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In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas.
These include workplace, environmental and anti-imperialist struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia.

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The A-Infos news lists are democratically self-managed by an international organizational collective. Here's how to participate. We especially encourage women, non-english speaking people, and those living outside of Europe and America. Here is a list of our policies.


The A-Infos Project is coordinated by an international collective of revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle.

These are people who conceive themselves as revolutionary class struggle social anarchists, anarcho-communists, libertarian communists, syndicalists and others who hold similar opinions but use other labels.

A-Infos is organized by people who feel anarchism is a social theory, and that a revolution is necessary to bring about the new class-less social order, and that this revolution can only be made by the vast majority of the working people.

The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and promote is the anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs and those expelled by Karl Marx from the First International for criticizing his authoritarianism and the elitist, vanguardist degradation of the masses of The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and the working class...

We do not support the kind of anarchism proposed by some pseudo-modernists and pseudo-"revolutionaries" who regard symbolic activity as substitute to mass struggle, or the kind of anarchism of "humanists" who hold other tasks as equal or more important than the revolutionary struggle for abolishing the capitalist system.

A-Infos work is not inspired by egoistic and egocentric individualism, primitivism, "free capitalism without a state" or even a state without free capitalism - who oppose the present capitalist order but do not offer instead a viable model of modern social order of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

It is not enough for individuals and groups to use an anarchist label for their texts to be distributed by A-Infos.

In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas of struggle. These include workplace and environmental struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. A-Infos also distributes news on indigenous peoples anti-colonialist fight against settlers, occupation and marginalization, as well as anti-nationalist and anti-regional separatist struggles, because workers have no country but the world as a whole....

A-Infos is specialized press agency, in the service (as we see it best) of the movement of revolutionary anti-capitalist activists who are involved in the various social struggles against the capitalist class and its social system.

A-Infos is not an open "liberal" service that distributes anything "we" are sympathetic to -- it is not Indymedia. It is first of all a free distribution tool for information from and about collectives of anarchist (and other anti authoritarian revolutionaries) involved in the struggle.

A-Infos workers do not think we are the ones who should decide who, on the social anarchist camp, is a "real" anarchist or not. However, as resources are limited, we have the right and duty to (autonomously) choose what we distribute what we feel is best among the contributions and contributors. The freedom of association the A-Infos collective is based on means nothing without the freedom not to associate, if workers so choose.

A-Infos has a role to play in the world anarchist movement. Information is strength. A-Infos helps to build a sense of an international movement. A-Infos is, to a certain extent, one of the few international organizational tools of the movement. But to keep this role it must stay a tool in the service of the movement and not a free-for-all information service.

A-Infos is not just an internal movement tool. Like the Anarchist FAQ, it's also a means to present the movement to the wider audience and to a new generation, and acquaint them with international aspects of the movement.

A-Infos is an autonomous anarchist press agency that is not the bullhorn of any "social" movement. Even when self-proclaimed anarchists (or even if real ones) are involved is not a guarantee A-Infos will distribute contributions. Even if we ourselves sympathize with given movements is no guarantee articles will be posted.

Thus, A-Infos distributes the news and analysis its workers want to share with the world non-authoritarian activists community -- mainly posts from anti-authoritarian revolutionary collectives and reports about direct action of social struggle both of activists and of common people in their daily life.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services we provide, is welcome to use other services or build her/his own.

A-infos is both an organizational tool, a propaganda tool, and an information tool of the movement -- and is not merely "news by, about and of interest to anarchists."

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Latest Headlines:

(gr) Οι ταξικοί αγώνες δεν γνωρίζουν σύνορα!
Sun Apr 30 12:35:34 GMT 2017

ΟΛΟΙ/ΟΛΕΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΠΕΡΓΙΑΚΗ ΣΥΓΚΕΝΤΡΩΣΗ 1η ΜΑΗ 11π.μ. ΚΑΤΩ ΠΟΛΥΤΕΧΝΕΙΟ (Στουρνάρα και Πατησίων) --- Η ΕΣΕ ανταποκρινόμενη στο κάλεσμα της FAU Γερμανίας σε όλα τα άτομα, τις πρωτοβουλίες, τις συλλογικότητες και τα συνδικάτα βάσης, για μια διεθνή μέρα δράσης για την “Εργασία και τη Μετανάστευση” καλεί σε συμμετοχή στην απεργιακή συγκέντρωση – πορεία της 1ης Μάη στο Πολυτεχνείο Πατησίων και Στουρνάρα 11πμ με κεντρικό σύνθημα: Οι ταξικοί αγώνες δεν γνωρίζουν σύνορα! --- Αναλυτικά το κάλεσμα της FAU έχει ως εξής: --- Κάλεσμα για διεθνή μέρα δράσεων την 1η Μάη --- Οι ταξικοί αγώνες δεν γνωρίζουν σύνορα! --- Τα σημεία των καιρών δείχνουν ...

(gr) Δεξιά κι αριστερά ίδια είναι τα αφεντικά
Sun Apr 30 12:33:45 GMT 2017

Δευτέρα 1 Μάη 2017 --- Πλ. Δημάδη – 10:00 πμ --- Δεξιά κι αριστερά ίδια είναι τα αφεντικά --- Είτε με κυβέρνηση Συριζα – Ανελ, είτε με Πασοκ – ΝΔ και δεκανίκια τους μαχαιροβγάλτες φασίστες της Χ.Α, η εντεινόμενη επίθεση στην κοινωνία από το κράτος και το κεφάλαιο, σε κάθε έκφανση (δουλειά, υγεία, παιδεία, ασφάλιση, …), οδηγεί μαθηματικά σε μια υποδουλωμένη και φοβική κατάσταση, όπου το άτομο ενταγμένο σε ένα σύστημα φιλοτομαρισμού, υποκύπτει εύκολα στις ορέξεις του κάθε αφεντικού. --- Η κοινωνία κρεμιέται από τις ίδιες τις αλυσίδες της, που το βάρος τους κάθε ώρα αυξάνει με τραγικό ρυθμό. --- Προκειμένου να μην ...

