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(en) anarkismo.net: Ancient Collegium m(A)nifesto - The nationalist rally of 4 February by Initial Collectivity

Date Wed, 28 Feb 2018 08:38:38 +0200

"We say it honestly, however painful it may be. Fascists also exist outside the fascist party, exist in all classes and in all parties. (Errico Malatesta, Aug. 28, 1923, "Why fascism has defeated"), and that is why, in the case of fascism, Libero Accordo) ---- For the 4th February nationalist-patriotic rally and anti-fascism ---- On February 4th in Athens, nationalist-patriotic enamel attempted once again with the nationwide recruitment of tens of thousands of nationalists, patriots, patriots of rogues, caravans, retired, despot, paradise, neo-Nazis, extreme right-wing and leftist ethnic paratroopers and fascist hooligans. below "conditions for the formation of a massive political pole of expression, the state-driven capital and social order. Once again, the ethnic partisan rally was accompanied by fascist attacks in occupied space (Front Theater), re-flagging alongside the outer enemy (state of Macedonia) and interior, as he did in Thessaloniki on Jan. 21 respectively. The silent temporary withdrawal of General Frangou Frangoulis from the "panel" of the Athenian rally, with the simultaneous appearance and political support of the fist by left-wing charlatan Mikis Theodorakis, confirms the appreciation that the central political planning for the creation of this pole is dynamic and not a static and old-fashioned copy of similar movements of the 1990s. Modern fascism is emerging dynamically, in the context of the bourgeois parliamentary protocol, based on central European bourgeois-democratic standards. It uses the modern tools of social propaganda (ecclesiastical mechanism, the internet, memories, etc.), ie it is a growing lean hydra with many heads and not a simple political shell for the rinsing and social re-homing of murderers of neo-Nazis and far-right organizations and parties.

The patrols of ethnic paratroopers who have been guilty of making selfies under the flags of the Greek state and bicepal eagles (a symbol of the Eastern Roman Empire) are obviously not all organized into neo-Nazi or far-right constructions. But this, in any case, is not an alibi for their political flush. Both the left-wing Freedom of Liberty and the left-wing National Liberal Party (EPAM) that havetened to support the Constitution's rally, as well as the rest of the ethnic partisan left (parliamentary and extra-parliamentary, ruling and anti-governmental, memorandum and anti-memorial) patriotic troop, selectively highlighting in its announcements the constitutional "irresponsibility" of the neighboring state of Macedonia, while concealing the equally constitutional "irresponsibility" of the Greek state, complete the pile of political forces that either directly-actively or indirectly-silently play on the chessboard of "national" separations and transnational competitions. No "nation" unites us, no boundary divides us.

We consider that the two nation-wide rallies, especially that of Thessaloniki and that of Athens, as well as the rumors that followed, constitute the first stage of political emergence, social legitimacy and organizational formation of a new political pole, with clearly fascist (sovereign and patriarchal) projects. A political pole aspiring to play the role of the "alter ego" of SYRIZA's modern neoliberal social democracy in the well-known post-election parliamentary spectacle of the "good-evil" dipole. A spectacle that functions boldly in the class-consciousness of society, re-feeding the social and political legitimacy of the system of exploitation and oppression. Totalitarianism of state and capital is not lawful that it will be politically expressed at the end of this journey, with dictatorial regimes of a new Hitler, a new Mussolini or a new Metaxa, or that it will end up again in a generalized global war. The thousands of nuclear warheads waiting patiently in the arsenals of many of the world's states retain the ability to guarantee that the next world war will be the last of the human species on the earth. History has proven countless times, it does not repeat itself in "replay". The complex modern reality of multipolarized globalized capital, with its enormous financial bubble constantly threatening its smooth reproduction, with its supranational mechanisms of military domineering on the planet to compete and co-operate simultaneously (see Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Chechnya), can not be compared to its structural features with the interwar period. A period of modern capitalism, which gave birth to the political eddies of Italian fascism and German Nazism, and which led to a generalized global war of capital destruction and killing millions of people.

Unsupported analysis, the projection of oversimplified holographic representations of the past in the present, not only does not help in the development of libertarian political consciousness, but blurs the evaluation criteria of modern reality. The only thing that is helpful is the practical propagation of "popular" anti-fascist fronts, built on neo-ethnic and ethnopatriotic fantasy narratives, which are condensed in the three-fold "EAM-ELAS-MELIGALAS". The search for political origin in a "heroic" national-liberating past within the borders of the Greek state has nothing to do with world anarchist thought and practice. The global anarchist movement did not recognize and recognize borders in its dialectical thinking and political pursuits, nor ethnic patriotic narratives of "national" liberation. The acceptance of the imaginary "community" of the "nation," an ideological construct of rising bourgeois domination in the early period of capitalism, is a successful tool of creating and maintaining "national" states and homogenizing (linguistic, religious, cultural) within state borders. It leads to the acceptance of boundaries and boundaries between human communities, leads in a dialectical manner to the indirect acceptance of state mechanisms as "stages", propagating these mechanisms as a "necessary transitional evil" in the revolutionary path to class, social and individual liberation from the bonds of sovereignty. Nationalism is not dealt with by hetero-determinations, with the invocation of some vague internationalism of Leninist cutting, but with class solidarity without frontiers. The language of sovereignty is not our own language. Class consciousness dies, where "national" consciousness is cultivated and developed. "The nation is not the cause, it is the result of the state. It is the state that creates the nation and not the nation the state. "(Rudolph Rocker, 1937," Nationalism and Culture ").

