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In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas.
These include workplace, environmental and anti-imperialist struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia.

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The A-Infos news lists are democratically self-managed by an international organizational collective. Here's how to participate. We especially encourage women, non-english speaking people, and those living outside of Europe and America. Here is a list of our policies.


The A-Infos Project is coordinated by an international collective of revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle.

These are people who conceive themselves as revolutionary class struggle social anarchists, anarcho-communists, libertarian communists, syndicalists and others who hold similar opinions but use other labels.

A-Infos is organized by people who feel anarchism is a social theory, and that a revolution is necessary to bring about the new class-less social order, and that this revolution can only be made by the vast majority of the working people.

The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and promote is the anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs and those expelled by Karl Marx from the First International for criticizing his authoritarianism and the elitist, vanguardist degradation of the masses of The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and the working class...

We do not support the kind of anarchism proposed by some pseudo-modernists and pseudo-"revolutionaries" who regard symbolic activity as substitute to mass struggle, or the kind of anarchism of "humanists" who hold other tasks as equal or more important than the revolutionary struggle for abolishing the capitalist system.

A-Infos work is not inspired by egoistic and egocentric individualism, primitivism, "free capitalism without a state" or even a state without free capitalism - who oppose the present capitalist order but do not offer instead a viable model of modern social order of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

It is not enough for individuals and groups to use an anarchist label for their texts to be distributed by A-Infos.

In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas of struggle. These include workplace and environmental struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. A-Infos also distributes news on indigenous peoples anti-colonialist fight against settlers, occupation and marginalization, as well as anti-nationalist and anti-regional separatist struggles, because workers have no country but the world as a whole....

A-Infos is specialized press agency, in the service (as we see it best) of the movement of revolutionary anti-capitalist activists who are involved in the various social struggles against the capitalist class and its social system.

A-Infos is not an open "liberal" service that distributes anything "we" are sympathetic to -- it is not Indymedia. It is first of all a free distribution tool for information from and about collectives of anarchist (and other anti authoritarian revolutionaries) involved in the struggle.

A-Infos workers do not think we are the ones who should decide who, on the social anarchist camp, is a "real" anarchist or not. However, as resources are limited, we have the right and duty to (autonomously) choose what we distribute what we feel is best among the contributions and contributors. The freedom of association the A-Infos collective is based on means nothing without the freedom not to associate, if workers so choose.

A-Infos has a role to play in the world anarchist movement. Information is strength. A-Infos helps to build a sense of an international movement. A-Infos is, to a certain extent, one of the few international organizational tools of the movement. But to keep this role it must stay a tool in the service of the movement and not a free-for-all information service.

A-Infos is not just an internal movement tool. Like the Anarchist FAQ, it's also a means to present the movement to the wider audience and to a new generation, and acquaint them with international aspects of the movement.

A-Infos is an autonomous anarchist press agency that is not the bullhorn of any "social" movement. Even when self-proclaimed anarchists (or even if real ones) are involved is not a guarantee A-Infos will distribute contributions. Even if we ourselves sympathize with given movements is no guarantee articles will be posted.

Thus, A-Infos distributes the news and analysis its workers want to share with the world non-authoritarian activists community -- mainly posts from anti-authoritarian revolutionary collectives and reports about direct action of social struggle both of activists and of common people in their daily life.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services we provide, is welcome to use other services or build her/his own.

A-infos is both an organizational tool, a propaganda tool, and an information tool of the movement -- and is not merely "news by, about and of interest to anarchists."

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Latest Headlines:

Sat May 25 06:27:43 GMT 2019

Review of Red State Revolt, The Teachers' Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics by Eric Blanc on Verso Books, 2019. ---- By Michael Mochaidean ---- Last year's wave of public teacher strikes and walkouts was the highest number of workers walking off the job in three decades. Whether it will be the start of a larger trend across other sectors is yet to be seen. But understanding how these strikes came to fruition is an important lesson of modern labor history. ---- So how did a group of young, radical, education unionists manage to stage statewide walkouts across the nation in 2018? ---- This is the question that Eric Blanc seeks to answer in the much anticipated release of his first book, Red State Revolt. Blanc is a doctoral student at NYU and for the past year has acted as correspondent on the Left for the larger education struggles. Given that Blanc has spent ...

(en) Britain, AFED, organise magazine: Public statement from the High Security Prison in Santiago, Chile; Against prison and law 321
Sat May 25 06:13:00 GMT 2019

This is a public communication from the High security prison in Santiago and extends to the mobilization of all the prisons of the territory in Chile. ---- "We start an indefinite liquid and hunger strike in rejection to Law 321 which modifies all the postulation times for benefits, as well as keeping us behind the bars for a lot more time." ---- On the 16th of May, 23 inmates of 3H North unit of the High Security Prison began an indefinite liquid and hunger strike as part of the national resistance movement in prisons across Chile. ---- A further 24 inmates of the 2H North unit joined them with a cessation of activities in solidarioty with the growing movement in the different prisons of the country. ---- This is the first in a series of hunger strikes that are used as a tool in the fight for fair treatment and freedom for all people deprived of their liberty. ...

(en) ait russia: Madrid: Labor Conflict with Faunia [machine translation]
Sat May 25 06:12:50 GMT 2019

The interprofessional trade union CNT-AIT (section of the International Association of Workers) in Madrid announced the launch of protests against Faunia and calls for its boycott. The cause of the conflict was the dismissal from the company's El Olivo restaurant in Valdebernardo, Comrade Emanuele. ---- A fellow worked as a cook in a restaurant and openly criticized exploitative practices in the institution. In addition, he refused to sign the document with the consent to pay for "advanced training" courses for which the Directorate forcibly recorded workers. He was accused of disciplinary violations and disorder in the kitchen, and then fired. ---- Anarcho-syndicalists demand reinstatement of a fired comrade at work ---- http://elmilicianocnt-aitchiclana.blogspot.com/2019/05/sov-cnt-ait-madrid-boicot-faunia-no.html ...

(nl) vrije bond: [Amsterdam/Utrecht] Bus naar de Pinksterlanddagen (en)
Sat May 25 06:10:18 GMT 2019

Anarchistisch festival de Pinksterlanddagen komt er weer aan! Het programma is bijna rond en wordt online gezet zodra het klaar is, maar de bus kun je alvast reserveren. ---- Vanuit Amsterdam via Utrecht gaat er een bus die door de PL is georganiseerd. Je kunt een plek reserveren met een mail naar pl(at)puscii(punt)nl met daarin je naam, vertrekplaats en aantal personen. ---- Vertrek Amsterdam: vrijdag 7 juni 12:00 op bij het Buiksloterwegveer in Amsterdam noord. Neem vanaf Amsterdam centraal de gratis veerpont direct naar de overkant van het IJ en je bent er. ---- Vertrek Utrecht: 13:30 bij station Utrecht Zuilen. ---- Voor de bus geldt een vaste prijs van 20 euro (heen+terug), neem dit gepast mee. De bus gaat terug op maandag aan het begin van de middag. ---- Let op: er zijn dit jaar minder plaatsen beschikbaar, dus reserveer op tijd! ...