(gr) 1886 – 2017: Αντίσταση στη μισθωτή σκλαβιά
Sun Apr 30 12:32:15 GMT 2017

Στη μνήμη των εξεγερμένων εργατών του Σικάγου (1886), η φετινή εργατική Πρωτομαγιά, τιμάται για μια ακόμη φορά στη σκιά των βάρβαρων ρυθμίσεων των τελευταίων χρόνων που έχουν φέρει σε κατάσταση εξαθλίωσης το μεγάλύτερο κομμάτι του κόσμου της εργασίας. --- Η εργασία έχει μετατραπεί σε πεδίο καθημερινών εκβιασμών από τα αδίστακτα, μικρά και μεγάλα αφεντικά, στα οποία κλείνει το μάτι ο εκάστοτε διαχειριστής της κρατικής εξουσίας με τις κατάλληλες νομοθετικές ρυθμίσεις. --- Κράτος και Κεφάλαιο μας εκβιάζουν με τον εφιάλτη της ανεργίας. --- Δημιουργούν στρατιές αποκλεισμένων που θα παρακαλούνε για μερικά ψίχουλα που πέφτουν ...

(gr) Πρωτομαγιά 2017 - Η πάλη των εργατών συνεχίζεται
Sun Apr 30 12:30:39 GMT 2017

Η πάλη των εργατών συνεχίζεται (έτσι και αλλιώς τα αφεντικά μας το υπενθυμίζουν συνεχώς…) 1η Μάη 2017. ΑΠΕΡΓΙΑ! και όχι άλλη μία εορταστική αργία όπως θέλει η τωρινή κυβέρνηση. --- Η πάλη της εργατικής τάξης δεν μπαίνει στα μουσεία, ούτε επιβάλλεται από τους νόμους των κυβερνήσεων. --- Όπως το 1886 στο Σικάγο και στη Θεσσαλονίκη του 1936, ημέρες που θυμόμαστε και τιμούμε, έτσι και σήμερα με την επίθεση στον κόσμο της εργασίας να οξύνεται, χρειάζεται να δημιουργήσουμε τα δικά μας ορόσημα αγώνων και να περάσουμε στην αντεπίθεση. --- Η υποτίμηση της ζωής μας, το ξεζούμισμά μας από τα αφεντικά, η τρομοκρατία της ανεργίας και των ...

(gr) Ούτε στην Κέρκυρα ούτε πουθενά
Sun Apr 30 12:29:16 GMT 2017

Το Σάββατο 29 Απριλίου, χωρίς δημόσιο κάλεσμα οι φασίστες του Σώρρα έκαναν την εμφάνισή τους, στους δρόμους την Κέρκυρας, με οργανωμένη πολυάριθμη πορεία. --- Σε ελάχιστο χρονικό διάστημα 30 αντιφασίστες και αντιφασίστριες συγκεντρωθήκαμε σε κεντρικό σημείο της πόλης. --- Οι αστυνομικές δυνάμεις από την πρώτη στιγμή με βίαιο τρόπο προσπάθησαν να μας εμποδίσουν να τους προσεγγίσουμε και να μας διώξουν. --- Δεν έλειψαν φορές που με τις μηχανές τους προσπάθησαν να μας χτυπήσουν για να περάσουν μπροστά μας. --- Μέσα από τα καντούνια βρεθήκαμε μπροστά από την φασιστική πορεία στην πλακάδα του Αγιού. --- Φωνάξαμε αντιφασιστικά ...

(tr) sosyalsavas.org: Venezuela: Amerikan Devletler Örgütü Müdahalesine Karşı Anarşistlerin Bildirisi
Sun Apr 30 06:25:37 GMT 2017

Nis. 24 Anarşi, Dayanışma, Doğrudan Eylem, Hapishanelere Ateş, Kronik, Kütüphane, Sosyal Patlama, Uzlaşma Yok no comments ---- Merkezi Washington'da bulunan Amerikan Devletler Örgütü (OAS) 2015 seçim sonuçlarını tanımamakla ve muhalefet partilerini bastırmakla itham ettiği Venezuela'nın üyeliğini askıya alacağını duyurdu. Muhalefet partileri, Venezuela'nın da taraf olduğu Amerika Kıtası Demokratik Sözleşmesine uymadıklarını iddia ettikleri hükümete yönelik yaptırımları memnuniyetle karşılarken hükümet, OAS ve muhalefet partilerini emperyalist dış müdahaleyi kışkırtmakla suçladı. ---- Aşağıdaki metin, "OAS yaptırımlarına ve devlete karşı anarşistlerin bildirisi" başlığı ile Gargantes Libertarias tarafından yayımlanmıştır:

(tr) DAF, Meydan #37 - Dünyadan Anarşist Kadınların Mücadele Mesajları
Sun Apr 30 06:25:24 GMT 2017

Meydan Gazetesi'nin biz kadınlar tarafından hazırlanan bu sayısında, dünyanın farklı yerlerindeki kadın örgütlerinden ya da anarşist örgütler içerisindeki kadınlardan gelen ve kadınları erkek iktidarların tümüne karşı mücadeleye ve örgütlenmeye çağıran dayanışma mesajlarını siz okuyucularımızla paylaşıyoruz. ---- Anarchist Political Organisation Federation of Collectives - Ataerkiye Karşı Grup - Yunanistan ---- Ataerki, iktidar dünyasının dayanaklarından biri ve iktidarın toplumsal olarak yeniden üretiminin temel unsurudur. Modern dünyadaki tezahürleri, örneğin iş yerinde cinsiyetçi şiddetin ve sömürünün yaygınlaşması, kadın göçmenlerin maruz kaldığı insan ticareti ve onları köklerinden ayıran yolculuklarında ve toplama kamplarındaki tutsaklılarında karşılaştıkları çetin koşullar, egemenlerin toplumun bütününe karşı saldırısı ve toplumu ...

