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(en) Israel, Medeia*, HOW WE LEFT GAZA
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Mon Aug 22 20:50:39 GMT 2005

We will never know with certainty what took place in the mind of Ariel<br>
 Sharon in February 2004, when he first declared, without consulting<br>
 anyone, that he is ready to evacuate the Jewish settlements in Gaza. But<br>
 if we try to put together the pieces of the disengagement puzzle, the<br>
 scenario that makes most sense is that Sharon believed that this time,<br>
 as before, he would find a way of evading the plan. This would explain,<br>
 for example, why the Gaza settlers have not y...

(ca) [Sevilla] 99 	d&#xED;as de huelga y AUSSA y el gobierno municipal se niegan	a negociar
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Mon Aug 22 20:17:38 GMT 2005

 Hoy a instancia del Gobierno Municipal y Aussa se reunieron a las 12:30<br>
 con el comit&#xE9; de huelga. Los trabajadores llevaron sus puntos de<br>
 estabilidad laboral, similares a las de cualquier trabajador municipal,<br>
 as&#xED; como la readmisi&#xF3;n de los empleados despedidos. El Gobierno<br>
 Municipal ha rechazado todos los puntos sin proponer nada, as&#xED; la<br>
 reuni&#xF3;n de una huelga de 99 d&#xED;as ha durado una hora y media. CNT hace<br>
 responsable directo de es...

(en) Australia, Sydney, SSF + forbes 500 protest - subplot anarchist /autonomist marxist converge / debates
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Mon Aug 22 10:19:38 GMT 2005

ANARCHIST/autonomist marxist collective in preparation for forbes 500 meeting<br>
 protest in sydney at the end of august - <a  href="http://mutineers.blogspot.com/">http://mutineers.blogspot.com/</a><br>
 draft agenda - work in progress<br>
 Saturday - as part of Sydney Social forum at Petersham West TAFE.<br>
 11:00 - 11:45 - Workshop session #1 - Mutiny workshop/Dave M<br>
 12:00 - 13:30 - Session #2 - Connecting struggles/any group that wants to come<br>
 along and give a short blurb about w...

(fr) Lancement du Trouble # 30 - Montreal 1/09/05
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Mon Aug 22 09:31:18 GMT 2005

Vous mourrez d'envie de vous impliquer dans le plus<br>
 vieux journal anarchiste au Qu&#xE9;bec? Vous voulez<br>
 simplement boire une bonne bi&#xE8;re en notre compagnie un<br>
 de ces quatre jeudi? Ou avez-vous quelques critiques<br>
 ou commentaires &#xE0; faire sur nos articles? Ca tombe<br>
 bien, voil&#xE0; justement qu'arrive notre prochain<br>
 Vous &#xEA;tes tous et toutes invit&#xE9;-e-s ce jeudi soir le<br>
 1er septembre au Yer Mad, 901 de Maisonneuve Est &#xE0...

(pt) [Portugal] "Luta Social" n&#xBA; 5/6: Editorial
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Mon Aug 22 09:10:07 GMT 2005

&#xC9; na calada do Ver&#xE3;o?longe dos olhares indiscretos, que se<br>
 decidem os grandes apert&#xF5;es ou os neg&#xF3;cios chorudos. Sen&#xE3;o<br>
 veja-se: a negocia&#xE7;&#xE3;o entre ?parceiros sociais? que se ir&#xE1;<br>
 terminar inevitavelmente com a consigna&#xE7;&#xE3;o da caducidade<br>
 dos contratos laborais em caso de n&#xE3;o acordo das partes,<br>
 assim como o tratamento mais favor&#xE1;vel, isto &#xE9;: se um contrato<br>
 colectivo for menos favor&#xE1;vel que um contrato ...

(en) US, Los Angeles, SCAF-LA Structure -  updated 8.20.05
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Mon Aug 22 08:51:55 GMT 2005

The LA Chapter is made up of both individuals and collectives. Every individual<br>
 and collective must be involved in or actively looking to get involved in some<br>
 long-term organizing work. This work must promote the values in our Mission.<br>
 This work can be in their school, their community, their workplace, among<br>
 friends and family, or among a particular constituency, etc.<br>
 <blockquote style="border-left: #5555EE solid 0.2em; margin: 0em; padding-left: 0.85em">Decision-making ...

(fr) Resistance a Grenoble - des squats expulses pour une ville  aseptisee
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Mon Aug 22 08:01:40 GMT 2005

ce communiqu&#xE9; est renvoy&#xE9; pour les divers m&#xE9;dias politiques et<br>
 ind&#xE9;pendants qui voudraient le relayer, avec un erratum (il &#xE9;tait<br>
 affirm&#xE9; dans le premier que l'hotel lakanal avait &#xE9;t&#xE9; propos&#xE9; aux<br>
 passeurs, mais il s'agissait en fait d'un autre squat grenoblois en voie<br>
 d'&#xEA;tre expuls&#xE9; &#xE0; la demande d'actis).<br>
 Communiqu&#xE9; de squateur-euse-s suite aux expulsions des 400 couverts et<br>
 de la Kanaille :<br>

(de) Dance out WEF in Bern (Schweiz) - 10. September 2005
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Mon Aug 22 07:44:56 GMT 2005

<global denken - regional handeln><br>
 Liebe Medien<br>
 Am 10.September findet zum 3. Mal das Dance out WEF statt. <br>
 Wir bitten Sie, einen Beitrag &#xFC;ber unsere Aktivit&#xE4;ten in Eurem Medium zu<br>
 bringen. Wir stehen Ihnen auch gerne zur Verf&#xFC;gung, wenn Ihr Interviews oder<br>
 weitere Informationen braucht. <br>
 <a  href="tel:0788250006">tel:0788250006</a><br>
 Wir werden bis zur Veranstaltung und danach laufend &#xFC;ber die beteiligten<br>
 K&#xFC;nstler und den Abla...

(en) Ireland: Public meeting with (Israeli) Anarchists Against the Wall, Dublin 23 August
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Mon Aug 22 05:57:41 GMT 2005

Two activists from the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall group are in Dublin<br>
 and will be doing a meeting about their solidarity with the Palestinan struggle<br>
 against the wall on Tuesday at 8pm. The "Anarchists Against the Wall" got their<br>
 name after one of their activists was shot in the legs by the Israeli army while<br>
 they were attempting to tear down a section of the fence. Every Friday for the<br>
 last months they have been taking part in demonstation of the Pale...


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