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(en) Greece, [Patras] Anarchist Announcement on the December Uprising against the Fascist Threat and State Terrorism By APO [machine translation]

Date Thu, 6 Dec 2018 08:49:47 +0200

10 years after the Rebellion of December and the hundreds of school occupations that gave birth ... to keep the flame lit in the schools ---- NO RELATIONSHIP TO NATIONALS AND MINIANGULAR ANTILLIPSES ---- The December uprising is engraved in the memories of the many thousands who lived it, and is a symbol of resistance for the younger men mentioned in it. It began as an angry response to the murder of the 15-year old student Alexandros Grigoropoulos at the junction of Tzavella and Mesolongiou streets in Exarchia by the special guards E.Corconea and V.Saraliotis. A murder that came as a corollary to the aggravated state aggression against the struggles of that period. ---- The December uprising is for us all an inspirational place, a point that we perceived what can happen when society takes the situation in its hands and resists , a focal point for our politicization and action , a historic moment of conflict with the its dominant class and its minions.

We were the students who understood the schools , who, along with thousands of others, protested with the same anger, that we had come to the road for a long time and learned that only through our struggles can we claim that we belong to it. Students who stayed for weeks in schools and demonstrated each day. We were the students who had shut down thousands of schools , which transformed the amphitheater into fields of fermentation, exchange of views, into cells of politicization. We were the teachers who stood as comrades and comrades side by side with our students and we ate together the wood and police tear gas. We were all down the road, collide with the police, we were occupying state buildings. Those who have learned to gain fear , overcome inertia and defeatism because we knew we had others at our side and that we were right. We were the ones who later came back on the road to the anti-social bills of governments. Those who have once again experienced state violence and repression because we have stood up against state and capitalist barbarism, in memorials, in anti-labor and anti-social bills, in law enforcement.

We are the ones who continue to struggle on every front , trying to overthrow the barbarity surrounding us. In schools and schools against class barriers, mergers and abolitions, the Gavroglu bill, the degradation of our conditions of study and life, the strike of trade unionism, the death of thousands of deputies on the road. Those who are organized in the workplace to resist and collectively claim to belong to them, to layoffs, wage cuts, the abolition of collective agreements. We are the ones who set up anti-fascist barricades so as not to leave the earth to the nationalists and the fascists. Those who are in neighborhoods and squares with neighbors, re- occupy the public space and resist the looting of their lives.

We are not the "10 hoods", the image of the "marginal" that power defines for us. We are the workers and the unemployed, the anarchists and the students, we are many and we want them all, we are December. We became one with tens of thousands, with them we hit the state and capitalist symbols, we conquered the streets, the universities, the mayoralties. We conquered the conscience that next time we do not want to return to the regularity of state and capitalist sepsis.

Recently, the Golden Dawn and a series of far-right nationalist organizations have been attempting to organize student occupations and mobilizations with clearly nationalistic-fascist content. On the occasion of the so-called "Macedonian issue", we are following a coordinated effort from the far-right site to enter schools and diffuse its intolerant and racist poison.

The "Macedonian" issue was the occasion for the assembly of the various nationalist groups and the organization of nationalist rallies. In the last year, a series of fascist-jerking attacks on immigrants, fighters, squats and self-managed combat venues have taken place, culminating in the arson of occupation of Libertatia by a group of fascists who co-operated with a football club hooligan, with apparent police coverage .

Against the effort of engaging the peoples in warfare and turning them into cannon meat because of the inter-imperialist contradictions (coupled with the efforts of various power blocks to increase their sphere of influence), we should advance internationalist solidarity and the common struggle of peoples so that to be able to live peacefully and harmoniously defining their own lives away from any kind of "patron".

Against the attempt to dissuade students from the real problems of government policies, the memorandums and directions of the international political and economic bosses, dissolving the school , further degrading the conditions of study and life, and sowing poverty and poverty in the overwhelming majority society, to bring our interests and needs to the fore.

Student-and not only-squatting is a weapon in the hands of those struggling for a life of dignity and not a means for the neo-Nazi to diffuse their mischievous perceptions. A weapon of those who struggle for life against all those who are sowing death. Student-student squats (student 1998-2000, student 2006-2007, 2011, revolt 2008), great teacher matches are part of the rich history of social and class resistances. We have to catch this thread of struggles today and throw the nationalist garbage out of our schools and schools. With our common struggle, students, students and teachers put our interests and needs ahead, turning schools and schools into live race, resistance, fermentation and politicization cells.

10 years after the grand revolt of December, we continue to struggle against what dissolves our lives . 10 years after the thousands of occupations and mobilizations of the students to regain the thread of struggle, resistance and claim . Let us leave no space to nationalist affairs. Crush them in neighborhoods, squares, schools, schools, workplaces, and where else they go head-to-head.

We continue to struggle for new insurrections but also for overcoming them . Because our vision does not stop at the outbreak of spontaneous insurrection. It is not justified by anything less than the social revolution, the universal overthrow of the state and capitalism, and the building of a new class society of equality, solidarity and freedom.


For the Society of Equality, Solidarity and Freedom

For Anarchy and Liberal Communism

anarchist group "dwarf horse"

member of the Anarchist Political Organization

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