(pt) [Espanha] VII Festival de Cinema Anarquista de Barcelona By A.N.A.
Sun Apr 30 06:25:09 GMT 2017

Uma vez mais, já pelo sétimo ano consecutivo, chega a Cinètika o Festival de Cinema Anarquista de Barcelona, que acontecerá de 11 a 13 de maio. Três dias de cinema de conteúdo anarquista, ou afim em alguma de suas formas, em formatos que vão desde o clássico documentário até as webséries, passando pelos curta-metragens de ficç ão. O prometido é dívida, e depois de uma difícil tarefa de programação conseguimos não transmitir nenhum filme relacionado com a revolução de 36 (ou isso já o veremos...). ---- Durante o evento e as projeções também contaremos com um espaço de distribuidoras libertárias, e a venda de pipoca, refrescos, chás, cafés, horchata, mate, batidas... e na hora da ceia um delicioso menu vegano. ---- Se estás cansada de ver Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Sandra Bullock ou Brad Pitt, se és das que não entende os filmes de Christopher ...

(pt) [Espanha] Cultura e Anarquia -- CNT inicia com uma feira do livro o programa de seu quinto aniversário em Aranda By A.N.A. (en)
Sun Apr 30 06:24:57 GMT 2017

A CNT celebra este fim de semana em Aranda sua particular Feira do Livro. Coincidindo com a data de 23 de abril, o sindicato realiza em sua sede da avenida de Castilla 12 este evento, com postos de livros, distribuidoras de música e livros e artesanato, entre outras coisas. ---- Esta atividade vem a ser o arranque de um programa mais amplo, planejado para celebrar o quinto aniversário de sua implantação na capital riberenha. A mais imediata será o último sábado deste mês no Centro Cultural El Invernadero, onde o público, com entrada gratuita, poderá desfrutar desde as dez da noite dos grupos Hermanos Bastardos (hip-hop), Arrós Bomba (rock),Mongol Chip (punk), Neo-kaoss (tekno-punk). Além de música variada para distintos gostos, acontecerá o sorteio de um quadro pintado na hora e outro lote de produtos, com preços populares no bar e alguma surpresa mais. ...

(pt) [CELIP] 1º de Maio: Memória, Trajetória e Cenário da Luta Sindical - Nova Friburgo,por FARJ (CAB)
Sun Apr 30 06:24:30 GMT 2017

No dia 1 de maio, Dia Internacional de Luta do Trabalhador e da Trabalhadora, faremos mais uma edição do Círculo de Estudos Libertários Ideal Peres (CELIP), desta vez em Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro.
O tema da atividade será "1º de Maio: Memória, Trajetória e Cenário da Luta Sindical" e ocorrera das 16 horas até 18 horas.
Local: Casa dos Saberes - São Pedro da Serra - R. Rodrigues Alves - próximo ao colégio estadual - de 16h às 18h.

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #271 - história, Um documentário ousada sobre a Revolução Russa (en, it, fr) [traduccion automatica]
Sun Apr 30 06:24:19 GMT 2017

Com belas imagens, Lenin, outra história da revolução russa, Arte.tv visível até o final de abril, consegue incluir marcos e questões estratégicas da revolução. Pena que ele cede à condescendência. ---- Com seu documentário Lenin, outra história da revolução russa, Cedric Peat tentou a façanha: dizendo a Revolução Russa de fevereiro de 1917 a janeiro de 1918, em noventa e cinco minutos. ---- Com tão pouco tempo, era um desafio de condensar os fatos, as discussões, os personagens, as voltas e sopra um drama de época também abundante, durante a restauração de um ambiente político que o espectador, um século mais tarde tem imaginação problemas. ---- Não há, portanto, neste documentário, o bom eo menos bom. ---- Os Abril de 1917 eventos, onde é claro que os saltos revolução social revolução política. ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - política, Eleições: A alternativa real é a luta social (en, it, fr) [traduccion automatica]
Sun Apr 30 06:24:09 GMT 2017

Le Pen ou Macron ? Arriscar capitalismo fascista ou ultra-liberal ? Entre esses dois males, sempre se pode escolher o menor. Mas qualquer que seja o resultado, ele irá opor à nova potência a resistência dos trabalhadores, os trabalhadores e toda a população na sua diversidade de esperança para construir uma outra sociedade. ---- Quinze anos depois de seu pai, mas desta vez sem surpresas, Marine Le Pen no segundo turno da eleição presidencial. Este evento é apenas a consequência lógica da política dos partidos do governo desde a década de 1980, gerindo a última crise do sistema capitalista com golpes de austeridade e presentes para as medidas chefes, buscando a construção de serviço União Europeia mercado, alimentando o ódio racial e apontando imigração, banalizar o estado policial com " estado de emergência ", os políticos de direita e esquerda estendeu o ...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #271 - storia, Un documentario in grassetto sulla rivoluzione russa (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
Sun Apr 30 06:23:52 GMT 2017

Con belle immagini, Lenin, un'altra storia della rivoluzione russa, Arte.tv visibile fino a fine aprile, riesce a comprendere le tappe e le questioni strategiche della rivoluzione. Peccato che non ceda ai condiscendenza. ---- Con il suo documentario Lenin, un'altra storia della rivoluzione russa, Cedric Peat ha tentato l'impresa: raccontare la rivoluzione russa dal febbraio 1917 al gennaio 1918, in novanta minuti. ---- Con un tempo così breve, è stata una sfida per condensare i fatti, le discussioni, i personaggi, i colpi di scena e soffia un dramma periodo anche abbondanti, durante il ripristino di un ambiente politico che lo spettatore, un secolo più tardi ha immaginazione guai. ---- V'è quindi, in questo documentario, il bene e il meno buono. ---- Gli eventi del 1917, dove è chiaro che la rivoluzione talloni sociali rivoluzione politica. ...