(tr) yeryuzu postasi: İtalya'da liman işçileri Yemen'deki savaşa karşı silah taşıyan gemiyi yüklemeyi reddetti, greve gitti
Sat May 25 06:09:03 GMT 2019

İtalyan'nın Cenova şehrinde bulunan limanda işçiler Riyad'ın Yemen savaşını protesto etmek için silah taşıyan bir Suudi gemisini yüklemeyi reddetti. Liman işçileri geminin Cenova'daki limandan ayrılması talebiyle greve gitti. ---- Suudi Arabistan gemisi Bahri-Yanbu'nun günün sonuna kadar Cidde'ye gitmesi beklenirken, teslimat geç kaldı. Limana tamamen yanaşmasına engel olmak için yapılan başarısız girişimlerden sonra, dün limana varan gemi burada protestolar ile karşılandı. ---- İşçilere, malzemelerin Yemen'deki sivillere karşı kullanılacağını ifade eden insan hakları savunucuları da destek verdi. Eylemde savaş ve silah ticaretine karşı dövizler taşındı. ---- İşçiler adına yapılan konuşmalarda "Yemen'de olan bitenler konusunda suç ortağı olmayacağız" denildi. Liman yetkilileri, protestocuların askeri amaçlarla kullanılacağını düşündükleri ...

(pt) Fórum Anarquista Especifista - FAE
Sat May 25 06:08:40 GMT 2019

No Recôncavo da Bahia o povo foi as ruas para exigir e permanência de um ensino público de qualidade na Ufrb e nos Institutos Federais. A existência desses centros de ensino permite ao povo pobre do interior concluir o ensino superior além de movimentar culturalmente, intelectualmente e economicamente várias cidades do Recôncavo. Isso desloca a produção da ciência do centro para a periferia, valorizando nossos saberes.

Educação não é só para barão!
Filhx pobre do Recôncavo agora é doutor!
À margem da elite, à margem das capitais! Sempre à esquerda e avante lado a lado!

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Obituário: uma última saudação a Guy Priqueler (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
Sat May 25 06:08:24 GMT 2019

Um companheiro de viagem nos deixou em Nancy aos 69 anos. ---- Guy era filho de um ferroviário e um chapeleiro, criado na bacia de mineração de Longwy. Tendo descoberto o anarquismo no ensino médio, o acaso fez com que ele cruzasse a estrada de Daniel Guérin no verão de 1970. O jovem reconheceu o velho revolucionário, cuja foto ele vira no verso de um livro. Eles simpatizaram e Guérin ofereceu-lhe uma pilha de livros. Ambos deveriam se encontrar, dez anos depois, no Sindicato dos Trabalhadores Comunistas Libertários (UTCL). ---- Jovem doutor, Guy não combinava com o grupo de trabalho que era o UTCL, onde alguns camaradas parisienses tinham carinhosamente apelidado de "Dr. Knock".
Guy implantou em qualquer caso, uma grande atividade dentro da UTCL, envolvida em múltiplas lutas em Nancy. Seus ativistas co-organizaram, por exemplo, o Comitê ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - EuropaCity: O estado se posiciona à direita (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
Sat May 25 06:08:12 GMT 2019

O projeto EuropaCity sofreu duas grandes derrotas legais, destruindo todas as bases legais deste projeto destrutivo de terras agrícolas férteis. No entanto, o estado pretende continuar o projeto. Fortalecer a resistência da população será decisivo para a continuação dessa luta. ---- Lembre-se que o projeto imobiliário EuropaCity agrupando parques temáticos, "superfícies comerciais e culturais", hotéis e restaurantes, já resultou em 25 de agosto de 2017 em uma opinião desfavorável dada pelo comitê de inquérito público para "impactos significativo para impactos ambientais negativos muito importantes[particularmente no que diz respeito ao consumo massivo de]terra fértil mais próxima da capital". Esta opinião também destacou as conseqüências da impermeabilização do solo e danos à biodiversidade. Além de outras opiniões negativas da Autoridade Ambiental - ...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Quarant'anni fa, Maggio 1979: il CFDT rilascia la lotta di classe (en, fr, pt)[traduzione automatica]
Sat May 25 06:07:43 GMT 2019

Il 38 ° Congresso confederale della CFDT si tiene dall'8 al 12 maggio 1979 a Brest. Tra la politica di "rifocalizzazione" ed esclusioni, segna una svolta nella storia della pianta. La CFDT pertanto risolutamente voltare le spalle al orientamento socialista di auto-gestione che ha avuto la sua originalità e appeal nel post 68. A dispetto delle sue squadre sindacali più combattivi. ---- Va sempre ricordato che il CFDT degli anni '70 è lontano anni luce dall'organizzazione che è diventata oggi. Sulla scia del 68 maggio, l'unione è in sintonia con la protesta sociale e, molto più della CGT, largamente aperta alle lotte contro tutte le dominazioni. L'intero essere articolato in un progetto di trasformazione sociale affermava chiaramente: sì, c'era un tempo in cui il CFDT voleva il socialismo e l'autogestione[1]. ...

(it) anarres-info: Primo Maggio a Torino. A bocce ferme
Sat May 25 06:07:32 GMT 2019

A volte ci vuole un po' di tempo tra gli eventi e la loro narrazione. ---- Da alcuni anni il Primo Maggio torinese ha smesso di essere una scatola con tanti pezzi diversi, che si disponevano secondo un ordine rituale, immutabile nel tempo. ---- In testa Cgil, Cisl, Uil, gli organizzatori ufficiali della giornata, preceduti solo dalla banda municipale e dal parterre istituzionale, che, al di là delle congiunture elettorali, escludeva i fascisti. Poi le associazioni, seguite dai settori più radicali del sindacalismo di base, dai centri sociali, dagli spezzoni dell'anarchismo sociale e infine dai partiti della "sinistra" istituzionale, prima il PD e poi tutti i pezzi della lunga diaspora post-comunista. Distanti e separati quelli di Lotta Comunista, che con coreografia da piazza Rossa moscovita, facevano la loro uscita pubblica annuale. ...

Sat May 25 06:07:24 GMT 2019

Un'insegnante di Palermo di 63 anni, Rosa Maria dell'Aria è stata sospesa dall'insegnamneto perchè i ragazzi e le ragazze della classe dove insegna, hanno realizzato un video in cui hanno messo in evidenza che il Decreto Sicurezza tanto voluto dal 'sovranista' Matteo Salvini, è analogo, nei principi ispiratori a quello che il cav. Benito Mussolini fece approvare nel 1938. Decreto che venne ricordato sotto il nome di Leggi Razziali. Decreti che, in nome del fascismo perseguitarono i cittadini italiani di religione ebraica. Essi furono infatti espulsi dalle scuole di ogni ordine e grado, i libri che avevano scritto, vennero ritirati dalla circolazione. Poi cominciò la mattanza.
Quello che è successo alla collega è la continuazione dell'espulsione dalla scuola della maestra di Torino, dell'espulsione dall'università, sempre a Torino di un tecnico perchè ...

(en) Britain, north-east anarchist group: Virtual Storage offers real cost savings and How come cloud-based item storage helpful
Sat May 25 06:05:39 GMT 2019

Constructing virtual storage of articles in companies has become a brand new stage within the development of business information surroundings, associated with the growth of the availablility of separated sources, file systems, information systems and outside sources of data that users need to consult with. Cloud data storage is highly demanded because of convenience together with accessibility by anywhere in the world. The two private consumers and company representatives willingly place all their information on the Internet. And even Usb thumb drive manufacturers check out cloud storage area not as competitors, but as companions. However , for the purpose of serious organization problems no cost services will never work. Of course, organizations in addition to government agencies need high consistency of storage and privacy of data: plus adaptable settings ...

(ca) SOV CNT-AIT, Madrid:!Boicot Faunia¡!No sólo explota animales¡ -- Despidos y explotación...
Sat May 25 06:05:23 GMT 2019

El pasado 24 de abril, nuestro compañero Emanuele, fue despedido por esta empresa, en concreto del Restaurante El Olivo, ubicado dentro del recinto de Faunia, en Valdebernardo. El trabajaba de cocinero, con muy buenas críticas por parte de la dirección de la misma, sobre el desempeño de su trabajo. ---- Con la excusa de un despido disciplinario y argumentos sin consistencia, como por ejemplo; Haber desorden en la cocina (un día concreto y además en un momento de máximo trabajo). ---- La realidad es bien distinta. En primer lugar tenemos que decir que la empresa era conocedora de que el compañero, pertenecía a nuestro sindicato y además este, siempre que lo requería la ocasión, reivindicaba cuestiones de derechos básicos y cuestiones de salud y riesgos laborales.
El mes anterior al despido, el director de restauración, convocó una reunión informal, con ...