On February 4th in Athens, we chose collectively and consciously to stand side-by-side with comrades and comrades who have a strong link: fellow political solidarity. We chose to stand beside them, defending the timeless libertarian values that, for hundreds of years, determine the choices of the anarchist struggle against sovereignty and patriarchy. We chose to support ourselves in solidarity with our available forces, the preservation of a self-organized struggle that houses fellow collectives, following the operational plan of care they chose.

On February 4th, the Ethiopian rally in Athens triggered reflexes and, at the same time, a multitude of political forces, collectives, organizations, parties and assemblies, creating a defensive defensive fender against the immediate nationalist threat. This simultaneous reflection of thousands, and the multiple political choices made into action, can never be translated as a "single anti-fascist front" with common political and political features, a front that was supposedly guided by the "right" line. Black-and-white flags are not packed with red. As many times as historically stood side by side, both on anti-fascist fronts and even more in revolutionary ventures of the 20th century, the black-and-white rose in the end, soaked by the blood of the slaughtered companions and companions who held them. A movement without memory is a movement without a prospect. Political fronts and informal (under the table) alliances with Bolshevism can no longer be argued with invoking "popular" anti-fascist fronts. The anti-fascist struggle is a pillar of anti-capitalist and anti-capitalist struggle, but as long as it remains trapped exclusively in class analyzes and neo-Nazi hunts, avoiding the whole and essence of opposing all the roots of contemporary fascism, namely ethnic partisanship and racism with patriarchy, then at best it will remain as yet another isolated thematic struggle, without a libertarian revolutionary prospect. No "nation" unites us, no border separates us,

Modern fascism is here, standing in front of our eyes and fighting against it every day, a host of self-organized and libertarian collectivisms. It is battling base clubs, libertarian trade union groups and structures of social self-organization and class solidarity, feminist and loyal collectives. Fighting, self-organized initiatives and collectivization of migrants / solidarity and solidarity coordination, as well as antipatriotic-anti-fascist groups and autonomous co-ordination, stand in front of them. No "nation" unites us, no boundaries separates us, no gender prevails and must not prevail and be imposed. The sovereign imposition on any level and expression of life and struggle for individual, class and social liberation, anything but antifascism is. Tribulation is fascism. Racism is fascism. Sexism is fascism. Countless comrades fought in the past in the world and died struggling to release them from the bonds of patriarchy, in particularly adverse conditions of social uprisings and revolutions, dominated by the perception that the only main oppression was the class-by-state class. They struggled persistently and painstakingly to lift up the building of individual and social liberation from the patriarchal robbery, giving us a better place to fight. Their struggle and the valuable stock they have bequeathed to us will not be grinded into any kind of relativism and categorization of "priorities". Modern fascism will fight him next to each other,

Senior flocks, who have become addicted to violence and who are customarily legalized to be imposed by Mafia gang methods, guided by stormy rulers, are in no way anti-fascists. The galloping fans of the modern religions of the ball and the colored sail, the modern nuns of the new "temple" called the stadium, blindly following a red, green, yellow, blue, etc. "god" in his Sunday struggle with other "gods" faithful business interests, what antifa cloths are lining up on their royal stadiums and stands are not anti-fascists. The field coffin and the paternity mitchilla are anything but constitutive elements of anti-fascism. The only "identity" that could best be invoked is "anti-neo-Nazis". Rapists, abusers, sexist bullies, and the apologists of gendered sovereign violence, any "militancy," as many as "devotions" and those "heroisms" that are invoked, can not be anti-fascists. Antifascism was not, is not, and is not going to be, their handy washing machine to be rid of, as many quarrels as they do.

We do not have any celebration and no account of tribulation for February 4th. Nothing is over, everything stands here, in front of us, as a toothless castle. Class-based exploitation-oppression deepens by choking the inferior social strata, steadily leading to poverty and impoverishment of the people of our class. This is evidenced by the continuing downward trend in the wages paid by the bosses (large and small), the more and more frequent labor "accidents" - murders in the workplace, the practical abolition of the right to strike, the increase in the rate of poorly paid part-time work , the reduction of welfare and health care costs, the gradual increase in retirement age, the reduction of tax-free income, the gradual recurrence of post-war epidemic diseases. Racism towards immigrants reigns in the "first-left" concentration camps, in the transport centers and in the detention centers of the police departments of democracy. He reigns in the fields, in the provinces of Manolades and in the urban centers. He reigns in the silence about the vandalism of Jewish monuments and synagogues from ethnic anti-Semitism. Patriarchy, this "invisible" socialist structure still covers us like a whim, with the sovereign imposition of a conciliatory silence on its countless victims. Females that were raped, abused, tortured, sexually harassed, or even killed by a bunch of syllable slaves, are the basis of recent surveys for the majority of the population. Only the last quarter of the most extreme incidents that have been published and resulted in civil justice (irrelevant effect) are multiple of labor "accidents" - one-year misdemeanors. As soon as we close our eyes and ears in front of this monster, the more we feed and support it. Silence, relativism, and agnosticism of "equal distances" are the most loyal allies of patriarchy, the best lawyers for each rapist, for every abuser, for every sexist, but for every sovereign herd that masks them, defends them and embraces them lovingly, reproducing in practice the culture of rape and stubborn sovereign enforcement.

The total libertarian struggle against class exploitation-oppression, nationalism-patriotism, racism and patriarchy, the fundamental roots of modern fascism, will be totalitarian or will be a "antifascist" virtual alibi for political oppression with all sorts of powers, whether current or aspirational. This unwavering struggle of memory against oblivion continues with perseverance, step by step on this trap and uphill path, without "discounts," without a trace of fear and without any hesitation, to the end. Until any end ...


Volos, February 20, 2018

Ancient Collegiate m(A)nifesto


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