(it) usi-ait: Guerra alla guerra! -- Contro le Guerre, Contro gli Stati.
Sun Apr 30 06:23:44 GMT 2017

L'Unione Sindacale Italiana deve continuare ed aumentare la propria azione antimilitarista all'interno del mondo del lavoro e dell'intera società. ---- Denunciamo che la produzione di armi sta aumentando e che la vendita a qualsiasi gruppo terrorista di Stato o privato è sotto gli occhi di tutti con il benestare governativo. ---- Sempre più siamo sotto ricatto militare, le spese militari aumentano, interi territori sono sotto le servitù militari, aumentano le missioni militari all'estero e vengono spacciate per umanitarie. ---- Sempre più siamo sotto minaccia nucleare, vere armi di distruzione di massa in mano a dittatori e squilibrati. ---- Sempre più le spese militari sottraggono risorse alle società, ai servizi, al lavoro. ---- Denunciamo che i governi massacrano i "loro" popoli e li costringono alla fame. ...

(it) anarresinfo - 25 aprile. Oggi come ieri: per un mondo senza stati, eserciti, padroni
Sun Apr 30 06:23:29 GMT 2017

Ilio Baroni, operaio toscano emigrato a Torino negli anni venti, era comandante della VII brigata Sap delle Ferriere. ---- Le Sap, Squadre di Azione Patriottica sabotavano la produzione, diffondevano clandestinamente volantini antifascisti e si preparavano all'insurrezione. Molti, tra il '43 e il '45, sono stati arrestati, torturati, fucilati o deportati. Ilio, nome di battaglia "il Moro", è protagonista di azioni di guerriglia. ---- Il 25 aprile 1945 Torino è paralizzata dallo sciopero generale, scoppia l'insurrezione, la città diventa in breve un campo di battaglia. ---- Baroni e i suoi attaccano la stazione Dora e si guadagnano un successo. Giunge una richiesta d'aiuto dalla Grandi Motori. Il Moro non esita ad aiutare i compagni nel mezzo di una battaglia furiosa, e cade sotto il fuoco. È il 26 aprile. ...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - internazionale, Rojava: la pugnalata alla schiena (en, fr, pt) [traduzione automatica]
Sun Apr 30 06:23:10 GMT 2017

L'esercito turco ha bombardato le regioni curde della Sinjar e Derik ! Il Consiglio democratico curdo di Francia ha chiesto una dimostrazione alle 18.30, Place de la République a Parigi per dire basta a fermare il fascismo Erdogan Stato turco ! ---- Comunicato CDKF: ---- Gli aerei da guerra turchi hanno bombardato aree Shengal (Sinjar-Kurdistan / Iraq) [1], e Derik (Rojava / Kurdistan). ---- Secondo le ultime informazioni, 26 aerei da guerra turchi hanno attaccato zone Amud e Geliyê Kerse a Shengal. Allo stato attuale, i bombardamenti continuano. Abbiamo anche appreso che prima degli attacchi aerei, i canali di comunicazione erano stati tagliati a Derik e dei suoi dintorni. ---- Diversi civili e combattente curdo sono stati uccisi o feriti ieri sera, aerei da guerra turchi hanno bombardato la sede della radio Denge Rojava e CIRA-FM e la ...

(it) anarkismo.net: TERRORE DI STATO CONTRO IL POPOLO CURDO by Gianni Sartori
Sun Apr 30 06:22:54 GMT 2017

Riprendono i bombardamenti contro la popolazione curda da parte dell'aviazione turca A OTTANTA ANNI DAL BOMBARDAMENTO DI GERNIKA AEREI FASCISTI TORNANO A COLPIRE UN POPOLO CHE LOTTA PER LA SUA AUTODETERMINAZIONE -- (Gianni Sartori) ---- Con un drammatico appello l'Unione delle Comunità del Kurdistan (KNK) ha informato l'opinione pubblica che l'esercito turco sta attaccando i curdi yezidi e i villaggi del Rojava Aerei da guerra turchi hanno bombardato Sengal (Sinjar-Iraq/Kurdistan) e Dêrik (Karaçokê-Rojava/Kurdistan). ---- Sarebbero almeno 26 gli aerei da guerra turchi che hanno attaccato Amud e Geliyê Kersê di Sengal/Sinjar. In queste ore (tarda serata del 25 aprile) ill bombardamento è ancora in corso. Preventivamente, in vista dei bombardamenti, a Dêrik e nelle zone circostanti sono state completamente interrotte le reti di comunicazione. ...

(fr) France, Communistes Libertaires CGT - Le vote analysé par préférence syndicale
Sun Apr 30 06:22:30 GMT 2017

Liaisons Sociales avec l'Institut Harris livre une étude sérieuse même s'il manque une question sur l'abstention... 7 000 personnes interrogées sur ce qu'elles ont fait réellement dans l'isoloir en fonction de leur sympathie (pas leur adhésion) pour tel ou tel syndicat. Examinons les chiffres: ---- Proches de la CGT: ---- Mélenchon passe de 39% en 2012 à 51%. Hollande était à 44% et Hamon tombe à 13%, talonné par Macron à 12% tout de même. Poutou est à 3%. Avec 15% Le Pen prend la deuxième place (+ 6% depuis 2012) des électeurs qui aiment bien la CGT. Cet éclatement politique en dit long sur le brouillage des repères! Il est temps que le discours de classe de la CGT retrouve sa cohérence. ---- Proches de Solidaires: ---- Mélenchon passe de 39 à 53%. Des chiffres proches des nôtres avec 13% pour Le Pen (+ 9% en cinq ans). ...

