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(en) France, Union Communiste Libertaire UCL AL #310 - Diagram of the maintenance of order: change of balaclava (de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 21 Nov 2020 10:26:12 +0200

On September 17, the Ministry of the Interior presented its new law enforcement plan aimed at "adapting" the management of demonstrations in France! This new doctrine wants to be "firmer with the perpetrators of violence", but also "more protective for the demonstrators" ... which in police language amounts to legitimizing more repression. ---- Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior accused of sexual assault and whose protrusions openly flirt with the rhetoric of the far right, has just unveiled a new pattern of maintaining order. We expected a hard, violent and liberticidal device: we are not disappointed! Under the guise of responding to the multiple denunciations of violence by the police, the new text actually confirms increased police violence. Most of the new measures claim to address specific criticisms of police violence. Systematically, these responses are cosmetic, even the pretext for new liberticidal measures. A brief overview.

The use of the LBD partly supervised
The extremely dangerous explosive grenades such as the DMG (de-encircling grenade) and the GLI-F4 (with TNT) are deleted... But replaced by grenades just as dangerous: the G2ML (with hexocire, explosive derived from C4) and the GENL which is a new grenade of de-encirclement - of which the ministry promises that it projects less "shards in height".

The employment of the LDB is strictly supervised by a supervisor... But in reality this was already the case for the CRS and the mobile gendarmerie, that is to say the overwhelming majority of professional bodies responsible for maintaining order. But above all, supervision is no longer necessary as soon as the police are in a situation of self-defense - basically as soon as a projectile flies in the direction of the police - they have free rein to draw the LBDs at will! The police officers of the Bac, of sad reputation, will no longer be able to be hooded and will have to wear a uniform... But in exchange, to "preserve" the police, a ban on filming and broadcasting non-blurred images will be put in place. Goodbye viral videos denouncing police abuses.

The hooded Bac units will no longer be deployed ... But the Brav-M system will be generalized to the entire territory. The Brav-M are the same Bac policemen - but on motorcycles and made anonymous no longer by a balaclava but by a full-face motorcycle helmet. It is the return of the infamous voltigeurs, the very ones who were dissolved after the assassination of Malik Oussekine, a student beaten to death in 1986 when he was leaving a jazz club.

In addition, there are a few small liberticidal pearls. The new pattern indicates that journalists will have to be hijacked by the police if they do not want to become their target [1]. Finally, the role of intelligence and the prosecutor in the management of demonstrations will be increased, in order to target "radicalized demonstrators". We can assume that this measure will only strengthen judicial repression and lead to preventive arrests of activists of the "ultra-left" ...

The maintenance of order in France is part of a process of increased brutalization, endorsed by this new scheme. Let us not forget the assassination of Rémi Fraisse on the Zad du Testet as well as the extremely brutal repression of the yellow vests and the movement against the labor law. What is the meaning of this mutation? In the 1990s and 2000s, policing was based on crowd control, often co-produced with certain trade union organizations, with a lower level of violence [2]. Why change? As many historians and sociologists recall, the level of violence in the demonstrations is not higher than before [3]...

It is not the violence of the demonstrators that has changed, but the way in which the liberal "democracies" manage the protest. These regimes have never been real democracies, because behind a democratic smokescreen it is in reality the ruling class which establishes a dictatorship over the economy, fiercely defended by the police. What is changing is that the appearances of democracy are fading more and more. Rulers are less and less willing to give workers crumbs. In this context, the development of security was the solution to control the protest and illegalisms of the popular classes.

Since the 1970s, the security logic has been deployed in all spheres of society: hardening of police violence, titanic development of mass surveillance ... Antiterrorism constitutes the Trojan horse of the most liberticidal measures. It is also the way of conceiving the political protest which evolves. From now on, a liberal and progressive (and oh so Macronian) center is opposed to an "illiberal", "populist" or even "radicalized" challenge .

It is this political context that explains the new pattern of policing. Protesters are seen as political enemies, potentially insurgents, and treated as such. It is in this perspective that we must understand the use of intelligence services on "potentially radicalized demonstrators", as well as the use of mutilating weapons. The logic is above all to hurt in order to terrify, just like the traps where the demonstrators are saturated with tear gas with no possibility of escape.

The state terrifies and proves uninhibited
Finally, this maintenance of order tends to show the true face of an increasingly authoritarian regime. Police violence is to some extent effective: it drives many people away from the streets, afraid of the risk of trauma, injury and arrest. However, we must not lose hope: this maintenance of order helps to show the true face of state violence and delegitimizes the regime in place. He is appearing more and more for what he is: a bunch of low-level managers serving the biggest bosses. To push through unpopular reforms, their only option is to send an ultra-violent police force - gangrened by the extreme right - to beat up the opponents. But let us not forget, by dint of treating the demonstrators as dangerous insurgents, !

Matt (UCL Montpellier)


[1] "The new pattern of policing undermines the freedom to inform", September 22, 2020, Liberation.fr

[2] "What is the maintenance of order", September 5, 2012, Tantquil.net

[3] "Have the protests ever been as violent as they are now, as the government says ? », On Franceinter.fr

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