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From Arthur Mix <arfamix@yahoo.com>
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:49:58 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


Recently, Punch magazine 'Gunning For the Royals'
attacked Class War and MA'M. [1] 'Forget the IRA.
Senior anti-terrorist police believe that underground
groups aiming to assassinate members of the Royal
Family are now a greater threat.' Picking up on the
British press xenophobia and racism theme the article
links the Movement Aagainst the Monarchy with
'terrorist' asylum seekers, the dangers of the
internet, and recycles Mayday lies about the
involvement of Michael Fagan, the man who broke into
Elizabeth Windsor's bedroom, as well as last July's
attack on CW activist Trevor Bark [2]

Dear friends, this is part of a pattern. We can see
similar examples to do with the eco / road protest
movement, and animal rights.

Last week, a message postmarked Leeds 4th February
2001 was received by Green Anarchist.

It reads 'Special Branch Alert! South Downs Earth
First! On 30th January 2001 the Guardian newspaper
reported that Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker had
made a formal complaint about MI5 keeping a file on
him when he was a Greenpeace member. Baker had been
leaked details of his file. It was reported that much
of the information came from a source that Special
Branch officers in Sussex had inside South Downs Earth
First! group. Until this matter is fully investigated
all EF! groups should therefore be cautious about
having any contact with SDEF! members.'

The message does not have an originating address. It
is most probably the work of someone sincere trying to
warn other activists, although it could be the work of
a trouble maker.

We have not yet seen the Guardian article, but the
account given is similar to one in the Sunday Times
September 2000. [3] In this, it claims an MI5 officer
told Baker 'There were a number of reports [on you]
forwarded to the security service by Special Branch
officers in East Sussex in about 1988. They were from
a source SB had within the South Downs Earth First!
group.' Elsewhere, it has been suggested that the same
story was told in Sunday Telegraph, May or June 2000.

Part of the story does not stand up. Earth First! in
Britain had not been formed in 1988. EF! did not begin
here until late 1991, with its first major action the
picket of the MV Singer Willstream, tropical hardwood
importer on 4th December 1991 at Tilbury.

There is a theory about the identity of the
infiltrator within SDEF! during the early 1990s. This
particular individual first came to notice in the
Timbmet tropical hardwood occupation at Cumnor on 11th
May 1992. He later published the 'Terra1st' magazine,
which urged Earth First! towards a more extreme,
violent 'Earth Liberation Front' direction. [5] Later,
he was arrested selling the Terra1st in Hyde Park on
World Animals Day 1994. Amazingly, he was released
without charge, all the copies were supposedly burned
by the Met, though the magazine later featured in a TV
documentary supposedly proving the post Twyford Down
road protest movement was moving in a terrorist
direction. This charmed individual later escaped
prosecution in the 1997 Gandalf Trial, despite the
Hampshire police knowing his identity. [6]

Norman Baker is of interest as the man who asked
questions about Peter Mandelson and the Hinduja
brothers, the people who financed the faith zone in
the Millennium Dome, and who are facing a corruption
trial in India. Mandelson was forced to resign on
January 24th. What makes this interesting to
spookwatchers is that if Mandelson is MI5 [7] and was
tipped to become Foreign Secretary after the general
election, he would nominally be in charge of MI6. MI6
might not want this. It is perhaps significant that
Mandelson was brought down over a matter which clearly
falls within MI6's jurisdiction.

This type of thing follows a pattern of disruption of
radical protest groups. The media publicise  supposed
'extremist' involvement, and then Jack Straw announces
new repressive measures.
(to be continued .....)
[1] Punch Jan 31st-Feb 13th 2001 by Dan Adams (thought
to be a pseudonym)
[2] see http://www.ainfos.ca/ainfos06183.html 17th
July 2000 'Media Splurge CW Activist'
[3] 'MPs test case could force MI5 to open personal
files'. Nicholas Rufford.
[4] Haven't seen this one either.
[5] Terra1st, said to be exhibit no 259 in the Gandalf
[6] No, he is not Tim Hepple.
[7] Notes From The Borderland, issue 2 page 5, Autumn 1998.


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