(fr) fa montpellier34: élections présidentielles 2017
Sun Apr 30 06:22:05 GMT 2017

Nous voilà donc déjà au second tour du cirque présidentiel. Comme tout les 5 ans tout les partis se sont agités pour le pouvoir suprême. Et cette année les gagnants sont: ---- Le FHaine et En Marche d' Emmanuel Macron. Pour le premier cité (qui est arrivé second) se n'est malheureusement pas une surprise, se dernier c' étant installé dans le paysage français depuis un moment rabâchant toujours les mêmes ignominies depuis des lustres, ont fini par entrer dans la cervelle de piafs de certains de nos contemporains. Les journalistes et nos autres politiciens finissant de rendre ce partis respectable en nous répétant que c'est un partis comme un autre et qu'il faut respecter ses électeurs qui eux même sont comme les autres. Ce que je doute fortement et n'hésite pas à la traiter d'abrutis moyens. Ne me présentant à aucune élections je n'est aucun respect à avoir ...

(fr) aubanar lautre: L'errance sert ceux qui la sèment... -- Un très bon «coup de gueule» reçu, merci Nico!
Sun Apr 30 06:21:53 GMT 2017

L'errance sert ceux qui la sèment. Un esprit confus est infiniment plus manipulable qu'un esprit cohérent, soit-il simple, binaire voire même un peu limité. ---- Vous voulez faire avaler des couleuvres? Servez une soupe parsemée de doute, saupoudrée d'esbroufe, avec aplomb et persuasion. Semez la confusion la plus totale et absurde puis vous n'aurez plus qu'à tirer les ficelles... ---- Illuminati, chemtrails, sionisme tout puissant, mythe des chambres à gaz, et j'en passe, tout cela ne deviendra que vérité accessible aux esprits éclairés par vos lumières. Plus besoin de s'informer et malheur à quiconque n'y voit qu'un leurre: se sont des moutons perdu à la grande cause secrète. ---- Or n'est-il pas étonnant que les théories qui sous-tendent une forme de complot ou du moins un mensonge planétaire à des fins d'intérêts privés émanent de manière directe ou indirecte d'individus proches ...

(fr) alternative libertaire alsace: Élections: La vraie alternative, c'est la lutte sociale
Sun Apr 30 06:21:30 GMT 2017

Le Pen ou Macron? Risque fasciste ou capitalisme ultralibéral? Entre ces deux maux, on peut toujours choisir le moindre. Mais quel que soit le résultat, il faudra opposer au nouveau pouvoir la résistance des travailleuses, des travailleurs et de toute la population dans sa diversité pour espérer bâtir une autre société. ---- Quinze ans après son père mais cette fois sans surprise, Marine Le Pen est au deuxième tour de l'élection présidentielle. Cet événement n'est que la conséquence logique de la politique menée par les partis de gouvernement depuis les années 1980. En gérant la dernière crise du système capitaliste à coups de mesures d'austérité et de cadeaux au patronat, en poursuivant la construction d'une Union européenne au service du marché, en attisant la haine raciste et en pointant du doigt l'immigration, en banalisant l'État policier avec «l'état d'urgence», ...

(fr) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #271 - Entretien, Karim Berrouka (Ludwig von 88): «accompagner des causes, ça on fait» (en, it, pt)
Sun Apr 30 06:20:53 GMT 2017

En 2016, le groupe punk mythique Ludwig von 88 s'est reformé après quinze ans d'absence. Leur serait-il possible de retrouver la fraîcheur, le j'men-foutisme débonnaire et le gout de la déconne qui avaient assis leur légende? On était en droit de n'y point croire... ---- Eh bien quelle claque. Après un triomphe surprise au Hellfest en juillet, le groupe a enchaîné une quinzaine de dates cet automne, en remplissant les salles de fans de la 1re comme de la 25e heure, dans une ambiance de charivari jubilatoire digne de la grande époque. ---- À présent que la tournée est achevée, chacun s'en est retourné chez soi bien vanné. Le bassiste, Charlu, à Avignon. Bruno - par ailleurs chanteur de Sergent Garcia -, à Bilbao. Le grand-maître des machines, Jean-Mi, à ses multiples autres projets et collaborations. Et c'est le chanteur, Karim Berrouka, qui s'est déplacé à Montreuil pour ...

(en) wsm.ie: Don't give the maternity hospital to the nuns - Holles Street Protest! We own our hospitals.
Sun Apr 30 06:20:33 GMT 2017

Protests took place across Ireland Saturday 22nd April to protest the plan by Health Simon Harris to give the new maternity hospital, which will cost 300 million to build, to the same nuns who ran the Magdeline laundaries! The Sisters of Charity ran the Drumcondra and Sean MacDermott Street laundaries where expectant and recent mothers were essentially imprisoned and required to provide free labour that the numns profited from. It's hard to imagine a more unsuitable institution to run a maternity hospital, all the more so when you realise that to this day catholic ran hospitals refuse to provide the full range of medical care to pregnant people. ---- As a Parents for Choice speaker said at the protest (video below) "Many of us in Parents for Choice are unmarried mothers. Many of us in Parents for Choice gave birth in this hospital. It is not long ago that women like us ...

(en) anarkismo.net: The Turkish army is attacking Yezîdî Kurds and Rojava villages by KNK
Sun Apr 30 06:20:16 GMT 2017

Turkish warplanes bombed Sengal (Sinjar-Iraq/Kurdistan) and Dêrik (Karaçokê-Rojava/Kurdistan). ---- According to the latest information, 26 Turkish warplanes attacked Amud and Geliyê Kersê of Sengal/Sinjar. The bombardment is still going on. It has been learned that prior to the aerial operation, communication networks had been completely cut in Dêrik and its surrounding areas. ---- Many civilian Kurds and Kurdish fighters were killed and wounded ---- Last night, Turkish warplanes bombed Dengê Roajva Radio and ÇIRA-FM and also YPG headquarter in Karaçokê of Dêrik city. In relation to the attack, YPG general commander released a statement in which he called upon the Rojavian people to stand up for themselves. YPG statement declared; "On Tuesday 25 April, at 02:00 o'clock, Turkish warplanes launched an intensive air attack on YPG headquarter in ...