Sat May 25 06:05:11 GMT 2019

Ante las elecciones municipales que se avecinan en nuestro pueblo, la CNT-AIT de Puerto Real quiere manifestar su oposición clara y contundente al espectáculo del circo electoral. ---- Nosotros y nosotras, como anarquistas y anarcosindicalistas, defendemos la única vía posible en estos casos: la Abstención Activa, es decir, la abstención por convencimiento propio. Un convencimiento que deriva directamente del rechazo a la llamada "legalidad democrática". No queremos legitimar este sistema inhumano que nos está robando la vida y para ello denunciamos los mecanismos de representación que el Estado y el Capital establecen para generar la falsa ilusión de que vivimos en una sociedad democrática.
Denunciamos el parlamentarismo como un pilar básico de este sistema y por ello nos abstenemos activamente en todos los procesos electorales que supongan una delegación del ...

(en) cnt.es: May 22nd. Picket in the Courts of Mieres (ca) [machine translation]
Sat May 25 06:03:11 GMT 2019

This Wednesday CNT La Felguera returns to the court to demand what is fair. On this occasion, it will be DMS, contract of Capgemini Spain the more than likely will have to admit another partner in the template.

The union encourages us to attend the event and calls the fight "to the entire staff of Capgemini in a union where we organize ourselves as equals."


(en) cnt.es: CNT joins the strike of the metal sector of Bizkaia
Sat May 25 06:03:07 GMT 2019

On May 17, the union sections of the metal of Bizkaia agreed to participate in the strike days called by the unions ELA, LAB, UGT and CCOO. ---- "More than 50,000 workers in this historic territory have frozen wages and working conditions, we have to put an end to this situation", said the CNT. ---- The strike of the metal sector of Biscay will be on May 23 and June 6, 7, 20 and 21. "The conveners are four unions, but other unions will support the struggle and mobilization," said the anarcho-syndicalist organization. "The attitude of the FVEM employers is one of shame," the CNT has emphasized, "since it has used the crisis to increase its profits and worsen the situation of the workers". The union believes that social peace is "an absolute mistake" for the situation of workers: "We have to promote and strengthen the conflict, both in the workplace and in the streets." ...

(de) libertäre gruppe karlsruhe: Zur Aktualität Gustav Landauers - Vortrag und Diskussion mit der Gedenkinitiative Gustav Landauer -FREITAG, 24.05.2019; 19 UHR P8-CAFE
Sat May 25 06:02:39 GMT 2019

"Die Zeit Gustav Landauers ist noch nicht da", hat Erich Mühsam anlässlich seines zehnten Todestages geschrieben; 90 Jahre später wird das Werk Gustav Landauers neu entdeckt. Eine umfangreiche Ausgabe "Ausgewählter Schriften" und zahlreiche Übersetzungen zeugen von der eigentümlichen Gegenwart des vor 100 Jahren erschlagenen Anarchisten. ---- Vom universitären Betrieb bis zum "Unsichtbaren Komitee" reicht die Spanne derer, die sich auf ihn berufen. Warum erscheint Landauer heute so aktuell und welche Aspekte seines Denkens könnten dazu beitragen, den Anarchismus zu erneuen? ---- Die Gustav Landauer Denkmalinitiative (Berlin) gibt eine Einführung in Landauers Denken, das auf praktisches Beginnen in der gegenwärtigen Gesellschaft zielt.

(de) ag-freiburg: Anarchistischer Aufruf zur Demo gegen neue Polizeigesetze
Sat May 25 06:02:31 GMT 2019

Der EA Freiburg hat einen anarchistischen Aufruf https://eafreiburg.noblogs.org/post/2019/05/08/anarchistischer-aufruf-zur-nopolgbw-demo-in-freiburg-25-05-2019/
zur Teilnahme an den Protesten
gegen die Verschärfung der Polizeigesetze veröffentlicht. Entwaffnet die Polizei!

A - I n f o s Informationsdienst

(ca) Nota de prensa: CGT informa de acciones para exigir el cumplimiento del RD 1698/2011 sobre coeficientes reductores en la edad de jubilación
Sat May 25 06:02:16 GMT 2019

CGT informa de acciones para exigir el cumplimiento del RD 1698/2011 sobre coeficientes reductores en la edad de jubilación ---- La Federación Estatal de Sindicatos de la Industria Metalúrgica de la CGT (FESIM) convoca a los medios y periodistas para explicar la urgente necesidad de exigir al próximo Gobierno la aplicación del Real Decreto 1698/2011 sobre coeficientes reductores en la edad de jubilación en trabajos de naturaleza penosa, tóxica, peligrosa o insalubre que acusen elevados índices de mortalidad o morbilidad, y las acciones que llevarán a cabo desde la organización anarcosindicalista para reivindicar su aplicación cuanto antes en muchos sectores productivos. ---- FECHA: martes, 21 de mayo de 2019 ---- HORA: 11:30 horas ---- LUGAR: Sede CGT. C/ Sagunto, 15 (Madrid). Metro: Iglesia ...

(ca) Madrid cnt.es: 23 de mayo. Presentación de «Historia de la CNT» de Julián Vadillo
Sat May 25 06:02:05 GMT 2019

La Sección de Música de CNT Madrid presenta este jueves, 23 de mayo, el libro del compañero e historiador Julián Vadillo «Historia de la CNT - Utopía, pragmatismo y revolución»». El acto será a las 19h en el nuevo local de Glorieta de Embajadores 7, 1º B. El sindicato promete un interesante acto, tanto para la gente afiliada al sindicato como para quien quiera aproximarse a él y conocerlo más. Se trata de un libro riguroso pero de lectura muy accesible, por lo que va a ser muy útil a las numerosas secciones sindicales de nueva creación que quieran conocer su historia, sin mitos ni demonizaciones.


(ca) Federación de Ateneos y Grupos Libertarios de Barrio de Madrid - Acracia nº 1 -- Caminando
Sat May 25 06:01:56 GMT 2019

Desde el número 0 de Acracia han pasado muchas cosas en el país. Por un lado el "8 de marzo" un gigantesco movimiento de mujeres se materializó, expresando un malestar que es universal, malestar que se llama "patriarcado". Es contra ese patriarcado omnipresente contra el que levantamos nuestras voces, situándolo de manera preferente a la hora de enfocar nuestras luchas. Enfrentarse día a día, en el ámbito público y privado, al mismo es una prioridad transformadora en sí misma. ---- Otro acontecimiento que ha estado presente y que todavía tiene una fecha señalada, en la que se manifestará el circo democrático, son las elecciones pasadas y las que aún nos quedan por sufrir este mes de mayo. Los resultados de las elecciones nos son indiferentes, las conquistas sociales se hacen en la calle. Nuestro camino como libertarios no pasa por las urnas sino por la ...

