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(en) uniao anarquista UNIPA: 86 of Nestor Makhno's death: advancing in the only possible direction to the platform, Bakuninism (ca, fr, pt)

Date Fri, 31 Jul 2020 08:36:51 +0300

Introduction ---- In June 1926, the publishing in France of a document named "Organization Platform of the General Union of Anarchists" (signed by the group of Russian exiles Dielo Trouda), caused a deep impact and discomfort between anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists and indidualists, mostly in Europe. ---- Among those who signed the document was the peasant Nestor Makhno, main leader of the Ukrainian Irsungent Army, and Piotr Arshinov, a workman and guerrilla, both veteran of the Russian revolution and civil war (1917-1921). The document summoned the reorganization of the revolutionary anarchism, the ideological struggle against the disorganizing individualism and creation of an international anarchist organization.
Errico Malatesta, one of the main anarcho-communists of the time, declared himself crearly and categorically against the presuppositions established by the Platform: "Their organisation, being typically authoritarian, far from helping to bring about the victory of anarchist communism, to which they aspire, could only falsify the anarchist spirit and lead to consequences that go against their intentions." Voline, a Russian anarcho-communist exile in French wrote the following: "To conclude, the only original point in the Platform is its revisionism toward the Bolshevism, hidden by the authors..."

The Organisational Platform was a document that pointed out to three fundamental tasks: the development of an anarchist theory as basis of the international organization; the greater precision of the strategy and overall program to the socialist revolution from the criticism of the experience of bureaucratic degeneration of the Russian revolution of 1917; the critique of the function that the anarchists had played in the masses movement and the presentation of a revolutionary line of action.

Those tasks posed by the authors of the Organisational Platform were not performed. And in that lies in large part the reasons of the historical decline of anarchism, that as Makhno and Arshinov pointed out, would remain marginal in relation to the struggle of the peasants and workmen masses if not faced such tasks.

The platform also had its limitations. The reaction of the anarcho-communists, individualists and anarcho-syndicalists denounced the Platformists as something "foreign to anarchism". The platformists were accused of "deviating from the anarchism", of treading a dangerous border with the "Bolshevism" and with the "authoritarian" ideologies.

However, the Platformists, contrary to what their critics affirmed, were not "breaking" with the "anarchism in general". But with the revisionism (represented by the self-proclaimed "currents"). The platformists also thought that were creating a new proposal. Actually, they were just recovering, partly, the Bakuninist conception that originates from the First International, disowned by the anarcho-communism of Errico Malatesta and Piotr Kropotkin, and by the anarcho-syndicalism and its theorists as Rudolf Rocker.

The Organisational Platform was refused because it contains within a movement toward what the anarcho-communists, individualists and anarcho-syndicalists had denied: the Bakuninism. But the Platform only defined the tasks. Its authors did not have the historical conditions to perform them. They showed that it would be needed to build an international anarchist organization. That it should have theorical unity, tatical unity, collective responsibility and federalism. But they, by force majeure, left that task incomplete.

The earlier experience of criticism and the heroic efforts of individuals and small groups who have made partial criticisms and reflections that precede the analysis presented here must be recognized. The platformist critique in the 1920s in Europe; the criticisms of small groups of "Bakuninists" in Brazil and the defense even confused of Makhnovshchina in Brazil by José Oiticica; the criticism and opposition of the group Antorcha to the capitulation of the anarcho-communists led by Santillan in Argentina. Also in the 1930s the criticism to the degeneration of the anarcho-syndicalism and Spanish communism by Makhno, Jaime Balius and Los Amigos de Durruti. The criticisms of Georges Fontenis in the 1950s and of the historical FAU in the 1960s are fundamental. But it also must be recognized thal all these critiques were partial and incomplete. They has failed to be consolidated, because did not tread toward the Bakuninism.

This document intends exactly to assume responsibility of performing the tasks outlined by the Organisational Platform and the others comrades. To continue from where they paused: advancing to the unique possible direction to the platformism, the Bakuninism. In that sense, it tries to present the structural features of the anarchist theory - the Bakuninism - and summon the reconstruction of the Bakuninist international organization and of the workers international organization. That task is today central.

The degeneration of the national liberation and socialists revolutions, the integration of the trade unions of social-democratic and anarcho-syndicalist guidance within the capitalist system show that the proletariat has been taken to successive and very grave historical defeats. The anarcho-communists and anarcho-syndicalists capitulation is also an important feature of this history. It was in large part the result of the theoretical mistakes, of the empirism and oportunism which marked the formation of political organizations and organizations of workers' struggle.

So, here we intend to summon the construction of an international anarchist network (IAN) and of an internationalist-classist trend (ICT). These forms of organization aim to start the process of reconstruction of the Alliance and the IWA. But to outline more concretely the features of this political and mass organization is needed, before anything else, a presentation of the content of the Bakuninism and a deep criticism of the theory that was leader of the workers's struggle in the last century: the Marxism. One needs also a serious critique of the experiences of struggle of the workers and about how the deviations of theory were determinative to the workers' defeats.

The platform of organization of the revolutionary anarchism here presented intends to determine the theoretical and programmatic basis of such international construction. The first part of the document is an historical and theoretical criticism of the different theories and experiences of organization and struggle of the workers. The second part is an application of the Bakuninist conception of theory and revolution to the current stage of capitalist development. From that, we present a proposal of organization of the revolutionaries and workers to the struggle for the socialism.

The individuals and groups who wish to discuss the accession to this platform of construction of sections of the IAN and ICT in their countries must write to get engaged and develop the said process: the additional and detailed guidance shall be passed by the Construction Comission.

UNIPA - Brazil

OPAR - Mexico

Read in full: International Platform of the Revolutionary Anarchism

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