(en) Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group macg: 2017 Anzac Day Statement by ablokeimet
Sun Apr 30 06:19:50 GMT 2017

Dear Comrades, ---- The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group has released its annual Anzac Day Statement. It was distributed this morning to passers-by at the 8 Hour Monument in Melbourne: ---- https://melbacg.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/war/ ---- Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group ---- WAR ---- World War I ---- WWI was a crime against humanity, with two rival imperialist alliances fighting it out to redivide the colonies, markets and resources of the world. The lives of soldiers, Australians included, and civilian populations were sacrificed to the power and profits of their own ruling classes. After a debacle on a Turkish peninsula near Istanbul in 1915, the ANZACs were sent to the Western Front. There, they became raw material for the war machine of the British Empire. They died in their tens of thousands. The war's death toll on both sides was at least 15.5 ...

(en) Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira (CAB): Strike in Cachoeirinha -- REQUEST FOR SOLIDARITY
Sun Apr 30 06:19:38 GMT 2017

Municipal Workers' Union of Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil ---- Address: Avenida Flores da Cunha, No. 903, Sala 1202, Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande do Sul ---- Telephone: (51) 3470-6902 and (51) 3438-6655 ---- Email: simcachoeirinha@gmail.com ---- Facebook: facebook.com/SindicatoDosMunicipariosDeCachoeirinhars/ ---- The Municipal Workers' Union of Cachoeirinha (Sindicato dos Municipários de Cachoeirinha - SIMCA) is a union that fights for workers' rights in class-based struggles in Brazil. Founded on June 20, 1989, it has consistently been a protagonist in struggles both initiated by the Union and by other social movements. The municipal workers of Cachoeirinha have been leaders in the organization and mobilization of these struggles, refusing to stay quiet in the face of arbitrary and authoritarian exploitation of labor, mismanagement on the part of bosses and ...

(en) Ruptura Colectiva (RC): Local guards against organized crime arise in Hueytamalco and Zacapoaxtla, Puebla -- Carlos Rocha
Sun Apr 30 06:19:13 GMT 2017

Due to the increased insecurity and omissions of the municipal authorities, the residents of Hueytamalco and Zacapoaxtla have decided to tackle crime on their own. ---- The inhabitants of these municipalities of the Northeastern Sierra of Puebla have been organized to place neighborhood alarms and to make nocturnal rondins , this after they have tired of demanding security to its municipal presidents. ---- The security claim in Hueytamalco has been more evident, last Monday the inhabitants of different communities and the municipal head joined the caravan against the privatization of water that passed through its municipality, to also demand security. ---- Previously, on February 11, when PAN mayor Ruben Martinez Castillo delivered his third government report, dozens of people interrupted him with the demand for greater security, they demanded the null action of the ...

(en) [Spain] Culture and Anarchy -- CNT begins with a book fair the program of its fifth anniversary in Aranda By ANA (pt) [machine translation]
Sun Apr 30 06:19:04 GMT 2017

The CNT celebrates this weekend in Aranda its particular Book Fair. Coinciding with the date of April 23, the union holds this event at its headquarters on Avenida de Castilla 12, with bookstores, music distributors and books and crafts, among other things. ---- This activity marks the beginning of a broader program, planned to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its establishment in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. The most immediate is the last Saturday of the month at the Centro Cultural El Invernadero where the public with free admission, you can enjoy from ten at night groups Hermanos Bastards (hip-hop), Arrós pump (rock), Mongol Chip (punk ), Neo-kaoss (tekno-punk). In addition to varied music for different tastes, there will be a drawing of an hourly painting and another batch of products, with popular prices at the bar and some more surprise. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - international, Rojava: the stab in the back (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]
Sun Apr 30 06:18:45 GMT 2017

The Turkish army bombards the Kurdish regions of Sinjar and Dekrik ! The Kurdish Democratic Council of France is calling for demonstrations at 6.30 pm in the Place de la Republique in Paris, to stop Erdogan, halt the fascism of the Turkish state ! ---- Press release of the CDKF: ---- The Turkish air force bombed areas of Shengal (Sinjar-Kurdistan / Iraq) [1], and Dekri (Rojava / Kurdistan). ---- According to the latest information, 26 Turkish fighter planes attacked the areas of Amud and Geliyê Kersê in Shengal. At present, the bombing continues. It was also reported that, prior to the air raids, the communication channels had been cut off in and around Derik. ---- Several civilians and Kurdish fighters were killed or wounded ---- Last night, Turkish air forces bombed the radio stations Dengê Rojava and ÇIRA-FM as well as the YPG (People's Defense Units) ...

(de) fda-ifa: 3. Libertäre Wochen in Köln (Mai/Juni 2017) von Anarchistisches Forum Köln
Sun Apr 30 06:18:26 GMT 2017

Auch dieses Jahr wir es wieder einige kostenlose Veranstaltungen zu anarchistischen Themen geben. Hier die bisherige Planung (weitere Termine folgen): ---- Erster Mai: ab 10 Uhr, Infostand (Heumarkt, Köln) ---- 14 Uhr, zur anarchistischen Demo (Kaiserpl., Bonn) ---- Fr 05.05., 19:00, "Arbeit macht krank? ---- Gemeinsam gegen Stress und Diskriminierung", Autonomes Zentrum, Luxemburger Str. 93, U18: Eifelwall, (VA: Anarcho-Syndikalistisches Netzwerk) ---- Sa 13.05., 19:00, Film: "Projekt A, Eine Reise zu anarchistischen Projekten", (im Rahmen des 7. AZ-Geburtstagsfests), Autonomes Zentrum, Luxemburger Str. 93, U18: Eifelwall ---- Mo 15.05., 19:00, Anti-Knast-Arbeit und Transformative Hilfe Autonomes Zentrum, Luxemburger Str. 93, U18: Eifelwall, (VA: Anarchistisches Forum) ---- Fr 19.05., 19:00, Welche Solidarität mit Kurdistan und Syrien? ---- Autonomes Zentrum, ...