(ca) sas madrid: Postura del SAS ante la huelga de médicas/o convocada por la Plataforma #APsemueve
Sat May 25 05:19:22 GMT 2019

La Plataforma #APsemueve ha convocado, para el próximo 21 de mayo de 2019, huelga de médicos/as de Atención Primaria del Servicio Madrileño de Salud, con objeto de denunciar las carencias que sufre la Atención Primaria, y que son bien conocidas tanto por sus trabajadoras/es como por los pacientes que la utilizan. ---- Entre los problemas que han llevado a esta convocatoria huelga están, entre otros, los siguientes motivos: ---- - Escaso presupuesto y baja retribución del personal: Se pide el incremento del gasto sanitario público en % del PIB y que el 25% del total se dedique a Atención Primaria (que en Madrid ha sido estos últimos años entre el 10% y el 11%, frente al 14% de media estatal). ---- Se piden, así mismo, mejoras retributivas, como pueden ser la equiparación del salario con las comunidades autónomas que mejor pagan a sus trabajadores/as. ...

(ca) cnt.es: CNT se suma a la huelga del sector del metal de Bizkaia (en)
Sat May 25 05:19:14 GMT 2019

El pasado 17 de mayo, las secciones sindicales del metal de Bizkaia acordaron la participación en los días de huelga convocada por los sindicatos ELA, LAB, UGT y CCOO. ---- «Más de 50.000 trabajadores de este territorio histórico tienen congelados los salarios y las condiciones laborales, tenemos que acabar con esta situación» -ha dicho la CNT. ---- La huelga del sector del metal de Bizkaia será el 23 de mayo y los días 6, 7, 20 y 21 de junio. «Los convocantes son cuatro sindicatos, pero otras organizaciones sindicales apoyaremos la lucha y la movilización» -ha dicho la organización anarcosindicalista. «La actitud de la patronal FVEM es de vergüenza» -ha subrayado la CNT-, ya que «ha utilizado la crisis para aumentar sus ganancias y empeorar la situación de los y las trabajadoras». El sindicato considera que la paz social es «un absoluto ...

Sat May 25 05:19:05 GMT 2019

(Articulo publicado inicialmente en "Anarchosyndicalisme!", periódico de la CNT-AIT Sur Oeste Francia, n° 163, enero-febrero 2019, original en frances) https://cntaittoulouse.lautre.net/spip.php?article952 !!- ¿Puedes explicarnos cómo has llegado aquí? ---- - Estaba presente en la cita del 17 de noviembre de 2018 a las 7:30 en mi pueblo, solo para ver, ya que no lo tenía muy claro y temía encontrarme dentro de un movimiento politizado o de extrema derecha. Bloqueamos las estaciones de servicio, dejamos pasar el peaje gratis todo el día. El lunes, vi que se había reunido un pequeño grupo en la rotonda de la entrada del pueblo. Como actualmente estoy de baja, en convalecencia, tengo un poco de tiempo y me paré pues a discutir. Al día siguiente lo mismo, y así fue como empezamos a instalarnos en la rotonda ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Read: André Hébert, "With the Kurds against Daesh" (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Sat May 25 05:18:42 GMT 2019

André Hébert was a volunteer with the YPG between 2015 and 2017. He delivers through this book a fascinating political testimony on the current revolution. ---- This book was first motivated by the need to twist the necks of the untruths circulating on the conflict that ignited and still sets Syria on fire. Indeed, after having initially supported the Free Syrian Army, which has for the most part been disbanded or recycled within the Islamic State and mercenaries in the pay of Turkey, the International Coalition[1]had to resign itself to support the YPG[2], the only force able to stand up to Daesh, despite their revolutionary ideology. In order to justify the current let-go, they now need to rewrite the history of the war against Daesh, diminishing the role of Kurdish and foreign revolutionaries on the one hand, and Turkey's support for the Islamic State of Israel. 'other. ...

(en) Italy, alternativa libertaria fdca: Europe parliament election (it) [machine translation]
Sat May 25 05:18:32 GMT 2019

On May 26, Italian citizens will vote to elect the new European parliament, and 400 million European voters will be called to the polls. ---- Several hundred candidates are ready to be elected to give continuity to their self-representation, perpetuating a simulacrum of democracy in a scenario crossed by strong systemic contradictions. ---- These elections are played on major issues, which artificially remain in the shadows, starting from the dispute over the single currency and the reactionary political response that is crossing the whole of Europe, the European rights are coalescing and are increasing their influence on large strata of the population, denouncing the advance of the racist and fascist right on the electoral field has now become a prerogative of a neoliberal system that has come to an end, a system of power that has, over the years, ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Forty years ago, May 1979: the CFDT releases the class struggle (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Sat May 25 04:57:52 GMT 2019

The 38 th Confederal Congress of the CFDT is held from 8 to 12 May 1979 in Brest. Between the policy of "refocusing" and exclusions, it marks a turning point in the history of the plant. The CFDT will therefore resolutely turn its back on the self-management socialist orientation that had made its originality and its appeal in the post-68. In defiance of its most combative union teams. ---- It must always be remembered that the CFDT of the 1970s is light years away from the organization it has become today. In the wake of May 68, the union is in tune with social protest, and, much more than the CGT, largely open to struggles against all dominations. The whole being articulated to a project of social transformation clearly affirmed: yes, there was a time where the CFDT wanted the socialism and the self-management[1]. ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Dominique Masset (Glyphosate Campaign): " We are in a momentum that is not about to stop " (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Sat May 25 04:57:32 GMT 2019

The Glyphosate Campaign is one of the most successful initiatives in the fight against pesticides. Collectives are being created all over France to lodge complaints against this invisible pollution. Questions to Dominique Masset, co-founders of the campaign in Ariège. ---- Libertarian alternative: How was born the idea of this campaign of samples and urine tests ? ---- Dominique Masset: In 2017, following the actions of reavers and mowers voluntary of GMOs. The goal was to paint the pesticide composition labels in the stores so they would not be salable. There was a trial in which the 21 people came with their own analyzes to say that they were not only launchers and whistleblowers, but also victims. The action had already taken place once without giving anything, but this time to our surprise, the court accepted the analyzes and sent the file to the European Commission to ...

(fr) Monde Libertaire - La page Facebook officielle du Monde Libertaire
Fri May 24 19:58:00 GMT 2019

Comme vous le savez peut-être nous sommes désormais actifs sur Facebook. Certains diront que cela est pour le meilleur (toucher de nouvelles personnes, faire découvrir l'anarchisme via un autre média, pouvoir renvoyer à un support connu) et d'autres pour le pire (utilisation d'une plateforme capitaliste, qui surveille ses utilisateurs, qui propose de la pub à foison etc.). ---- Une des raisons majeures de notre présence sur le réseau était toutefois que, bien que nous n'y étions pas, nous autres mandatés au Monde Libertaire, nous étions néanmoins «représentés» de façon absolument non voulue. En effet une page «Le Monde Libertaire» existait avant la nôtre: que nous le voulions ou non, nous étions sur ...

(fr) Librarie, l'insoumise - Nouveaux arrivages usagés (mise à jour du 23 mai)
Fri May 24 19:57:47 GMT 2019

Nous publions les titres les plus intéressants parmi les livres usagés que nous recevons à chaque semaine. Ces livres sont disponibles en un seul exemplaire. ---- Étant donné leur bas prix, ils risquent de partir vite. Vous pouvez nous appelez pour demander un mise de côté valide pour une période d'une semaine (pour plus de détails lire ici). Si vous pensez passer à la librairie sans avoir demandé de mise de côté, appelez avant à la librairie pour vous assurer que le livre que vous désirez est toujours disponible: (514) 313-3489 ---- Memoirs of a Beatnick - Diane di Prima - Lasp Gasp, 1988 - 7,50$, section «Poésie anarchiste» ---- Recollections of My Life as a Woman - Diane di Prima - Penguin, 2002 - ...

