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(en) Ireland, Working Class Resistance magazine Issue 10
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Tue Aug 16 17:51:16 GMT 2005

Issue 10 of Working Class Resistance, the quarterly<br>
 magazine produced by Organise!, will be out in about a week.<br>
 The second issue of WCR in magazine format now has 24<br>
 pages, a glossy full colour cover and it isn't bad on<br>
 content either. Contents include:<br>
 *The End of the War - A reaction to the PIRA<br>
 leadership announcement on the end of the war.<br>
 *London Bombings - why didn't they bomb Sweden?<br>
 *More Terrorism in London<br>
 *Liberating Iraq and Other Lies.<b...

(fr) Rencontre libertaire - Florence 2 au 4 septembre 2005
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Tue Aug 16 17:46:16 GMT 2005

FLORENCE du 2 au 4 SEPTEMBRE 2005<br>
 Teatro Tenda ? via Fabrizio De Andr&#xE9; (angle Lungarno &#xAB; Moro &#xBB;)<br>
 1re Vitrine internationale des cultures anarchistes et libertaires :<br>
 2e Vitrine de l?Edition Anarchiste et Libertaire<br>
 3e Biennale Art & Anarchie<br>
 Cette ann&#xE9;e, la confluence de deux manifestations r&#xE9;ussies de la culture<br>
 libertaire a donn&#xE9; vie &#xE0; la 1&#xE8;re Vitrine internationale des cultures<br>
 anarchistes et libertaire...

(pt) Brasil:  CELIP - 16/08 homenagem  ao companheiro Ideal Peres , cujo falecimento completa uma d&#xE9;cada
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Tue Aug 16 12:14:44 GMT 2005

Leia e compare&#xE7;am!!!<br>
 Mem&#xF3;ria que ser&#xE1; lembrada no dia 17 tamb&#xE9;m na UFF, por n&#xF3;s do GEA - dia da<br>
 palestra de Iza Salles.<br>
 Um grande abra&#xE7;o<br>
 Grupo de Estudos do Anarquismo (GEA-NEC/UFF)<br>
 Gostar&#xED;amos de convidar tod at s para a atividade do C&#xED;rculo de Estudos<br>
 Libert&#xE1;rios Ideal Peres (CELIP), amanh&#xE3;, quando faremos uma homenagem  ao<br>
 companheiro Ideal Peres, cujo falecimento completa uma d&#xE9;cada.<br>

(en) The Zapatistas, the Mexican left and the PRD by Marcos - The Other Campaign begins
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Tue Aug 16 11:30:34 GMT 2005

    The release of the 6th Declaration of the Selva Lacandona following<br>
 the Red Alert over the summer in Chiapas has indicated a major turn to<br>
 the left by the Zapatistas. Over the weekend of August 6th the Zapatistas<br>
 hosted a gathering of the left - here we present a transcript of the talk<br>
 Marcos gave at this and the texts of letters he has sent discussing the<br>
 PRD (Party  of Revolutionary Democracy - part of the 2nd international).<br>
 <blockquote style="border-left: #5...

(en) US, Aug 19-21, Seminar on Anarchism & Philosophy with Todd May & Peter Staudenmaeir
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Tue Aug 16 08:47:23 GMT 2005

(Cosponsored by the Institute for Anarchist Studies and Black Sheep Books)<br>
 *Jacques Ranciere and Radical Equality Presenter: Todd May<br>
 *Dialectical Thinking in Practice: A Participatory Reading of Hegel<br>
 Presenter: Peter Staudenmaier<br>
 *Jacques Ranciere and Radical Equality Presenter: Todd May<br>
 French theorist Jacques Ranciere has promoted an idea of politics as<br>
 acting from the presumption of radical equality&#x2014;a presumption<br>
 most societies deny in their actions...

(en) US, The Agitator Index - Report on the Minuteman Project By Se&#xE1;n and Luis, Phoenix
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Tue Aug 16 08:45:54 GMT 2005

Note: This report does not represent the work of the Phoenix<br>
 Ruckus and only reflects that work of two members who participated<br>
 in the ACLU Legal Observer Project. The report contains three<br>
 sections. The first outlines the history of the Minuteman project in<br>
 Arizona, describing the individuals and groups involved. The second<br>
 section provides an analysis of the ACLU Legal Observer Project,<br>
 looking into both the strengths and weaknesses of the effort. The<br>
 third a...

(en) US, Portland, UNFINISHED BUSINESS* #2 - The Environmental Movement And Class Struggle: How Do They Intersect?
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Tue Aug 16 08:44:37 GMT 2005

 Introducing a Working Class Sensibility to the Environmental Movement<br>
    I read the inaugural issue of Unfinished Business<br>
 with great pleasure. The fact of the NAF's formation<br>
 and ongoing constructive work was cause enough<br>
 for celebration. But as an anarchist communist who<br>
 has long worked within an Earth First! collective,<br>
 I was especially gratified to note that the Federation's<br>
 Perspectives prominently address the "massive<br>
 ecological catastrophe tha...

(en) Mexico, Chiapas, Link for new english translations of zapatista communication and debates etc.
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Tue Aug 16 08:43:48 GMT 2005

To: <a-infos-en at ainfos.ca><br>
 Subject: Mexico, Chiapas, Link for new english translations of zapatista communication and debates etc.<br>
 Zapatistas info in english<br>
 <a  href="http://zaptranslations.blogspot.com/">http://zaptranslations.blogspot.com/</a><br>
 From:    dr.woooo-A-nomasters.org<br>
 A-infos-en mailing list<br>
 A-infos-en at ainfos.ca<br>
 <a  href="http://ainfos.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/a-infos-en...

(en) Australia, Brisbane: 'Anarchy in the Afternoon'
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Tue Aug 16 06:24:54 GMT 2005

WHERE: at Paradise Park, cnr Paradise St and Sankey St, Highgate Hill.<br>
 when:Sunday, 4th September, 2005<br>
 DETAILS: &#x2018;Anarchy in the Afternoon&#x2019; is an afternoon of presentations of radical<br>
 and alternative views. Presenters will have 10-15 minutes to give their views.<br>
 Then these views are open to friendly, public discussion and everyone from the<br>
 community is welcome to participate. There is no cost.<br>
 ::: 8:30am - Breakfast & community gardening (Organised...


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