(de) fda-ifa: Pro Choice multimedial - auf allen Kanälen gegen Fundis und Patriarchat! von evibes
Sun Apr 30 06:17:17 GMT 2017

Wir wollen ihn euch nicht vorenthalten, den neuen Mobijingle für die Pro-Choice-Demo in Annaberg-Buchholz: ---- Streitschrift gegen sexistische Zustände ---- In Berlin haben sich eine Reihe von (queer-)feministischen, antifaschistischen und emanzipatorischen Gruppen zusammen getan und die Streitschrift AS.ISM4 veröffentlicht, die auch als PDF zum Download gibt. Es gibt darin z.B. ein Interview zum Fundi-Marsch in Berlin, mehrere interessante Texte zu Awarenessarbeit (die z.T. auch auf die Gedanken unserer Interessiertengruppe e*space aufbauen) und stellt Ansätze für die antisexistische (Selbst-)Reflektion von politisch bzw. feministisch aktiven Cis-Männern vor. Insgesamt hat sie einen stärkeren Praxis-Bezug als zum Beispiel die von uns mitgestaltete Mole #3 zum Thema Feminismus. Ein Schwachpunkt lässt sich bei intersektionalen Perspektiven verorten, die mit dem Aufsatz ...

(de) fda-ifa - 25. Mai: "Rauchen, saufen, Jungs* verhaun'... - Bollerwagen klaun‘ und den Herrentag versaun'" von evibes
Sun Apr 30 06:17:10 GMT 2017

unter diesem Motto wird am 25. Mai in Berlin die://about feminism-Soliparty in Berlin stattfinden. Die Chose soll dabei helfen, die Repressionskosten für die What the fuck?!-Aktionen gegen den "Marsch für das Leben" in Berlin auf breitere Schultern zu verteilen. Und wisst ihr was? Wir sind mit dabei! ---- Im dank des ZEIT-Magazins bundesweit bekannten "antideutschen Szeneclub"://about blank gibt's nicht nur was zu feiern, sondern auch verschiedene coole Stände. Wir bringen die letzten verbleibenden Feminism-Jogger und sonstigen Merch mit und stehen euch in den Konzertpausen gerne für Frage und Antwort zur Verfügung ---- Achso, ein FB-Event gibt's auch dazu: https://www.facebook.com/events/429479867404761 ---- Rauchen, saufen, Jungs* verhaun‘ - Bollerwagen klaun‘ und den Herrentag versaun‘ ...

(de) fda-ifa: Offenes Kennenlerntreffen der anarchistischen Gruppe Dortmund von Anarchistische Föderation Rhein/Ruhr
Sun Apr 30 06:16:56 GMT 2017

7. Mai 2017 ---- 14:00 ---- [Wildcat-Comic zur Konspirativität anarchistischer Gruppen] ---- Wir laden dich ein zum Kennenlern-Treffen der Anarchistischen Gruppe Dortmund (AGDo)! Seit bald 4 Jahren gibt es in Dortmund wieder Bestrebungen sich anarchistisch zu organisieren. Viele Projekte sind aus unserer Gruppe in den letzten Jahren hervorgegangen, welche werden nun folgen? Wir wollen mit dir gemeinsam neue und vielleicht auch ein paar alte Wege gehen. Scheu dich nicht vorbei zu schauen. Bei uns muss niemand Bakunin oder Kropotkin gelesen haben um dabei zu sein. Solange du mit antiautoritären/anarchistischen Ideen sympathisiert bist du bei uns willkommen! Anarchismus organisieren - in Dortmund und überall! ---- Sonntag 07.05.2017 ab 14.00 Uhr - im Anarchistischen Buch- und Kulturzentrum - Black Pigeon, Scharnhorststr. 50, 44147 Dortmund ...

(de) lb quadrat: [28.4.17] Büchertisch beim Pyro One-Konzert in der Villa
Sun Apr 30 06:16:44 GMT 2017

Villa Barrock ---- Pflugfelderstr. 5 - Ludwigsburg ---- Veranstaltungen ---- Datum/Zeit ---- Date(s) - 28.04.2017 ---- 20:00 - 23:30 ---- Veranstaltungsort ---- Villa Barrock ---- Kategorien ---- Konzert ---- Beim Konzert am kommenden Freitag mit Pyro-One, Tamino und Körpa Klauz sind wir mit einem Büchertisch am Start. Du findest bei uns verschiedene Bücher, Broschüren, Aufkleber, Aufnäher und T-shirts rund um den Anarchismus. ---- Infos zum Konzert - veranstaltet vom Grunz e.V.: ---- Pyro One (Berlin): Mit einem Repertoire aus straighten organischen Hip Hop Brettern und entspannten Storyteller-Beats bietet der Berliner Emcee und Mitglied der überregional bekannten ticktickboom Crew ein großes Spektrum an Musikalität. ---- Tamino (Lörrach): Geboren Mitte der 90er. Aufgewachsen mit Rap und Hip-Hop generell, schreibt Tamino alles auf was ihm durch den Kopf geht, wiegt ...

(ca) federacion anarquista de mexico: A la memoria de Omar Cortes
Sun Apr 30 06:15:29 GMT 2017

Categoría: NOTICIAS
La Federación Anarquista de México, lamenta el fallecimiento, hoy 20 de abril, del militante anarquista Omar Cortes, estimado compañero, importante propagandista de las ideas anarquistas en México, fundador junto a la compañera Chantal López, de Ediciones Antorcha. Su trabajo contribuyo a la construcción de varias generaciones ácratas
Que la tierra te sea leve.
Fraternalmente Federación Anarquista de México

(ca) cnt.es: [Zaragoza] Manifestación del 1º de mayo, plaza San Miguel a las 12 horas -- 1º de mayo Laboral Zaragoza
Sun Apr 30 06:15:19 GMT 2017

Otro año más la CNT sale a la calle el 1º de mayo, para denunciar la situación laboral que toda la clase trabajadora padecemos, desde el obrero u obrera que está en un pequeño comercio hasta quienes están en una multinacional, o hasta los trabajadores/as del Sector Público, como es el caso de la sanidad pública entre muchos otros. ---- A todos/as nos están afectando salarios basura, contrataciones por horas, recortes de personal, jornadas laborales abusivas, poca seguridad e higiene en los trabajos, etcétera. Estas situaciones lógicamente benefician a la empresa y perjudican a los y las de siempre: la clase trabajadora. ---- Con la pérdida de poder adquisitivo, la Banca se ceba con los trabajadores/as quitándonos hasta la vivienda, desahuciando familias enteras a costa de hundirlas aún más. Y por si esto no fuera suficiente, los gobiernos de turno empobrecen ...