(fr) CNT-F Fédération des Travailleuses/eurs de l'Education - Répression à Toulouse ce jeudi 23 mai
Fri May 24 19:57:01 GMT 2019

Journée nationale de grève des AESH. Plusieurs rassemblements étaient organisés en régions. Forte mobilisation à Paris. Lire ci-dessous ---- Communiqué ---- La CNT-FTE dénonce la répression dont sont victimes les enseignant.e.s de Toulouse et sa région. Après des arrestations arbitraires mardi à la fin d'une manifestation déclarée (les collègues ont été remis en liberté quelques heures plus tard), aujourd'hui les grévistes ont été gazés et matraqués sans sommation devant le rectorat. ---- La CNT-FTE apporte son soutien aux collègues réprimé.e.s, mais également à l'ensemble des grévistes. ---- Cette répression n'est pas anodine et cible une des régions de France où l'opposition à la loi et ...

(fr) UCL-Saguenay -[Chicoutimi]Peau neuve pour le parc autogéré du 19 juillet!
Fri May 24 19:56:45 GMT 2019

Dimanche dernier (19 mai), une trentaine de personnes se sont déplacées pour participer à la marmite autogérée «De la bouffe, pas des bateaux!». Le thème visait à mettre en lumière deux problématiques: le désert alimentaire qu'est le centre-ville de Chicoutimi et les projets destructeurs financés à coups de millions par les divers paliers de gouvernements. Face aux projets qui vont enrichir des multinationales, nous proposons l'organisation autonome et la résistance puisque ce n'est pas seulement des bateaux et des gazoducs qui viennent avec ces grands projets, mais c'est tout un monde qui s'impose et se perpétue. Un monde formé d'exploitation infinie des ressources naturelles et des humains, ...

(fr) FA Rennes - Causerie autour des camps de réfugiés d'hier et d'aujourd'hui
Fri May 24 19:56:26 GMT 2019

Le groupe "La Sociale" vous convie à une causerie populaire d'un genre un peu particulier Mercredi 05 juin à 20h30. Nous projetterons un documentaire sur la constitution et le quotidien du réfugiés espagnoles en 1939 dans un camp qui a servi à parquer les migrant(e)s espagnol(e)s qui fuyaient l'avancée des troupes franquistes à travers l'Espagne et la Catalogne en 1939. Hier ces réfugié(e)s politiques étaient blanc(he)s mais catalogué(e)s «rouges», aujourd'hui ces réfugié(e)s sont souvent de «couleurs». Ils fuient leurs pays, parfois pour des raisons économiques, mais le plus souvent pour fuir des zones de guerre. ---- Hier comme aujourd'hui, leur malheur est instrumentalisé par les politiciens qui ...

(en) Holand, vrije bond: [Amsterdam / Utrecht] Bus to the Pentecostal Days (nl)
Fri May 24 07:25:09 GMT 2019

Anarchist festival the Pentecostal Days is coming! The program is nearly ready and will be online once its complete, but the bus you can already book. ---- The festival has organized a bus to go from Amsterdam via Utrecht to the festival. You can reserve a spot on the bus with an e-mail to pl (at) puscii (dot) en containing your name, bus stop and the amount of people. ---- Amsterdam: bus leaves Friday June 7th, 12:00 at the Buiksloterweg ferry in Amsterdam North. From central station its the free ferry going straight across the river IJ. ---- Utrecht: 13:30 trainstation Utrecht Zuilen. ---- The bus has a fixed price of 20 euros both ways, please bring this cash. The bus goes back on monday in the first half of the afternoon. ---- Please note: there is a reduced number of seats available this year, so book your spot on time! ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Live from CGT congress: management recedes on regional committees (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Fri May 24 07:24:43 GMT 2019

Fourth day of the 52 th Confederal Congress CGT. Conventional fire against this new bureaucratic level ; debate on the organization of the isolated and subcontracting ; concerns about anti-union repression ; questions about candidacies for confederal leadership. A report on the spot, day by day, by the blog Libertarian libertarians of the CGT . ---- For this fourth day of the Confederal Congress, the session opened with the presentation of motions of support to various struggles ... The congress generally adopts several, without further discussion. One of them would have deserved to be re-read with the eyes of the ecological unionism that the CGT wants to embody: the one presented by the Federation of Agro-Food supporting the strikers of the sugar refinery of Toury (Eure-et-Loire ), whose plant is to close at the end of the year. ...

(ca) cnt.es: 22 de mayo. Piquete en los Juzgados de Mieres (en)
Fri May 24 07:24:28 GMT 2019

Este miércoles CNT La Felguera vuelve al juzgado a exigir lo que es de justicia. En esta ocasión, será DMS, contrata de Capgemini España la más que probablemente tendrá que admitir a otro compañero en la plantilla.

El sindicato nos anima a acudir al acto y llama a la lucha «a toda la plantilla de Capgemini en un sindicato donde nos organizamos ente iguales».


(ca) cgt catalunya: La CGT denuncia una situación esperpéntica con lectores de huellas digitales
Fri May 24 07:21:01 GMT 2019

Un lector de huellas digitales instal.lat ilegalmente en la puerta de acceso de los aseos de la empresa DAVISA, ha provocado que varias trabajadoras hayan orinado encima. ---- Ya sea por que las manos están sucias a causa del trabajo, o cuando los dedos están fríos o húmedos por el sudor o por derrames líquidos, hace que el lector de huella digital de los aseos falle y no se pueda acceder al servicio. Hay que añadir que el baño sólo se puede acceder después de fichar, lo que hace imposible lavarse antes para poder acceder. ---- Mearse encima accidentalmente ha pasado en más ocasiones, aunque esta situación es un problema preferentemente perjudicial para las trabajadoras del sexo femenino, ya que los hombres cuando falla el lector y no pueden entrar, salen a orinar a una explanada accediendo por una puerta trasera de la nave. ...

(ca) cgt.org.es: Basta de represión a la huelga de hambre de los compañeros presos en Chiapas
Fri May 24 07:20:29 GMT 2019

Desde la Confederación General del Trabajo lamentamos el incumplimiento de los compromisos adquiridos por parte del Secretario de Gobierno, Ismael Brito Mazariegos, en cuanto a la atención de las demandas justicia y libertad absolutoria de los compañeros presos en huelga de hambre que comenzaron el 15 de marzo. ---- SECRETARIADO PERMANENTE COMITÉ CONFEDERAL DE LA CGT ---- Este incumplimiento total de la revisión de los expedientes y la absolución, les ha llevado a retomar la estricta huelga de hambre levantada parcialmente el 15 de abril ante los compromisos asumidos en la Mesa de Reconciliación. Pasados los 20 días acordados, los compañeros presos en lucha de la organización LA VOZ DE INDÍGENAS EN RESISTENCIA y la organización LA VOZ VERDADERA DEL AMATE han retomado la huelga de hambre estricta y además de sufrir las consecuencias de su ayuno asumido, está recibiendo el ...

Fri May 24 07:20:17 GMT 2019

Para cualquier mujer el derecho a abortar -en condiciones seguras para su vida y salud- es incuestionable y una decisión que sólo ella debe tomar. Implica poder elegir sobre su vida y su propio cuerpo, libremente, sin cuestionamientos sociales y mucho menos morales o religiosos. ---- Rosa Fraile | Periódico CNT ---- Ilustración: Joan Turu ---- Pero plantear el tema del aborto supone sacar a la luz otras cuestiones que afectan al conjunto de la sociedad - y no solo a la mujer- y que están muy relacionadas con la dominación que el sistema de poder ejerce sobre hombres y mujeres, además de afectar al desarrollo de nuestras vidas sexuales y al modelo de sociedad en el que querríamos vivir. Implica hablar de cómo nos relacionamos, de respeto, de igualdad, de derecho a decidir, de modelos de familia, de maternidad y paternidad, de desarrollo sexual, de planificación familiar y ...

