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(en) Czech, AFED: March for Rojava - Report from the Prague demonstration during World Resistance Day against the Turkish invasion of Rojava [machine translation]

Date Fri, 8 Nov 2019 09:02:36 +0200

The Committee for the Defense of the Rojava Revolution convened another demonstration in the center of Prague on Saturday, November 2, to mark World Day of Resistance against the Turkish invasion of Rojava. Prague thus ranked among dozens of cities around the world where people took to the streets that day to condemn the aggression of the Turkish army and its jihadists, as well as the hypocrisy of the superpowers who run their foreign policy regardless of the lives of ordinary people. ---- The demonstration was to start at 3 pm on Palacký Square. My friend and I arrived about ten minutes before, and as we expected it to be the biggest public protest so far, we were unpleasantly surprised that the number of protesters (so far most organizers) was equal to the number of "secret" policemen present. The ratio began to change soon, and around a quarter to four there might be some 150 people in place. The whole event was dominated by a number of Kurdish flags, as a large group of Kurds living in the Czech Republic were also present. There were signs such as "No Turkish Aggression", "Smash Turkish fascism", "Erdogan go home" or "Save Rojava" on the signs.

After solving the sound problems and while other people were coming, the first series of speeches began. After a few words at the beginning, the first speaker was the chairman of Pirates Ivan Bartoš. He said his party had interrupted negotiations with the Republic Committee for the demonstration, and he had not failed to emphasize the involvement of the Pirates in defending the Rojava autonomy, as early as last year's Turkish attack on Africa. He reminded Babis of ignoring the whole topic and the subsequent support of the Prime Minister to the Turkish dictator. He praised himself a bit for the recent resolution of the House of Deputies on the Turkish invasion and the pressure of the Pirates on the matter in the European Parliament. He noted, however, that the Great Powers were making Syria a playground for their own interests.

The organizers drew attention to a photo corner, where interested parties could take a photo with the inscription #NeTureckeInvazi and join the photo campaign announced by the Committee. After a short chant of "Erdogan terrorist", the promised Kurdish music was awaited, but the technology had its head. While waiting, the Kurds sounded a few short scandals, but the atmosphere was still rather embarrassing. However, the representative of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution in Rojava has already started to represent the organizing group, including the activities she has taken so far. She stressed that in addition to human lives, a unique social project is under threat and that, as in Africa, a whole range of manifestations of power oppression can be expected. This was then translated by another representative of the Committee into English.

Applause, chanting... Attempts to turn attention by anti-American shouts were a man holding a sign "Stop the US Occupation in Syria" and stuck with a baguette bag in the crotch. "At one of the events I saw him with the words Long Live Turkey," he adds, explaining what the patient is, a friend standing next to me. I hope that normal demonstrations will not be diminished, and there will be no such wounds. Most of them are attracted, so there was a curse from a man in the Czech flag who arrived with a lady wrapped in the EU flag. Personally, I have hives from such rags, so I start scrubbing in a minute.

Fortunately, the Committee's speech, which begins with a comment on how one NATO army betrayed and the other attacked Rojava's self-government, spells out the devastating consequences of the invasion, whose main aim is to destroy the reorganization in this area. It continues on what self-government has done. "Their struggle is far from over, and that is not ours." It calls for an uncompromising cessation of trade with Turkey, pressure from the government within NATO to suspend Turkey's membership, expulsion of Turkish agents from the EU and bringing Erdogan to justice.

This is followed by reproduced music, although in the front rows it is very rugged and difficult to talk. But it saves reading a note from the Jinwar women's village saying, among other things: "We have once again been convinced that we are fighting together the same enemy: a capitalist patriarchal system that seeks to bring every alternative out of the world based on collective human values, women's culture, justice and ecological understanding of life. These are the Rojava defend and it is the thing that unites us all. "(Full text here.) This is followed by a speech by a representative of the Turkish pro-Kurdish party of GDP, which faces systematic repression, even though it was the third strongest party in the country. Not surprisingly, it is recalled that 15 party deputies sit in jail with a fabricated terrorist charge. "We want peace. That all nationalities live in peace and security. We do not fight. "He criticized ethnic movements and jihadist groups raging in northern Syria. Finally, he thanked for the solidarity shown.

About ten minutes after four, a crowd of around two hundred people formed a banner of "Solidarity with Rojava", which was complemented by banners "Stop Turkish Aggression" on the sides. Rise up 4 Rojava "," Erdogan is a terrorist. Rojava.info "and" Holidays? Certainly not in Turkey! ". Kurdish children with YPG and YPJ militia flags were in front of the front banner. You were chilled to hear these kids start running the scandalers during the march. It was chanted from the beginning to the end, in Czech, English and Kurdish, albeit with occasional pauses, so that the continuous whirlwind of slogans we could experience at a similar event on October 16th did not repeat. And the dynamics of the triple crowd was much more pronounced two weeks ago. Those familiar with the planned route in advance were certainly confused when turning into Myslíkova Street. So it was not at all along the waterfront, but continued with Spálená. There were a large number of people at the Národní trída metro station who took pictures of the parade with Kurdish flags with interest and filmed on their mobiles. Then along Na Perštýne Street, go through the narrow Husova Street, through Mariánské Square, Križovnická Street to Palachovo Square and just cross the river and end in Klárov.

The fifth hour had already struck and darkness fell. After circling the lawn lawn, it was the turn of the final series of speeches. Ondrej Slacálek resurfaced the past and reminded the slogan "Madrid fights for Prague", and although historical comparisons are often limping, today Rojava is our Madrid. Once the Western democracies had drowned the Spanish cause in their blood, they now used the Kurds first, and when they no longer needed them, they threw them out to Erdogan with the motto "He's a son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch." The Czech Republic is a member of NATO and bears its share of responsibility. Already at the entrance we are in the newspaper Confrontationhighlighted the activities of the Turkish army. But no one wanted to hear it. And so Ondrej asked what Havel, who supported NATO, might say today about what fools are at the head of the Allied governments. Sanctions should be adopted that will hurt Erdogana. The Kurdish movement deserves our unconditional solidarity without being a projection of our own dreams and ideas.

While Andrew spoke, people lit candles in portraits of three people who died as a result of a Turkish invasion - Anarchist Anna Campbel, who fell in defense of Africa, Kurdish politician Hevrina Khalaf, who was brutally executed by jihadist militias, and Konstantin, YPG militants Kielu. After the speech they heard their short medallions, followed by a minute of silence.

There was also a message from our friend who is helping as a medic in the north of Syria. Although the technology did not want to work together, it was eventually solved by a combination of mobile phone and microphone. In his greetings he described both his personal experiences, which are absolutely unimaginable for us here, and his opinion of the disgusting game of superpowers. In some places the message was very unintelligible (fortunately you can find its transcript on our website HERE ). It made me all the more angry that, with such serious words from the place of conflict about the wounded and dead, the already mentioned Czech flag wadded in front of the loudspeaker and made his own photo corner there and talked to people around.

Max spoke last for the Extinction Rebellion initiative. He admitted that such messages were hard to speak. So he only briefly mentioned that climate organizations support Kurdish self-government, because it is necessary to fight not only for climate justice but also for social justice against the hierarchy and dictatorships of weapons, money, state and religion. "Unhappiness has no borders, nor does our solidarity."

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