(ca) cgt.org.es: El garaje municipal de la calle Sacramento (junto a la Plaza de la Villa), coladero de coches particulares para "la Casta"
Sun Apr 30 06:15:00 GMT 2017

Hasta el pasado mes de marzo, los 25 Conductores funcionarios del Ayuntamiento de Madrid asignados a los servicios dependientes del garaje municipal situado en la calle Sacramento, disponían de unas 10 plazas de aparcamiento para sus vehículos particulares, dado que algunos de ellos tienen que recoger a las autoridades municipales a horas intempestivas, ocasionando que no dispongan de la opción de utilizar la red de transporte público, tanto para llegar a su puesto de trabajo, como para volver a su domicilio tras la conclusión de su jornada laboral. ---- Con estos antecedentes, desde el 3 de abril, por orden del Coordinador General de Seguridad y Emergencias, Don Daniel Vázquez Llorens, ya no les está permitido aparcar en las mencionadas plazas, estableciendo textualmente que:

(ca) Nota de prensa: CGT y el ayuntamiento de Urriés organizan una jornada de encuentro de la antigua vecindad de Ruesta
Sun Apr 30 06:14:50 GMT 2017

CGT y el ayuntamiento de Urriés organizan una jornada de encuentro de la antigua vecindad de Ruesta ---- Este 22 de abril ha tenido lugar en Ruesta el reencuentro de las antiguas vecinas y vecinos de esta localidad del prepirineo aragonés, que pertenece a la comarca zaragozana de las Cinco Villas y cuyo término municipal fue expropiado en los años 60 para llevar a cabo la construcción del embalse de Yesa. ---- Tras largos años sin verse en el que siempre será su pueblo, la reunión, cargada de emotividad, permitió intercambiar afectos e información también con vecinos de Urriés y Artieda ocupados en actuar para asentar proyectos de vida en sus municipios y frenar la feroz despoblación que sufren, culminando con el propósito firme de mantener el contacto con el objeto de apoyar las acciones encaminadas a conservar Ruesta y repetir el encuentro en años sucesivos. ...

(ca) anarkismo.net: Reflexiones sobre el trabajo de base de matriz libertaria by Antônio Ade - Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (FAG)
Sun Apr 30 06:14:31 GMT 2017

La izquierda brasilera vive una crisis de movilización que viene de décadas atrás. Eso queda en evidencia frente al escenario de ajuste, de recomposición conservadora y del retroceso en temas de derechos en el Brasil pre y pos dictadura. Así nos encontramos desarmados ante tantos ataques. ---- A pesar de las buenas movilizaciones recientes, posibilitadas en gran medida por los nuevos medios y redes sociales, el fracaso constante al movilizar amplios sectores de las clases oprimidas quedó claro tras el 2013 pues se evidenció el carácter volátil y pulverizado de los conflictos. A pesar de que en ese momento algunas movilizaciones lograron un relativo grado de radicalidad, muy raramente se encontraron entre sí, expresando una clara señal de fragmentación.

(ca) verba-volant: Patras, 28 y 29 de abril de 2017: Dos días de eventos por la anarquía y el comunismo libertario
Sun Apr 30 06:14:14 GMT 2017

En esta entrada publicamos en programa del festival por la anarquía y el comunismo libertario, que se realizará en Patras el 28 y 29 de abril. El festival ha sido organizado por el grupo anarquista de la ciudad Dissinios Ippos (caballo indomable). ---- Viernes 28 de abril de 2017 ---- 19:00h: Evento-debate: La destrucción y el saqueo de la naturaleza y la sociedad por el Estado y el Capital. La centralización (concentración) y mercantilización de los recursos acuáticos. ---- Introducciones por: ---- a. Grupo anarquista Cumulonimbus. El valor del agua y su privatización (indirecta) en Corfú. ---- b. Grupo anarquista Dissinios Ippos (caballo indomable). Guerras por el agua. La presa Peirou Parapeirou y la explotación de las aguas en el noroeste de Acaya. ---- c. Iniciativa de lucha por la tierra y la libertad. El funcionamiento de la presa hidráulica ...

(gr) Στο όνομα των απελπισμένων μπορούμε ακόμα να ελπίζουμε
Sat Apr 29 11:49:28 GMT 2017

/Χθες βράδυ στο σινεμά. --- Όλο πολεμικά έργα, ένα πολύ καλό, έδειχνε ένα πλοίο γεμάτο πρόσφυγες που βομβαρδιζόταν κάπου στη Μεσόγειο. --- Οι θεατές διασκέδαζαν πολύ με τα πλάνα ενός μεγαλόσωμου, χοντρού ανθρώπου που προσπαθούσε να ξεφύγει κολυμπώντας, ενώ ένα ελικόπτερο τον κυνηγούσε. --- Πρώτα, τον έβλεπες να τσαλαβουτάει στα νερά σαν δελφίνι, ύστερα, ανάμεσα από τις ριπές των πολυβόλων που έριχναν τα ελικόπτερα, μετά γέμισε τρύπες και η θάλασσα γύρω του κοκκίνισε και βυθίστηκε σαν να μπήκε το νερό από τις τρύπες. --- Οι θεατές ούρλιαζαν από το γέλια όταν βυθιζόταν./ --- Τζορτζ Όργουελ, “1984” --- Μαζί με τους πρόσφυγες στο ...


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