(ca) NOTA DE PRENSA: El SAS apoya la huelga del personal de urgencias del Hospital La Paz para el día 29/05/2019.por SAS-Sindicato Asambleario de Sanidad CAS_SAS_MADRID
Fri May 24 07:19:24 GMT 2019

El proceso de privatización de la Sanidad Pública iniciado por el primer gobierno de Esperanza Aguirre (PP), sólo fue denunciado por CASMADRID (Coordinadora Antiprivatización de la Sanidad Pública de Madrid), dejando claro que los hospitales privados que se abrieron desde entonces a la actualidad (6.- nuevos hospitales PFI, más el de Puerta de Hierro, los 4.- PPP, más el aumento del concierto con la Fundación Jiménez Díaz) no iban a solucionar los problemas de la Sanidad Pública de Madrid. ---- Este desvío de dinero público a empresas privadas ha traído como resultado un deterioro de la asistencia sanitaria en los centros públicos de la Comunidad de Madrid y un aumento de los beneficios de quien los gestiona; solo hay que ver lo que opina el Consejero Delegado del grupo Fresenius: propietario de los hospitales privados de Valdemoro, Rey Juan Carlos y ...

(ca) cnt.es: Limpiezas Sirkari despide a una trabajadora que se encontraba de baja médica
Fri May 24 07:19:06 GMT 2019

El sindicato CNT ha denunciado que la empresa Limpiezas Sirkari ha despedido a una trabajadora, afiliada a esta organización, «mientras se encontraba de baja médica, tras ser subrogada desde la empresa Limpiezas Lombide». A su juicio, se trata de una medida de claro contenido antisindical. ---- Según ha destacado la central anarcosindicalista, «el principal motivo alegado por la empresa para su despido han sido las supuestas quejas reiteradas de los vecinos de estas comunidades». «La sorpresa de todas nosotras al conocer estos motivos fue mayúscula, ya que durante todos los años que Sofía se ha encargado de la limpieza de estas comunidades, ni los propios vecinos, ni su empresa anterior (Limpiezas Lombide) le han comunicado ninguna queja, amonestación o sanción en relación con su desempeño profesional» -ha subrayado el sindicato. ...

(en) awsm.nz: Tamaki Makaurau Anarchists - Launch Party! - Saturday 25th May @ MoveSpace
Fri May 24 07:18:44 GMT 2019

Unfortunately we had to postpone our previous Launch party in respect of the victims of the Christchurch tragedy, so here we are finally launching! ---- First up! ---- 1-6pm - (A) Space: ---- Your local Anarchist pop up infoshop and Social Centre! Come along for discussion, film screenings, hangouts, radical boards games, zines books and more! ---- 5pm - Film Screening: ---- Bastion Point - The Untold Story ---- Join us for the second screening we've done marking the anniversary of the end of the Takaparawha / Bastion Point occupation. It's a monumental struggle and story that inspires us with the current struggle at Ihumatao. ---- There will be a kete for koha with all proceeds going to Kaitiaki Pa who are protecting Ihumatao. ---- 6pm - LAUNCH PARTY ---- **Live music ---- **Food ---- **A Talk about TMA ---- **Come hang out! ...

(en) Britain, anarchist communist group ACG: Internationalism in practice - dockers in Italy show the way
Fri May 24 07:18:16 GMT 2019

The Saudi ship Bahri Yanbu has been halted by dockworkers in the Italian port of Genoa. ---- The ship had previously picked up weapons for the war in Yemen from Antwerp, Belgium, but at Le Havre, France, it was prevented from picking up more arms for the Saudi military after a legal challenge by protesters from a human rights group. Now in Genoa, dock workers, with support from local protesters, have taken direct action and refused to load generators, saying in a statement, "We will not be complicit in what is happening in Yemen" and they also make the call to "open the port to migrants and close it to arms". ---- While we are pleased that the legal challenge in Le Havre successfully prevented the ship from being loaded, we should also remember that the ruling class courts are rarely on the side of justice and the only sure way to prevent mass murder in this and other wars is ...

(en) Belarus, pramen.io: Minsk: an IT-specialist kidnapped by the cops at night for writing "ACAB" in Facebook
Fri May 24 07:16:23 GMT 2019

Here we quote the Facebook post of IT-specialis Hleb Rubanau from Minsk, who have participated in internet-flashmob "IAmExtremist" and was punished by 30-hours detention and fine. ---- "As you may know I live in non-democratic country. At the end of 2018 regime started new crackdown on freedom of speech. They started accusing people of "extremist posts in social networks", which is punishable by heavy fines or (in theory) short-time arrest up to 15 days. ---- My friends Mikola Dziadok and Aliaxandr Dzianisau were punished with fines (typical case could be "antifashist picture with crossed swastika considered as nazi propaganda", or critical antifaschist publication punished as extremism because it included the illustrative photo of people wearing prohibited symbols of ultra-right group, or something like that). ...

(en) [Canada] 14th Montreal International Anarchist Theater Festival, May 17-23 By ANA
Fri May 24 06:41:01 GMT 2019

The fourteenth International Anarchist Theater Festival of Montreal (MIATF) - the largest anarchist theater festival in the world - will feature 30 artists (seven troupes) from Chile, USA, France and Montreal for three nights of provocative, socially committed theater, freedom. Friday, May 17 at L'Achoppe (ask a local punk for the address), 7:30 pm, Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22, at La Sala Rossa, 4848 boul St-Laurent, 7:00 p.m. The closing party / live music show is Thursday, May 23 at the Casa del Popolo, 4873 boulSt-Laurent, 20h00. ---- Tickets: $ 13.00 each night at the door, or online in advance at La Sala Rossa's website, lasalarossa.com . No reserved places. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. (Special PWYC for May 17 and $ 5 for party / show on May 23).

(en) avtonom - Anatoly Dubovik: an interview with a Ukrainian anarchist [machine translation]
Fri May 24 06:40:50 GMT 2019

Anatoly Dubovik is one of the founders and ideologists of the RKAS named after N.I. Makhno (Revolutionary Confederation of Anarchists-Syndicalists). This organization existed from 1994 to 2014, and was one of the most notable associations of anti-authoritarian socialists in Ukraine. Until the early 1990s, Anatoly Dubovik lived in Kazan, and then moved to Ukraine. Our questions related to the events of 2014-2019, ranging from the Maidan and ending with the recent presidential elections. ---- - What has changed in Ukraine after the end of the Maidan. In short, the main changes (or their assessment) - in politics, economy, social sphere? ---- - The main change in socio-cultural and political life is the departure from Russia. The final, I hope, break with the semi-colonial status of Ukraine. This is probably the only positive over the past five years. Otherwise, all ...

(tr) Anarşist Kadınlar: Bir arada olursak biz kadınlar yeniden ayağa kalkmayı biliriz.
Fri May 24 06:40:32 GMT 2019

Sarılarak birbirimize yalnızlığı unuturuz, korkularımızdan sıyrılırız. Dayanışmanın gücüyle büyür mücadelemiz, mücadelemiz büyüdükçe özgürleşiriz.
Şimdi Name için mücadelemiz. Sarılmışken birbirimize, ayağa kalkmışken yeniden özgürlük hiç bitmesin diye çağırıyoruz bütün kadınları. Cuma günü saat 14.00'te İstanbul Bölge Adliye Mahkemesi'ne Name'yle dayanışmaya gidiyoruz.
Çünkü biliyoruz ki birimiz bile özgür değilsek hepimiz tutsağız.

