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(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL Decembre - Genres: The transgender feminism prism (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

Date Thu, 12 Jan 2017 11:35:29 +0200

There is no simple, complete definition of trans identity. However, it can be defined as the fact that a human stored in the "man" or the box "woman" to feel like the opposite gender. This feeling can lead to wanting to adopt the appearance and behavior assigned to the opposite gender. All that identity disorder is interesting for the anti-patriarchal thinking. Without naivety. ---- Of transvestism (just disguise) Single transsexualism (the transformation of the body) or not going to the operation of the reproductive system, the experiences necessary for the development of trans people are different variables. In all cases, trans may face the usual discrimination against people who do not choose a look "normal" and more specific discrimination on the trans identity.

For us, radical feminists, gender is a social construction that defines the standards of masculinity and femininity, including the appearance that must have the body. On behalf of these standards will moqué.es even maltraité.es hairy women, especially on the face, fat women especially pregnant, effeminate men, men young and slender ... The list is long of non-compliant physical attributes that bring contempt and discrimination, even for an unidentified person as trans. This will obviously increased ostracism towards a trans person who is not 100% of the expected physical attributes of the selected genre.

This point must ask ourselves question. Is the world we seek to make - where the physical birth sex would not be socially relevant and would not entail any consequence in the areas of clothing, permitted activities, the allocated toys, qualities expected - transidentity exist?

The difficulties of trans people are many. There are two kinds related to society and its laws.

For transgender people, making the choice of hormone therapy and operations, the course is long and complicated. These are necessarily medicalized and thus subject to the approval process for physicians. In 1953, transsexualism is created as a mental illness in France, and the discomfort and shame associated with the company are replaced by the disease. Psychiatrists then take power on the medical history of trans and decide what is possible for them and them. In 2010, France was the first country to come out transsexualism from the list of mental illnesses. The medical history however is still marked by the need (not codified by law) of a multidisciplinary course with a psychiatrist who authorized the operation. But things are improving slowly. The financial management of care is provided by health insurance. The route remains long because of procedures and because of the scarcity of teams capable of ensuring genital surgery in good conditions. It is also possible to have an operation abroad, quickly but without assurance of support by social security.

Removal of sex in the civil register

Other discrimination resulting from the absolute division of the population into two sexes. At birth, each child is assigned a gender, in most cases on the basis of the appearance of the genitals. A human born boy or girl. In cases of uncertainty, non-obviousness, you still have to decide and settle in ... sex. Born intersexed people have organized to fight against barbarism and surgical happens when parents are sufficiently open and at ease, that the decision be postponed and entrusted to the person concerned. While some choose to remain anatomically intersex, it will choose an administrative sex, get into a box. The high court agreed to Tours in 2015 that is registered at the civil status of an intersex person, "neutral sex", the Court of Appeal of Orleans reversed the decision in March this year. Marital status has implications for life in general. Do not have the appearance of his name complicating approaches to any administration and makes it almost impossible to access at work. This is particularly on behalf of the difficulty to have a "normal" work that some trans associations defend prostitution. This position is unacceptable to us. The solution for us in the struggle for the demolition of prejudice and discrimination system.

Until recently changed name to use was possible by decision of the District Court, establishing the problems being classified as the opposite sex and therefore not having the head of his papers. Sex change was subject to medical conditions including irreversibility (ie sterilization for certain judges) and the opinion of psychologist, so that many trans (especially those who felt no need for surgery) had to make use of the name change. That left possible discrimination at work and wherever Safely number is required.

Vital to the sex change procedure has been simplified by a law in July 2016 which awaits its implementing decrees. The procedure remains litigious but it will be possible to establish by evidence, for example, experience in the genre opposite its kind on the paper to get the change. Provided that the judges do not make another interpretation of the law by restoring medical conditions. It will then be possible to change his first name before a registrar. This law does not completely satisfy the claims that were to change vital by simple declaration.

A claim that feminists share is the removal of the mention of sex in the civil registry. And on all possible forms, removing boxes M and F, mentions Mr. or Ms. with no interest. It remains to assume that all names are possible for all humans.

The division of humanity into two groups also complicates access for trans people ... the public toilets. Should "men and trans" toilets, and in front of "women and trans" toilets as the book fair libertarian? Or toilets "men" and "women", trans being one or the other? But in this case, they may be fired. Or simply toilets?

Transidentity asks radical feminists also because if gender is acquired by cultural conditioning, if "one is not born a woman, one becomes one", do you become just as when we were socialized as a man? Or can one completely escape its packaging and gendered be other than his education would have wanted? Some trans and some question the gendered codes but most comply with it, wanting to stick closer to the social reality of the destination of sex, should we blame them? If gender identity is decreed by the person concerned, any single-sex feminist movements when a man says masked woman? The question of single-sex can become a sticking point, everyone trans are or have been women ...

Christine (AL Orne)

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