1;, pelas 19.30, no Centro de Cultura<br>
 Libert&#xE1;ria, jantares vegetarianos.<br>
 As receitas dos jantares reverter&#xE3;o para o pagamento<br>
 de cartazes e autocolantes libert&#xE1;rios que foram<br>
 impressos e para a distribuidora do CCL.<br>
 Aguardamos a presen&#xE7;a de tod at s!<br>
      Centro de Cultura Libert&#xE1;ria<br>
 E-mail: ateneu2000 at yaho...

(en) US, New pamphlet: The Iron Column : Testament of a Revolutionary by Elias Manzanera
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Sat Jul 08 05:50:09 GMT 2006

Elias Manzanera helped to set up the Valencian anarchist militia unit, the<br>
 Iron Column, to unleash social revolution against the military and fascist<br>
 revolt of July 1936 which began the Spanish Civil War. The Iron Column was<br>
 the most intransigent and most maligned of the anarchist militias.<br>
 Manzanera served on its War Committee and here remembers both its achievements,<br>
 and his comrades who fell fighting, not only against fascism, but for anarchy.<br>
 The Iron Column : T...

(en) Venezuela, Socialism to the Highest Bidder - Prepared by Nachie, for the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) VIII. (8/9)
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Sat Jul 08 05:03:30 GMT 2006

 One might have thought it impossible to adequately understand the<br>
 Venezuelan revolution without having first devoted some time<br>
 towards a serious study of the Revolutionary Tupamaro Movement,<br>
 (MRT) but that's just what the majority of left-wing and liberal<br>
 Ch&#xE1;vez supporters have endeavored to do. The major reason for<br>
 this is that the Tupamaros, or "Tupas" as they are often referred to,<br>
 really don't fit into the nice prepackaged v...

(en) Canada. CKUT: Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2006 Documentary
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Sat Jul 08 05:03:03 GMT 2006

Long Term Memory Radio on CKUT 90.3fm Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2006<br>
 Documentary Produced by Charlie, Lina, Jessie and Richmond<br>
 56min audio available to download from radioindymedia:<br>
 > <a  href="http://radio.indymedia.org/news/2006/07/10445.php">http://radio.indymedia.org/news/2006/07/10445.php</a><br>
 This docmentary takes an in-depth look at the 7th annual anarchist<br>
 bookfair, which took place saturday may 20th in Montreal, Quebec.<br>
 It features an interview with He...


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