Name'ye Özgürlük!
Yaşasın Kadın Dayanışması

(tr) DAF, Meydan #49 - İktidarların Kültürel Anestezisi: KİTSCH - Hasan Doğan
Fri May 24 06:40:12 GMT 2019

Kafamızı kaldırıp etrafımıza baktığımızda estetikten yoksun ne kadar da çok şey görürüz. Başta binalar, binaların gölgesinde kalmış parklar, heykeller, giyilen kıyafetler, mağazalarda satılan ürünler, televizyonu açtığımızda karşımıza çıkanlar. Çevremizde o kadar çok "kalitesiz" ve özensizce tasarlanmış ve ucuza mal edilerek üretilmiş şeyle karşılaşıyoruz ki. Üstelik bunların neredeyse tamamı orijinal da değil, bir şeylerin kopyası, kötü birer taklidi. Bu durum yalnızca tüketim nesnelerinde değil sosyal ve kültürel yaşamın her alanında da kendisini gösteriyor. Hatta siyasal alanda bile. ---- İşte "kitsch" sıradan ve kopya olanın baş tacı yapılırken özgün olanın ise sıradanlaştırılmasını açıklamak üzere kullanılan bir kavram. Kitsch'in Almanca "yol boyunca çamur toplamak" anlamına gelen kitschen kelimesinden geldiği düşünülmekte. Ayrıca ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Ao vivo do congresso da CGT: a administração recua em comitês regionais (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
Fri May 24 06:39:53 GMT 2019

Quarto dia da 52 th Confederal Congresso CGT. Fogo convencional contra este novo nível burocrático ; debate sobre a organização do isolado e subcontratação ; preocupações com repressão anti-sindical ; perguntas sobre candidaturas à liderança confederativa. Um relato no local, dia a dia, pelo blog Libertarianos libertários da CGT . ---- Para este quarto dia do Congresso Confederal, a sessão foi aberta com a apresentação de moções de apoio a várias lutas ... O congresso geralmente adota várias, sem mais discussão. Uma delas teria merecido ser relida com os olhos do sindicalismo ecológico que a CGT quer incorporar: a apresentada pela Federação de Agroalimentos apoiando os grevistas da refinaria de açúcar de Toury (Eure-et-Loire ), cuja fábrica deve fechar no final do ano.

(pt) [País Basco] 18 e 19 de maio. XV Feira do Livro Anarquista de Bilbao By A.N.A.
Fri May 24 06:39:38 GMT 2019

Como de costume, Bilbao sediará a XV Feira do Livro Anarquista. Será realizada entre 18 e 19 de maio na zona do Arenal. Como aquecimento, em 15 de maio ocorrerá uma coletiva de imprensa na livraria Anti Liburudenda na rua Dos de Mayo, N° 2, às 12h00. ---- A décima-quinta feira será aberta no sábado 18 das 10h30 às 21h00, e domingo das 10h30 às 15h00. Além disso, nas instalações, haverá uma exposição sobre Rojava, tema que será discutido no sábado à tarde. O programa será o seguinte: ---- Sábado, dia 18 ---- * 10h30 - Abertura ---- * 12h00 - Palestra: À queima-roupa, reflexões anarco-feministas, por Mireia Redondo. ---- * 13h00 - Apresentação do livro: O outono de Kropotkin, de Jordi Maíz. ---- * 17h30 - Apresentações da HQ: O tesouro de Lucio, por Mikel Santos "Belatz" e Pico dos corvos, por Iñaket e Mikel Begoña. ---- * 19h00 - Apresentação de Atado e bem ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - Seguro de desemprego: uma falha cuidadosamente orquestrada (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
Fri May 24 06:39:30 GMT 2019

Em 22 de fevereiro, as negociações do seguro-desemprego terminaram em fracasso, permitindo que o estado recuperasse o controle. O objetivo do governo parece cada vez mais óbvio: enfraquecer o Unedic para colocar o seguro-desemprego sob a supervisão do Estado. ---- As últimas negociações sobre a Convenção de Compensação do Desemprego são a história de um massacre. Se tomarmos a história dessas negociações, podemos ver facilmente a estratégia do governo para acabar com a Unédic. ---- Quando foi criado em 1945, 80% da previdência social era administrada pelos sindicatos - a CGT - e 20% pelos empregadores. Está previsto incluir o seguro-desemprego, mas a necessidade de sair da guerra não é sentida. A reconstrução do país garante o pleno emprego. No final da década de 1950, o país foi reconstruído. Soma-se a isso a construção européia e o processo de descolonização, que ...

(nl) vrije bond: [Amsterdam] Stempasverbranding met de Vrije Bond Amsterdam (en)
Fri May 24 06:39:07 GMT 2019

De Vrije Bond Amsterdam organiseert op donderdag 23 mei een verbranding van onze stempassen voor de Europese verkiezingen in het Noorderpark. ---- We wisten niet wat we anders met de brieven van de overheid moesten doen, dan kunnen we ze beter gebruiken om de barbecue aan te steken. Het wordt een gezellige namiddag met een barbecue, wat drankjes, een muziekje. Zin om langs te komen? Neem je stempas mee, identificatie is niet nodig! ---- Waarom een stempasverbranding? ---- Om de stiekeme hoop die velen van ons koesteren op een ‘breed links' of op een partij die wel doet wat ze tijdens de verkiezingen beloven eens en voor altijd in de as te leggen. Velen van ons voelen zich schuldig als ze niet gaan stemmen. Je zou je schuldig moeten voelen als je het wél zou doen. Linkse partijen keren arbeiders, studenten en hun eigen integriteit stelselmatig de rug toe. Ze zijn vaak ...

(it) usi-cit: COMUNICATO USI - Cade il castello costruito attorno all'arresto di Aldo Milani
Fri May 24 06:38:39 GMT 2019

Il 13 maggio 2019 Aldo Milani, coordinatore nazionale del SI Cobas, processato nel tribunale di Modena viene assolto con formula piena per non aver commesso il fatto dalla accusa infamante di estorsione, per essersi intascato dei soldi in cambio di accordi sindacali. ---- I fatti risalgono alla fine del 2016, quando Milani fu arrestato, al termine di una trattativa con i fratelli Levoni, proprietari di una importante azienda agroalimentare, nel settore delle carni. In quel momento la notizia del sindacalista arrestato suscita grande clamore negli organi d'informazione. ---- Finisce così miseramente questa torbida vicenda, denunciata fin da subito per creare discredito sulle lotte del SI Cobas nel settore della logistica, a sostegno delle rivendicazioni contro il supersfruttamentodella mano d'opera in larga parte d'immigrati, sotto ricatto, egettare ...

(it) anarres-info: Venerdì 24 maggio. Geografie della rivoluzione sociale ore 21 alla FAT in corso Palermo 46
Fri May 24 06:38:16 GMT 2019

Lo spazio non è un luogo neutro: le mappe tracciate sulla carta, sono la rappresentazione a colori e righe di un dominio che si incide nei corpi e nelle vite di tutti. Lo spazio del dominio e lo spazio di libertà emergono nella loro irriducibile differenza grazie alla geografia sociale. ---- Lanciato per la prima volta nel XIX secolo dai geografi anarchici Reclus e Kropotkin, il termine "geografia sociale" all'epoca era sinonimo di "geografia socialista", ossia sostanzialmente anarchica. Da diversi autori è stato poi utilizzato con finalità non sempre rilevanti dal punto di vista della trasformazione sociale. ---- Daremo uno sguardo alla storia, prima di discutere numerosi casi di applicazione di saperi critici, che ci mostrano come spazi e luoghi sono concetti da cui non può prescindere un'analisi sociale e politica che miri alla trasformazione della società. ...

(it) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - unionismo, Live CGT Congress: Philippe Martinez non vuole offendere nessuno (en, fr, pt)[traduzione automatica]
Fri May 24 06:37:59 GMT 2019

Primo giorno del 52 ° confederale Congresso CGT. Il Segretario generale ribadisce un orientamento combattivo senza evitare le difficoltà accumulate negli ultimi tre anni, ma offre poche soluzioni per scendere la china. Un rapporto sul posto, giorno per giorno, dal blog libertario libertario della CGT . ---- Per questo primo giorno del congresso confederale, oltre all'elezione delle varie commissioni, che dà sempre origine a qualche fastidio e tensione di non reale importanza, la maggior parte della giornata è stata sintetizzata nel lungo discorso introduttivo (1 ora e 40 minuti) di Philippe Martinez. ---- Discorso curioso inoltre: nessun rapporto reale di attività, né rapporto di orientamento, ma dove non passa nessuna difficoltà sul silenzio. In diverse occasioni, il Segretario generale li evoca integralmente: strutturazione di singoli sindacalisti, ...

(de) evibes: Vom "ungeborenen Leben" - Podiumsgespräch
Fri May 24 06:37:28 GMT 2019

Eine Schwangerschaft zu beenden, scheint längst nicht mehr die persönliche Sache der Frau zu sein. Ihr Bauch, so meinen konservative Hardliner*innen, gehöre allen! Die Veranstaltung greift die aktuelle Debatte auf und sucht nach Lösungen für das komplexe Problem rund um Selbstbestimmung und Informationsfreiheit. ---- Wie ist die Situation bei Schwangerschaftsabbrüchen in Sachsen und bei unseren Nachbarn? Welche Vision und Forderungen haben wir? Welches Frauen- und Familienbild stecken dahinter? Wie passt das zusammen mit der schwindenden Zahl an Hebammen oder nicht ausreichend finanzierten Kitas? ---- Mittwoch, den 29. Mai 2019 von 19:00 bis 21:00 in der WIR AG (Martin-Luther-Str. 21, 01099 Dresden) ---- Mit Sarah Diehl (Publizistin u.a.: internationale reproduktive Rechte von Frauen), Sarah Buddeberg (Gleichstellungs- und Queerpolitische Sprecherin der ...

Fri May 24 06:37:14 GMT 2019

BeratungDüsseldorf -- 27. Mai 2019 -- 17:00 - 20:00 Uhr FAUD-Lokal V6 -- Volmerswertherstr. 6 -- FAUD und GAS Büro: gewerkschaftliche Erstberatung | Mitglied -- werden | Mitgliederbetreuung | Kontakt: kontakt-faud@fau.org -- de 17:00 a 20:00 el grupo de acción sindical GAS y FAU ofrece asesoría laboral presencial y gratuita para hispanoparlantes. Contacto: gasesoria@gmail.com -- Was wir euch bieten: -- (1) Wir hören euch genau zu während ihr eure Probleme auf der Arbeit schildert -- (2) Wir sprechen mit euch über alle möglichen gewerkschaftlichen Strategien um eure Probleme zu lösen und eure Würde als Arbeiter*innen wieder herzustellen -- (3) Wir helfen euch bei der Umsetzung im Sinne der gegenseitigen Hilfe -- (4) Für juristische Probleme leiten wir euch an solidarische Rechtsanwält*innen weiter, die euch in juristischen Belangen beraten können. ...

(ca) Nota de prensa: CGT consigue que el TS cambie su doctrina sobre la finalización anticipada de contratos de obra
Fri May 24 06:37:04 GMT 2019

En la misma sentencia se reconoce además que el convenio del Sector del Telemarketing rebajaba derechos indisponibles ---- La Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) informa de que la tarde del viernes 17 de mayo de 2019 le fue notificada la sentencia 283/2019 de 4 de abril de 2019, en la que el Pleno de la Sala Social del Tribunal Supremo ha estimado la demanda de CGT en un Despido Colectivo de hecho de la empresa Konecta. Esta sentencia casa y revoca la sentencia de instancia dictada por la Sala de lo Social del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid de 5 de marzo de 2018, dictada en el procedimiento 942/2017 que inicialmente había desestimado la demanda al no entender que estas bajas conforme al artículo 17 del Convenio Colectivo Estatal del Sector del Contact Center eran despidos.

(ca) cgt aragon la rioja: ASAMBLEA DELEGAD@S DE CGT
Fri May 24 06:37:00 GMT 2019

Hace sólo unos días, celebramos juntos el 1º de Mayo y cientos de nosotras y nosotros salimos a las calles a manifestarnos bajo el lema "La lucha sí que sirve". Unos en Teruel, otros en Huesca, Logroño o Zaragoza, pero todas y todos unimos nuestras voces al grito "que viva la lucha de la clase obrera". Pero para que viva, tenemos que ser nosotras y nosotros los que den vida a esa lucha, no podemos dejar que esto sea flor de un día, que sólo sea un bonito eslogan para llevar en una pancarta y gritar al viento, debemos hacer de la lucha nuestra seña de identidad. ---- Somos la CGT y la CGT no se calla, levanta la voz ante la injusticia, ante el patriarcado machista, las desigualdades sociales, la precariedad laboral, ante los abusos de las mutuas, ante todo y contra todo abuso de poder del empresariado capitalista. No somos el sindicato del NO, somos el sindicato del SÍ a la ...

(ca) alas barricadas: Comunicado de las compas detenidas en Madrid el 13/5
Fri May 24 06:36:36 GMT 2019

La madrugada del 13 de mayo irrumpían en nuestras casas y en el espacio anarquista La Emboscada -tres semanas después de su inaguración- una unidad de antidisturbios junto con el grupo 21 de la Brigada Provincial de Información de Madrid, dedicado excusivamente al espionaje y cacería de anarquistas. ---- Nos informaron que traían una orden de registro y de detención para dos de nosotras bajo la acusación de terrorismo. ---- Durante el registro, que duró aproximadamente 6 horas, compañerxs de todo Madrid se acercaron a mostrar su apoyo. ---- Mientras tanto, la policía parecía especialmente interesada en llevarse ropa: abrigos de colores y negros, bufandas de colores concretos, fulares, pañuelos de flores, calzado específico; también les interesaban las agendas, calendarios, algunos cuadernos, algunas anotaciones, notas entre las páginas de los libros, ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #294 - unionism, Live from the CGT congress: the shadow of the yellow vests hovers over the debates (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Fri May 24 06:36:23 GMT 2019

Second day of the 52 th Confederal Congress CGT. One-third of the opposition's mandates ; the dockers refuse to load weapons for the Saudi army ; a touching and applauded Scop-Ti worker ; yellow vests and pink vests. A report on the spot, day by day, by the blog Libertarian libertarians of the CGT . ---- While this second day was to remain rather dull, activists of the union union of the City of Paris welcomed the congressmen with a candy and a flashcode referring to a small clip against sexism. An initiative directly connected to the internal tensions between the different CGT structures of the Territoriaux Parisiens. ---- A short activity report pointed out, among other things, the difficulty of mobilizing all of our activists during the battle against the Labor law, and the difficulties in making converge " leapfrog dates" and professional initiatives. The ...

(en) Russia, Avtonom: Crimehinc Anarchist Manifesto: What's Anarchistic About It? - Nikolay Dedok [machine translation]
Fri May 24 06:36:04 GMT 2019

We got our hands on the famous text of the American anarchist group Crimethinc " Change everything. Anarchist manifesto " (translated into Russian - the team avtonom.org) . Kraimsink - the brightest representatives of the so-called. "anarchism of lifestyle", a fairly well-known collective in both the US and abroad, and this manifesto is something like their program work for a wide range of people. The text reflects how they want to present anarchism to the masses. ---- I open the text, and the first subtitle that I meet in it reads: ---- "TO CHANGE ANYTHING, START FROM WHERE ANYTHING." ---- I am absolutely not sure what exactly such streamlined and absolutely meaningless phrases is that the person dissatisfied with life and System wants to read. Not to mention the fact that in the era of the domination of informational garbage in your texts you need to go straight ...


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